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Credit Card Offers

Published on July 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase IHG Premier – 80,000 Points + $50 Statement Credit Offer

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Chase IHG Premier card is offering the following sign up bonus:
    • 80,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months
    • $50 statement credit after first purchase

Card Details

  • Annual fee of $89 (not waived first year)
  • Sign up bonus of 80,000 points after $2,000 in spend within the first three months (you can also get another $50 statement credit by doing a dummy booking)
  • 5,000 bonus points after you add an authorized user and they make their first purchase
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 10x points per $1 spent on IHG properties
    • 2x points per $1 spent on gas stations, grocery stores and restaurants
    • 1x points per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Free night certificate on card anniversary, this is limited to properties that cost 40,000 or fewer points
  • Automatic Platinum elite status
  • Fourth Reward Night Free on any stay of 4 or more nights
  • 20% discount when purchasing points
  • Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee credit
  • 10,000 bonus points when you spend $20,000 or more and make one additional purchase each account anniversary year

Our Verdict

This offer has been available since card launch, but it required a dummy booking. Now a direct link is available so making sure readers are aware of this offer. Will be interesting to see if they ever offer a larger bonus on this card. I wouldn’t be surprised if they eventually offer up to 100,000 points but that is pure speculation on my behalf. This card isn’t affected by the Chase 5/24 rule, so that is definitely a big plus for most readers.

Hat tip to reader Feb S

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My wife and I did this offer with dummy bookings in May. We both avoided shutdown despite being 40+/24 each. It was too good to pass up and we intend to hold this card long-term. Buying points at 0.50 each and leveraging with the fourth night free is a great value. There are many good IHG properties available at 40k per night, particularly Crowne Plazas but also in less developed countries.

That’s good to know. maybe they are easing up on shutdowns? Do you put much spend on your chase cards after you get the bonus?

I only use cards if it makes sense for regular spend. I don’t make time to artificially put organic spend on cards to make it look good. I’m not convinced that makes a difference in 99% of situations involving a decision by a human credit analyst.

I don’t know if they are easing up on shutdowns. The shutdowns are triggered by bust-out fraud and their algorithm for evaluating that risk is probably evolving. My profile would never suggest such a risk as we have a mortgage, auto loan, and wife has student loans too. We keep our credit profiles clear of utilization too for both approvals and manual reviews, regardless of issuer.

Chase brought the axe on me and my all immediate family members around 21 June. I was and still am at 4/24. Not sure what I could have done to keep afloat. I was not doing any MS apart from paying taxes using Plastiq to meet min spend (new Chase Ink card). No repetitive MS every month. My wife and my siblings are at 10-20/24 each but they also had low credit utilization and good credit scores but they didn’t even spare me at 4/24. I guess they could see that I am treading waters carefully to stay just under their 4/24 limit yet sign up for a card here and there, and they didn’t like that. I have a high income (six figures), a mortgage at about 15% of monthly income, no student loan, no car loan, excellent credit (800ish), barely had any balance on my 9 credit cards with total 100k-ish aggregated credit card limit. I had a total of 4 Chase cards (including one from 2008), and another 5 cards on my personal credit report (including a few others from 2008 and 2010) and they still shut me down. I called asking for a review but the lady just wouldn’t do that and won’t allow me to talk to a supervisor saying that the decision is final and if I don’t have any questions I can’t escalate it. She said that I had added some users back in 2008 (10 years ago)and removed them, that was suspicious. Seriously, she said that in July 2018. I explained that all of those users were my immediate family members and I removed them because I increased my card balance and it would have brought the credit scores down for all of the authorized users. Later I received a letter explaining the reason for shutdown which did not mention any suspicious activity: Too many credit cards open. Not used as intended. I called them again and another CSR agreed to put my shutdowns up for review. About a week later I got letters stating that the cards will not be reopened. Card balances: – 0/24k Chase Freedom (opened 2008, maxed out 5x $1500 in Q4 2017 but barely any spend in 2018) – few hundred out of $12k on CSR (opened 1.5 years ago, paid off every month, used for 3x categories) – $5k/12k on Chase Ink (opened early 2018, used… Read more »

It makes no sense to me when I see DPs of people under 10/24 who are getting the axe. Sorry to hear it, but glad to see they acknowledged the obvious mistake that you’re not a risk and reinstated your accounts.

This might already be known, but can you hold both the old $49 AF IHG and sign up for the new $89 AF card?

Is this card considered a new card? I have the old IHG card for several years now. Can I apply for this if I have the old IHG card or if I cancel the old IHG card?

“The Guy”

You can get both. I have the 49 af card. I also got the 89 af premier and the 29 af traveler cards on the same day in may. Instantly approved for both. So I have all 3. I may upgrade the traveler to a second premier for the free night after a year if possible.

I have all three also and received all three bonuses plus authorized user bonuses. I didn’t think of the “upgrade” to the 2nd Premier card for the free night. Let me know if that works!

Yes, you can have both according to the datapoints.

if you have old IHG card they best offer is to self refer and get extra 10k points via referral William Charles

Don’t think so. 10k is basically the same as $50, and cash is more flexible.

Something to think about though – that extra 10k points could make hitting a 4th night free a lot easier.

You can always buy points at 0.5 c/p from IHG promotion every several months. However, points have the risk of devaluation.
Anyway, it’s only 10k/$50, and both choices are fine.

Can you apply for this card when you already have the IHG Reward credit card (the one that gives free anniversary voucher) that existed before the launch of the Premier card?

I signed up for the old offer about 2 weeks ago (no $50 statement credit) via referral. I requested, via secure messaging, a match to the current offer (with $50 statement credit) after see this post. They rejected me.

I am surprised because they usually match offers. Is it because I was referred? Or, should I try again via a different communications mode(e.g. Phone call)?

I made several attempts too via secured messages and got rejected. Finally got my case escalated and spoke with a Supervisor and was only promised this: after I meet the $2k spending requirements, I’d need to call them back and they’d follow it up for me and hope that they’d give me the $50 credit.

But I’ve been rejected 3-4x already via secured messages. So we’ll see…

I have old IHG card, referred myself, applied and approved instantly.

I clicked submit after filling application, then it asked me if I wanted to consider other sources of income in order to be approved. I clicked no and I got approved anyway. I already have the $49 card.

The $89 card does not give 10% back on points booking, but give 4th night free on points redemption of 4 of more nights
The $49 card does not give 4th night free on points redemption of 4 of more nights, but gives 10% back on points booking.

Since I’m going to have both cards, does anyone if I get both the above benefits – 10% back on points booking and 4th night free on points redemption of 4 or more nights?

How many cards does Chase typically allow someone to hold at the same time? I’m thinking this card isn’t worth it if someone already has several Chase cards, especially the IHG $49 version, even with 5/24 not being a factor. Other Chase cards offer more valuable signup bonuses.

Scanned through the offer details but couldn’t find an expiration on this offer. I just got approved for the Hyatt card two weeks ago and still working on a prestige from AMEX. Is there any reason not to apply for this card right now? With it being a MasterCard it is easier to MS on Plastiq for mortgage (unless they’ve shut down MasterCard as well).
Hoping not to get shutdown by Chase as I’m LOL/24 currently.

When getting the bonus a second time, are you eligible for the second bonus 24 months after opening the card or 24 months after when the bonus actually posted?

How can I link my existing IHG Rewards Club Member Number with the Chase IHG Premier Rewards Club if I didn’t put the number in on the Application Page initially?

DoC I got an email with 100k offer sign up bonus after 3k spend in 3 months, no credit statement everything else is the same as your review here.

IHG promo has a 100% bonus when purchasing points.
It looks like if you use your Premier card you can get 20% discount on purchasing points. Also, if you use Ibotta then you can get 10% cash back. I wonder if this all stacks. If anyone has any suggestions or has done this let me! William Charles

“The 20% discount cannot be combined with any other points purchase offer. Point purchase transactions managed by”
I wonder how they’d know.

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