Posted by Chuck on December 13, 2018

Published on December 13th, 2018 | by Chuck


Chase Offers: 10% Back at Office Depot/Max (up to $10 Discount) + Stack with Visa GC Deal

[12/13/18: Some people are seeing this pop up now with a December 23rd expiration. Stacks well with the current Office Depot/Max Mastercard gift card deal which ends on 12/15.]

The Offer

Some people are seeing a nice offer among their Chase Offers:

  • Get 10% back at Office Depot/Max, up to $10 cash back.

Our Verdict

Timing here is sweet with the Office Depot/Max Visa deal going on this week to get a $10 instant discount with $300 Visa gift card purchase. You can get a Chase Offer on each card where it shows up, so you can potentially get more than one of these. Be sure to activate the offer on each card.

Spend $100 to max this offer out.

Hat tip to reader drivesabrowntruck

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Just found out my local office depot is cash or debit only for all gift cards (even merchant cards) 🙁

Ouch. What area?

Could be store dependent. I have the problem with my local Walgreens where it says cash or debit but the next one over is okay with cc.

my closest Office Depot doesnt even have a gift card rack lol

Are Chase Offers only on personal cards? I see some offers for those (very similar to BankAmericard deals), but no mention of Offers under Ink mobile login.

same question here.

chase offers show up with my personal login (2 freedoms) but NOT with my business login (CIP)

See the same on bank of america

I logged into multiple cards and cannot find a Chase Offers section anywhere. Mobile or Online.

I think it is still being rolled out. I see them on my cards but not on my wife’s yet.

In the chase app I found it at the very bottom of the main page where it lists all of your accounts.

You need to update the app.

bottom of the page on the main app but also I saw them listed on the Chase Pay app as well, which may be easier to navigate

Btw what’s the latest on the rescinded 10% back staples amex offer? Did everyone bend over and take it like grown men?

Any workarounds?

Can you provide direction on how to find these offers please?

You have log in from Chase Mobile app on your phone. Click on the card and scroll down all the way to bottom. Hope this helps.

It’ll be below “Credit score” and above “Legal information” … mine just started showing up today.

Information Booth

Haven’t heard about that… would somebody explain what’s going on? Philippians 4:13


Lots of people that used multiple AOs across multiple cards experienced clawbacks related to using the same AO over multiple cards/accounts. I haven’t heard of anyone challenging Amex on this, or even getting close to getting the clawbacks rescinded, because it’s right there in the TOS of the Staples AO.

I have not read of any work around tactics, I’m assuming, majority who got clawbacks a few hundreds just moved on; OTOH, it’s possible those who got claw backs in the thousands may be waiting to group together to find ‘justice'(?).

I’d love to know too. So far ive taken it like a grown man multiples time for close to 2k. Really hope something happens to get it back im not sure how to approach complaini ng

see offers, just not this offer…

samsung pay/chase pay 5x might be handy too…

Is it on Chase Deals? I don’t see Chase Offer anywhere on my app.

EDIT: Apparently Chase is rolling Chase Offer out to some users.

If you still don’t see it in the next few days, I suggest you update your app and hopefully, the offers will appear. That’s what I just did and the offers loaded on each card. HTH.

Note: ChasePay app is DIFFERENT from Chase mobile app.

I haven’t checked my two freedom accounts when this post was posted. Uninstalled and reinstalled and Chase Offers showed up on my personal accounts. Still nothing on my CIC account.

I did not find this offer but I had offers on all 4 of my Chase cards. I have 9 different offers on my Freedom card, 3 on Marriott, 7 on CSR including:

10% back at Lowes, $12 back max
10% back at Five Guys, $3 back max
10% back at Burlington, $8 back max
10% back at Little Caesars, $2 back max
10% back at Zoes Kitchen, $3 back max
10% back at Ruby Tuesday, $6 back max
10% back at Starbucks, $3 back max (Marriott, Freedom #1)
5% back at Starbuck, $1.50 back max (Freedom #2)
$10 back at Shipt when you spend $49+

Dang, I got only 4 offers max on my cards. Would love to get Petsmart, Lowe’s, and OD. Since my offers started showing up just this morning, I’m hoping more will be added to mine.

Did not have odder. I called my local BRM to complain, and they manually added it. YMMV.

huh? what? can u explain more? sounds odd BRM can see offfers and manually add. but i guess its a new feature

some people complain about the strangest things….

Just got Chase Offers to show up today, have Lowe’s on all 4 cards, but no OD/OM 🙁

the only Chase Offers i’m getting are for discounted gift card redemptions on UR.

My offers haven’t changed since day 1. Sad.

So after I click on “Added to Card”, it disappears and I can’t find the terms of the deal. Anyone know how to view the offer after you’ve added it card?

If you go back into the offer after adding and click the offer details show

was able to find the offer section, but with an empty list… none available!

The text above says visa but the OD offer is MC. Typos?

The 12/13 update is in reference to this page:

The VGC deal in “Our Verdict” has expired.

Think DoC was in a hurry with this cut ‘n paste update of any old post and as such, left several things wildly scrambled (beginning with the title) A mastercard deal is still current for this week ($5 off), but not the vgc deal. Even less helpful, no indication that Chase Offers are not available via Chase Ink cards… (as Chase Pay not available on the business cards)

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