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Published on November 14th, 2018 | by Chuck


Chase Rolls Out ‘Chase Offers’

Update 11/14/18: Looks like Chase offers are now live, but only showing up on mobile. Can’t see any crazy deals as of yet, but some might be useful for regular purchases. (Hat tip to readers security and David G.) Seems it’s not yet rolled out for everyone. If you do have it, you can find it on the main app page by scrolling all the way down. Added an image at end of post.

Original Post:

Chase sent out a memo to bankers on Friday with the news that ‘Chase Offers’ will relaunch, starting during the week of November 11 – 19th.

Chase Offers first appeared in November 2017 on the Marriott and Slate cards, then it was pulled, stating it will come back, then it actually appeared on the Hyatt cards. As I understand the memo, it’ll begin rolling out on all cards beginning November 11th. Sounds like it’ll be a slow rollout, we’ll have to wait and see how it materializes.

You’ll have to activate an offer before using. Offers will be available on the Chase mobile app, on the ChasePay app, and in custom Chase communications emails. This is a bit different than the initial Chase Offers launch where offer showed up on a dedicated website. It also sounds like you won’t find offers on, only in the mobile app or targeted email.

Seems like the offers will be targeted based on spend history, similar to how Bank Amerideals works. This is somewhat different than the Amex Offers system where – while it’s sometimes targeted based on age, gender, and the like – it doesn’t seem to go much by your spend history. We’ll have to wait and see how it ends up actually working with Chase (I don’t recall hearing it was based on spend history when Chase Offers was live in the past). Update: in fact, Chase Offers are powered by Cardlytics, the same backend as Bank Amerideals and many other banks.

Not sure if the offers will be on a specific card or you’ll be able to use any card in the Chase login, similar to how it works with Bank Amerideals.

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Well, this should be a good thing!

If it is based on spending, it is more rewards than offers.

I have to say I love AMEX offers so hope this is a real attempt by Chase to compete.

this hopefully will be a good alternative to discover deals which is about to end…

You know Chase already has a UR shopping portal.

Discover Deals is more than just a shopping portal. I took advantage of some BOGO coupons and promo codes and even a Sam’s Club renewal for a $25 gift card.

Oh well. I only spend on my freedom card because all other cards are sock drawer cards. And I only spend on certain quarterly categories.

This is my concern … I am usually spending only on whatever card I am working on MSR and the quarterly categories 🙁

Hope they do base this off shopping habits/spend! Amex offers are nice but 95% of them are for places or products I wouldn’t normally buy – so am I really “saving” if I go for them? Depending on how these work I would view them as another way to offset any annual fees.

I just want a better signup bonus for the CSR. But will download the Chase mobile app just to see what they offer

If it’s like the Hyatt Offers I’m in.

Any word on the offers?

William Charles this is live now, but I can only see it on mobile. Lmk if you want me to send in screenshots

Screen shots please…

Security Chuck

Any DP of offers showing on Business cards or combined Personal/Business logon
I know that we stopped seeing card offers after combined logon (B+P). Was Looking to separate again after Ink Trifecta and CSP PC to CSR has been finalized and Chase Pay offers – it might even reset Chase Pay offers with fresh login (It did when I joined Biz/Per I’ll post a DP when I know for sure.


DP: Update
yesterday when I posted question I had updated the app in the Playstore prior to posting.
This AM offers we showing in the APP under one CSP but no offers P2 new CSP. Statement did close and UR pts did post to pool

DP: Looks like overlap of a mix of mainly recycled BofA offers (almost twins) for places we rarely/never shop/dine/order.

. Also one or two I’ve seen in Amex offers (i.e. Omaha steaks).

So if the data or offers are the same data provider behind BofA could have the occasional gem like 10% of Staples.

how do you navigate to it within the app?

Curious as well

I just checked latest ios version of app & don’t see anything offers related

Yeah I can’t find this.

+1. don’t see it in my mobile app on iOS. Only Chase card I have is CSP

For me, on the main app page, I just scrolled all the way down. It may be rolling out, because it is very obvious on the front page or when clicking in to each card.

What is “main app page”? Below your accounts?

Basically they look similar to BOA/Regions/etc., rather than Amex, sadly. No way to even look for offers on old Hyatt card and all cards had different offers. So it is specific to each card, but the same offer can be added to multiple cards. Differing from those other types. Thanks for the HT!


I hope Discover Bank and US Bank and Barclays start competing in this space right now. I am sure they have the IT capabilities. Happy HOLIDAYS!!!

Are they on just the Chase app or Chase Pay app?

I’m seeing it in the regular Chase app, not Chase Pay. Kind of annoying to have two apps with overlapping purpose.

Definitely. But still nothing.

I don’t see it yet

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