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Published on January 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Fairmont Card No Longer Accepting New Applications

Update: Working links can be found here.

We’ve confirmed with Chase (officially) that they are no longer accepting new applications on the Chase Fairmont card. This is likely due to the fact that AccorHotels acquired the Fairmont brand in December of 2015. AccorHotels shockingly does not have a co-branded card in the United States currently.

There was still a working application link, but that seems to have been removed now. As always, feel fee to share any in the comments.

This still leaves many questions unanswered:

There were some rumors of this card disappearing, but nothing I was able to confirm with my sources and the card has disappeared from the home page before so I didn’t feel comfortable in posting. In hindsight that was a mistake as readers lost the opportunity to sign up for this card before applications were pulled – for that I apologize!

I’m still perplexed on why AccorHotels does not operate a co-branded credit card in the United States. They must be leaving significant revenue behind by not offering such a card and I’m sure all the major credit card issuers would be eager to add that brand to their portfolio.

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If I still haven’t met the minimum spend on my card that was approved in November will I still receive the sign up bonus when I do meet it later this month?

you have 90 days from approval date. why are you waiting? you’ll never be able to get this again.

To extend the life of the free night certs. I met the whole spend except for $5 but I’m just gonna spend the last $5 today I think.

I delayed completing my spend last year, I would call twice to verify the date you need to be done by.

I’m working on the 12k annual spend for a free night. I have 2 questions:

1) will I be given any opportunity to complete the “challenge” or any credit for getting close? I assume not. This probably doesn’t have an answer, but perhaps there is a historical comparison?

2) if I hurry up and complete the 12k spend now, when is the free night awarded – now or on card anniversary? If on the anniversary, but it gets converted before the anniversary, what then?

The free night cert is awarded on your card anniversary date. I have the same question as you, though. What happens if it gets converted before the anniversary? Are we screwed out of our free night and our only compensation is 12,000 mediocre Fairmont points redeemable for mediocre gift cards??

Im glad i sucked out 4 free nights in Maui Hawaii before the baloon busted 😉
But in reality Chase never had the fairmont listed among all of their other cards
It was always a back door card that you had to look up to apply.

Hat tip to reddit

Bummer, I didn’t realize that this card could convert into a Chase product like FU. That would be a huge reason for me to apply! Thanks for the apology. I did see Greg’s post earlier when apps were still possible, but have been holding off on my Chase apps hoping to see a pre-qualified offer on the Reserve.

The card cannot be willingly converted to a Freedom Unlimited. If you call and ask they will say no.

With the Zappos, it was Chase initiating the conversion, so they could do what they wanted. Since they were no longer offering it (or another Zappos card), they converted it to something in their core lineup. But they won’t let you do that by asking. It will be up to them.

I think OP was saying the same thing. He will get the card and when the card is discontinued Chase will convert it into FU or similar for all their card holders.

I am just hoping – probably a bit risky since this card has an AF.

It’s not my referral link or whatever, just what’s on reddit

FWIW, I applied using that link this morning and was instantly approved. The Fairmont card already shows on my Chase account.

Might pull the trigger on this right now, haven’t decided. Guess there isn’t much downside, other than a HP.

Another working link
It appears the right SPID is the ky

Just applied through this link and got approved! You SAVE my day! Thank you, AP!

Could they offer to exchange it for a Marriott card maybe even with bonus points?

From their point of view they would still get an AF.

You are nearly finished! As a loyal cardmember, it’s important that we meet your purchasing needs.
We just have a few more questions regarding your request for credit. at like 7/24

Curious about the 12k free night cert as well. I’ve spent about $8k towards that so far and am still 5 months out till my anniversary. 4 nights in Maui (just a few weeks back) was great- they actually had availability over Christmas holiday just two or three weeks in advance. Lake Louise, where I wanted to use them was booked a year out, on the other hand.

Whaddif I just applied today for the Fairmont using the secret link? Will I get approved?

I got the 30 day message today, Jan 13

Links are all taken down as of 8am on 1/17/2017. No more working application links available

How soon do the free nights post after hitting $3,000? Are the free nights valid for 12 months starting the day they appear in my account?

Reports of letters stating Chase will convert these to Sapphire Preferred effective August 15th.

Additionally if you have had the card less than one year, Chase will credit your Fairmont with an additional complementary night if you have spend at least $6,000 on the card by August 14th. Within 8-10 weeks.

So the annual free night benefit will be awarded early and for hall the spend.

This turned out to be a great time to jump on this card.

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