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[Public] Chase Cards: Get an Extra 1x Points Everywhere when using Apple Pay or Google Pay during December

Update 12/11/18: We’ve confirmed with Chase directly (as other blogs have confirmed too) that this offer is not targeted and available to all cardholders who spend with either Apple Pay or Google Pay from December 3rd – December 31st. List of eligible cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Sapphire
  • Chase Amazon Prime
  • Chase Amazon Rewards

The Offer

Targeted via e-mail. Subject line should be ‘Limited-time offer! Get an extra point with every purchase’

Check your emails for an offer from Chase on various Chase cards, including Sapphire Reserve, Freedom Unlimited, and probably others:

  • Get an extra 1x Ultimate Rewards point on all purchase made with Apple Pay
  • Get an extra 1x Ultimate Rewards point on all purchase made with Google Pay

The Fine Print

  • Valid December 3rd – December 31st
  • Doesn’t appear to be any limit on earnings
  • No registration requirement is mentioned

Our Verdict

On Freedom Unlimited you’ll end up with 2.5x everywhere while on Sapphire Reserve you’ll end up with 2x everywhere or 4x on travel and dining purchases. Most stores accept mobile payments so this offer can be quite useful, especially for the busy shopping season. Many websites accept Google Pay and Apple Pay as well, presumably that earns the extra 1x too.

Far as we know now, this is a targeted offer, and you have to use the mobile wallet you were targeted for, e.g. if you got the Google Pay offer, you won’t get bonus points for Apple Pay. I also haven’t yet seen anyone get the offer on other mobile wallets, just Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Thanks to readers John and Gabriel for sending this in.

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I got the email for my Freedom Unlimited, but not my Sapphire Reserve. I assume it only applies to the card you got the email offer for. Bummer!

Great deal on Freedom Unlimited!

Targeted? no luck for 2 people/ 5 non-cobrand cards

Got it. But 1x….

Its 1x extra on top of what the card earns.

Email subject line?

My subject line reads: Limited-time offer! Get an extra point with every purchase.

Received 11:46 am EST.

Mine is targeted to my CSR.

Do you have to opt in for marketing emails to get these offers

I never get emails of any offers from Chase.

Unfortunately no luck for me on any Chase card (CSR, Freedom…). Would love to get it, would use CSR for most of my purchases this month.
Might be targeted only to people not using mobile payments often. I use it pretty frequently.

I got no email, but Chase told me both my CSR and FU are eligible via secure message.

To add to this, they specifically stated both Google and Apple were valid:

Your Chase Sapphire Reserve Card ending in xxxx will earn 
an additional one point per $1 spent using Apple Pay and 
Google Pay.

Opt in is not required, however, you must have your 
eligible Chase cards enrolled in the digital wallet and 
use it in Apple Pay or Google Pay during the offer period.

USELESS ! chase freedom unlimited is 1.5% cash back, add 1% equal 2.5% cashback. supermarket, american express blue get 3% cashback. restaurant, Uber credit card get 4% back. gas station, use 76 gas app with chase pay and get 5% back.

Many of us aren’t using it as cash back, we are building our Chase UR stash. If you have a premium card with Chase you can transfer the cash back to that card as UR. For those who then transfer those UR to airline partners or Hyatt the points can be significantly more valuable than cash back. So it would depend on your situation to determine if it was a good deal for you. But not useless for many.

Yeah 2.5% everywhere is very good though, especially when it’s actually 2.5x points that can be transferred with a premium card

I doubt CIP counts? I’m working towards that spend now.

Got this on my Reserve card!

Just got targeted on my CSP for Apple Pay.

My Amazon Visa got the offer today.

Hey DoC. TPG is saying they got confirmation from Chase that this promo is not targeted. Just a heads up to all your readers. Check the comments from the author Darren Murph.

There seems to be conflicting info on whether this is targeted or not?

Doc – Can you confirm with Chase?

Well after seeing your updated post I decided to check my account. Used my freedom unlimited on Google pay 12/3. Only got 1.5x no bonus. Also wasn’t targeted. So definitely appears targeted to me, unless they add it on the statement which doesn’t fit Chase’s profile in the past or if you need them to manually add it if you didnt get an email…

I will DM chase about why I didn’t get it and post back

Did you get an answer from chase? I also didn’t get the extra point but maybe they post at the end of the month?

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