Posted by Chuck on January 12, 2017
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Published on January 12th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Dead] Working Link for Chase Fairmont Card

Readers in the comments of the previous post found two working links for the Fairmont card. One reader applied and got approved too.

Direct Link #1

Direct Link #2

These probably won’t last. Grab them now if you are interested in the card.

The most interesting thing would be if this is a backhanded way of getting Freedom Unlimited for post-5/24 people since these might get converted to become Freedom Unlimited’s eventually. But of course we don’t know that for certain.

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Just applied and was approved. Currently at 17/24.

Anyone know when the 2 free nights will be credited to the cardholders account? Our family is heading to Maui on on Feb 28th and would like to use the 2 free nights on this trip. I see the card in my account now and payment due date is March 7th. I will be meeting the minimum spend right away when I receive the card. My guess is that the certificates will post after March 7th due date but would love to be wrong. Anyone know for sure??

Ur not wrong

I don’t think the payment due date matters. I did this promotion late 2015 and I’m pretty sure the certificates were available right after the statement closed for the period I met the spend requirement. FWIW, using the certificates (and the upgrade) at the Kea Lani was one of my favorite all-time redemptions.

Thanks Brian for the info!

What’s the promotion and spending requirements ?

The two links are the same (SPID is the only parameter that matters).

The other two links I have from the Chase dump are FJYL and FLDK, both of which display an “Offer Unavailable” page (and a recently designed one at that).

Wouldn’t expect this to last very long, indeed.

I applied using FJYL this morning and it was down a few hours later. Don’t think this last one will last much longer.

can you ask to convert a chase sapphire to a regular freedom? (if you already have a regular freedom?)

Yes. Just a couple days ago I converted by CSP to a regular freedom. Now I have 2 freedom cards.

they woudln’t let me convert 🙁 oh well

Link #1 appears to now be dead, but used #2 and approved. WAYYYYY over 5/24. Submitted another for my spouse and went pending.

Link #1 & Link #2 are the same because they have the same SPID, so either both work or neither works. (both still work for me).

Yes, just applied with link #1.

was approved this morning from a different link from reddit. this was 9/24. already have Freedom unlimited

Fiancée just used second link, auto approved and she is way over 5/24. I used previous link from this morning before it died and had to call in and move credit around, I am at 20/24

Capcalhoon: When you called in, did they know about cards you had got recently outside of Chase, or was it only about money tied up in Chase cards? Thanks for the info here.

Just used link #2. Immediate approval.

So can we be sure these limks have 2 free nights attached? Dont see any mention. Thx

Yup, under the image of the card on the first application page, it says “2 Complimentary Nights”.

BTW, approved via the 1st link.

I have gone to pending on my last several Chase apps and only approved after moving credit. This one I was instant approved and got a huge credit line (which is good for the next time they ask me to move credit).

Can’t see the spending requirement, got message to call….what’s the spend?

Got a weird message on second app that said the information you submitted has been recieved….didn’t get an answer, did it go through?

Woo! Instant approval. Not bad since I’m 23/24 (22 were in 2016). Let’s hope that if Chase force converts these accounts down the road we get a chance to chose the product – I’d like a Freedom card but have no chance of getting it normally until mid-2018.

Once again DoC comes through. Thanks!

Used link 2. Instant 5k. 2nd chase card in under 30 days. I’m at 37/24

37/24. Lol 👍

Is this card churnable
Or one bonus per 24 months?

This card is being discontinued, not sure how you are going to churn it?

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