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Published on March 26th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase IHG Card No Longer Available On Chase Site – Possibly Being Discontinued & Replaced?

Update: It looks like we now have details about the new Chase IHG $89 annual fee card. More information on that here.

Currently the Chase IHG card is not showing on the Chase website (doesn’t show under the travel card section and the official link leads to an error). The card is still available for new sign ups though (and advertised on the IHG site), currently the best link is offering 60,000 points & a $50 statement credit. There are some unconfirmed reports that the Chase IHG card will be replaced with two new cards in April:

  • One card with a $29 annual fee
  • Another card with a $89 annual fee
  • Neither card comes with a free night certificate
  • $89 annual fee card will offer 10x points on IHG spend

Chase sent out a survey regarding potential card changes last year. Those options were as follows:

  • $85 annual fee, 80,000 point sign up bonus + free night certificate annually (10x on IHG)
  • $29 annual fee, 60,000 point sign up bonus + no free night certificate annually (5x on IHG)

I suspect those survey cards are more likely, I can’t see Chase/IHG offering a card with an $89 annual fee and no free night certificate. That being said it’s possible that current IHG cardholders will be grandfathered into the current card and in that case signing up for the card now to lock in a $49 annual fee with the free night certificate would be a good option. The IHG free night certificate is in my opinion one of the best credit card perks, even at $89/$85 it provides value but just not as much as at the $49 price point.

It should also be noted that Chase frequently removes cards from the website, especially over the weekend. I’d tend to give this sort of thing more weight when it was still not there by Tuesday. We were actually holding off on posting because of this.

Should You Apply Now?

Chase usually grandfathers existing cardholders into the old terms. That means you’d be getting a free night certificate for $49 per year instead of $85/$89 (assuming that card has a free night certificate). The highest sign up bonus we’ve seen on the Chase IHG card is 100,000 points with 80,000 being the standard offer and what I’d expect the new card to have. Personally I’d take the annual fee at $49 instead of $85/$89 and get 20,000 less IHG points. The current offer also has a $50 statement credit. The current Chase IHG card is not subjected to the Chase 5/24 rule and I suspect this will remain the case for any new cards as well but again you never know.

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I hope we get grandfathered if we have the current $49 version

Hell yes, i hope so, too.

So my spouse doesnt have the IHG card yet.
Thinking if i should quickly apply to get grandfathered or wait for maybe a better newer sign up bonus.
Lets not forget, this card does not have 5/24 rule applied.

Unless you’re under 5/24 I think it’s a no brainer assuming you will get value out of the free night. Also, if Chase does introduce two new IHG cards, you’ll probably be able to get these and the signup bonus too.

Thats the problem, since she is under 5/24 every step is calculated. And there are so many other fish in the sea to catch first. Including the Reserve and Ink.

Also its always good when you and your spouse have the free nights around the same time. So you can use it together.
Working now on Marriotts personal and business cards for me and spouse to be 4 free nights within the same month.

Oh yeah I’d much rather have the Reserve and Ink over IHG, especially if one of y’all is under 5/24 and one already has the IHG card. I already have the Reserve, Freedom and Freedom Unlimited but am trying to get under 5/24 for Ink and Marriott.

I’m trying to get under 5/24 myself. I’m 11 months away but this card would add 5 more months. What would you do in this situation? I already have an ink and a CSR.

Personally if it only added 5 more months I’d go for it. Maybe she’ll be grandfathered and you’ll feel very smart. Or maybe not and you’ll have lost the bet.

10x points will also benefit the book and cancel method.
The usual $115 for 20,000 IHG points will now result in 21,150 points.

I’m thinking get it right now…

what’s this book and cancel method again?

When you book with points and cash the cash pays for the remaining points needed and when you cancel the booking you get points back instead of cash. Usually its $115 for 20K which is the best you can find.

Abey , need your help as you seem to be very experienced with IHG bookings. I need an extra 3K points for upcoming stay. I researched your method (Thank you VERY much for your tip), and it seems that I can find hotels where I can get 5K for $30 (book and cancel points + cash). Yes it is 6cpp vs 5.75 in cases as you described (I saw that too on more expensive properties), but I do not need 20K, just 3K.

(a) How quickly the points are refunded to your account after the cancellation?
(b) would you recommend waiting before cancelling or you can cancel right after the booking is made?
(c) Is $30 for 5K about the best you can get for 5K?

Any tips would be HIGHLY appreciated!
Big thanks to you for the idea, and sharing your knowledge.


Hey. Points are refunded instantly after cancelling the booking.
I cancel right away but i dont do it often so i guess if you dont do it often you should be fine.
$30 for 5K is not too bad.
The best price which is always available is 20K for $115 and if you use the IHG Premier card you get another 1,150 points.
Right now IHG has a 50% bonus when you buy points above 30K (you get 60K for $300) so $100 for 20K is now the best deal.
Sometimes IHG has a promotion on points and cash bookings and you can get 20K for as cheap as $92 by booking and cancelling and I even got 920 IHG points on the Premier card for the $92 payment.
Also if youre a Platinum member (Chase IHG card gives you Platinum status) you should get 500 welcome points for each night of your stay or a water bottle, I noticed you have to mention it to the front desk, its not automatic.
(Although I like Marriott and SPG the most as a chain and even Hilton, Wyndham, and I transfer all UR points to Hyatt which in my opinion has the best redemption for value. I do think IHG points are very useful and I use them exclusively for points break (used to be even better when everything on the list was 5K) especially the Holliday Inn express which gives you free parking free breakfast a pool a hot tub etc.
Plus IHG points are even more valuable now with the 4th night free, 10 points on IHG spend and 10% back on redemptions if you hold both cards which also gives you two free nights for under $150.
(If Hyatt would give the 5th night free like Marriott SPG Hilton IHG (4th night) do, I would swipe only UR cards and max out the 5% Freedom categories and so on but In the meantime lets keep swiping our SPG cards until Aug 1 😉).

Abey , Thank you SO much for such a detailed answer! Great to know that I can cancel the reservation right away, and get the points.

(a) Just to re-confirm, if a hotel costs 30K points, and I book cash+points for 25K + cash, I will get back 30K points, right? which would virtually convert “paid cash” into 5K points. Is that correct?

(b) Also, interestingly the “such conversion rate” is not constant even for the same number of points. For some hotels I see $30 for 5K, for some $40 for the same 5K (on points+cash+book+cancel). Is it normal, that the rate is not the same?

(c) To sum up, for a small amount of needed points $30 for 5K seems to be my best option (do not want to spend more at this point even if I get a lower price on bulk purchase).

(d) Paying 5cpp although seems to be the best price available, it does seem very close to booking the same hotels by paying $$$ if you need to buy points to cover the whole stay. Obviously “point break” nights are exception, and buy points for 5cpp for those bookings is well worth it, but I usually do not travel to the locations offered on “point breaks”.

(e) I do not hold the new IHG card, so a free night is not for me, but if I would have… can it be booked only when all 4 nights booked as one stay on points, or it can be applied even on “1 certificate + 1 certificate + 2 nights on points” type of booking?

P.S. Thank you for the spending tips, although I usually always work towards a new bonus on my spending, so the gaps between bonus spending are quite minimal.

Again, THANK YOU BIG TIME for sharing your experience!
Thanks a lot!!!!!

Hey You’re welcome. And Yes to questions A and B and to question E, only with points, basically when you redeem points for 3 nights or 4 nights it will give you the same amount of points needed.

Except IHG points are just about worthless, they’ve devalued so much :-/

Check out:

In particular, the “Other IHG Credit Cards” tab. Seems like your suspicion may be right.

F**k ! Just closed this card 4 days ago in the hopes of signing up again in April since it’d have been 24 months since I got the bonus last time. According to a post by Doc, one could reopen a closed Chase card within 30 (or sometimes 45) days as long as there were some CL left on the card when it was closed. I did have 2K CL when I closed it. Then I guess I do have some time left, but if the card is going away, Idk if Chase would reopen ??! I’d ideally like to get a another sign up bonus, but waiting till April would be just too late. Any better ideas?

If they allow you to reopen a card (I believe they do) within 30 days, then it should not matter if they are “discontinuing” it. Furthermore, it has not been officially announced or confirmed. I would call and ask about it. Just tell them you were debating if you should have canceled and wanted to know their policy on the matter if you did change your mind in the end. I would not mention anything about you heard they were discontinuing the card, etc. Always better to lay low.

Everyone always talked about how the IHG Card value was “too good to be true” year over year.

I guess it actually was.

Truthfully, even at $89 I will keep it.

I get full use out of the free kindle books, out of the free full membership to the IHG on demand translation and international calling service, the free night certificates, and the platinum elite status with the card.

Here’s hoping to be grandfathered in..

Could you please explain a bit more about “free kindle books, IHG on demand translation and international calling service”? Did not see it in the list of benefits. Much appreciated.


Search for IHG Plat Elite benefits, that’s the status the card gives.

I had a targeted 80,000 point signup bonus and waived first annual fee when I logged into my IHG account. I am a spire member so take that as you will, but I applied and was instantly approved.

Where did you see the offer? Right when you logged in? Trying to see if I can replicate this for my wife to get the card. Or can you send a screenshot of the offer with expiration date?

The Platinum membership adds a lot of value. One time on a 5K points break free night they didnt have a king bed so they gave us a nice suite Upgrade because im Platinum and they let us check out really late 5-6pm because they didnt need the room.
I find a lot of value and good weekends in Holliday Inn Express 5K points break hotels and Hyatt House/Place 5K-8K hotels.
Free Parking, Free Breakfast, Pool, Hot Tub, thats all we need.
(We live squished in Brooklyn what do you expect 😂

I smell the stink of further devaluation besides the ones in this article. I’m just really pessimistic when it comes to these things.

I’ve been holding off on applying because I was waiting for another 80-100k offer. But looks like I should go for it now.

Same here but I’m at 4/24 don’t wanna waster that slot

Would never go for this card if I were 4/24… do you already have Ink Cash (50K now), or Ink Pref (80-100K now), not to mention CSP & SCR (50-55-60K each now)… if you have them all, then “may be” otherwise why would you waste that slot… I would go for biz first and then personal.

I am 6/24, and still hesitant… although seems like FOMO will do its job 🙂 I was too waiting for 80-100K bonus, and looks like have to settle for 60K 🙂

Good luck.

Why would you bother getting CSP & CSR now that bonuses only count for one card?

I meant OR… obviously. Either one of them is a better choice for your 5th slot in your 5/24.. for my taste. If I were 4/24 and had no Inks or Sapphires, I would go for them first before thinking about IHG of any flavor.

I just applied to 3 chase cards on March 3rd using mulitple browsers – Southwest via offer invite, Disney, and Hyatt. Approved for 2, not SW due to 5/24. Can I apply for Chase IHG since I wasn’t approved for a 3rd or do I need to wait longer? If so how long? Do I dare apply for IHG and Iberia? Thanks in advance!!

You would only be approved for 2 chase cards per month.
See this link at #11

The hits keep coming to the much pounded IHG program…. After the gutting of the point breaks, this annual “free night” has been the last meaningful perk still standing, “the holy grail” for beginner travel hackers. But “par for the course,” IHG it appears is taking aim at that too.

Anticipate we’ll next see stale blogger rehashes of best places to use the “free night” — while they can still “sell” the IHG card with free night. Happens we recently used a “free night” at “The Willard” in DC — the one that commonly shows up on the top 10 lists…. Our rating: “meh.” So underwhelming, easily the most hyped, over-rated of the bunch. Place runs on the Vegas/Spirit Airlines models — once you’re in the door, you’ll pay steep for just about everything…. 😉 (ironic) “Great” location of course — next door to POTUS and all, but so what? If you’re using the IHG free night, they’ll stick you on the 12th floor — with the dirty small portal windows with views of nothing. I’ve been at Candlewood’s with more amenities included. (sic)

Still, we’ll keep our chase ihg cards — as long as this afn benefit stays grandfathered. But next time, we’ll “choose wisely.”

Love your comment 😉

I’ve noticed that with IHG free night certificate. They’ll put you in the worst rooms at these places. So bad that you wish you just redeemed it at holiday inn.

Hmmm…I guess. But I stayed at the IC Barcelona 1 night free/1 night on points and was upgraded to the club floor. Musta been a quiet week.

There’s no IC in Barcelona.

No more hoi polloi sullying up the Intercontinentals for $45. Too bad.

What if they get rid of this card completely just like fairmont?

Good point and scary.

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