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Chase Amazon Card: Get 4% at Gas Stations through January

[Update 11/13/18: added direct link. Not sure if anyone can register or only those who got communication.]

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (try to register at this link)

Chase is sending out an email offer on the Chase Amazon credit card:

  • Get 4% cash back on gas purchases through January 31.

Standard earn on gas is 2%, this offer bumps it up to 4%.

The Fine Print

  • Must activate offer.
  • During the promotional period of November 5, 2018 until January 31, 2019, earn a total of 4% Back per $1 spent on purchases at gas stations when you use your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature credit card. That’s an extra 2% Back in addition to the 2% Back you already earn on purchases at gas stations.
  • The % Back earned for this promotion will post to your account as bonus points during the applicable monthly billing cycle and are generally available to be used at the beginning of the next billing cycle; bonus points earned on purchases made near the end of a billing cycle may take up to one additional billing cycle to become available.

Our Verdict

4% is pretty good. The Costco card always gets 4% cash back on gas, the ThankYou Premier gets 3x ThankYou points, are there are a few smaller cards which offer 5% back on gas.

Anyway, this is a solid offer if you don’t have anything better. Might work at some convenience stores too, and it might not work at some gas stations which aren’t properly coded (e.g. gas station attached to a supermarket might be coded wrong).

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I didn’t get the email. Wonder if I’m not targeted because I’m not a Prime member.

Prime Member and i did not get the offer….

Same, I think Chase hates me.

No email, I am a prime member.
I’d like to know what the criteria is to get this.

Not eligible. But your link for that same deal a year ago allows people to enroll without needing an email to this new offer. Just depends if they make you eligible.

unless u have no other options, totally useless.

i never use my card but i got this offer

Got the e-mail and signed up. I have the Costco card but no reason not to have this in the back pocket as well.

Got the e-mail this morning and signed up. I don’t have a Costco membership so this is a welcome little bonus for the holidays (and all of the driving around to visit family).

Got the email today and signed up though it’s pretty useless for me. We get our gas from Costco and we already get 4% back with Costco card or 5x UR by buying a cash card and Costco is cheaper than other places in our area (about 20% cheaper). There’s no gas stations here that sell gift cards let alone visa gift cards.

DP: with Chase Ink Cash Costco gas earns 2% so should be the same for Amazon prime card ( but AKAIK no portal like UR that breaks down individual purchase so I cant confirm a DP for AP card and Costco gas.

But Kaiser Permanente codes as drugstore and 2% for Rx, labs, visits at least for NoCa /OR/WA transactions at KP.

Costco gas has always coded as gas properly for cc’s for me. Not warehouse 🙂 — Appears to work

Tried, not working for me – currently enrolled 2% promo.

We can’t enroll you with the information you provided. Please make sure you entered the primary cardmember’s last name exactly as it appears on the credit card.
If you’ve recently changed your address or replaced a lost or stolen card, please enter your previous card’s last 4 digits or ZIP Code.

Same here not working for me ,looks like will work for only targeted audience

Ditto. Link won’t let me enroll.

Natalia from New Orleans
Natalia from New Orleans

How about 5% cash back virtually on everything for q4, if you have chase freedom added to chase pay added to samsung pay. I’m not familiar with apple product comparability with chase pay, sorry. I went furter and added Samsung pay to Exxon Mobil app to save extra 10c per gallon.

“We can’t enroll you with the information provided.” I have Prime, and my Chase Amazon card is 18 months old.

I think those who put regular spend on this card are not targeted I guess.

Currently getting 5% at Shell with Chase Pay…

No dice for me. Prime member.

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