Posted by Chuck on November 21, 2017
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Published on November 21st, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Today Only: $25 off $25 at Restaurants with Chase Pay when you Order Ahead [$30 off for New Users]

Update: If you can’t get the offer to show, don’t worry! Try adding items and the discount should show on check out. It seems it doesn’t work on all restaurants, so keep trying different places until you find one that does work.

The Offer

Chase is celebrating the first birthday of the Chase Pay app with the following offer:

  • Get $25 off your restaurant order when you order ahead

Tap on the merchants shown in the app to see which nearby restaurants are eligible for this offer. Most people are finding lots of nearby options.

The Fine Print

  • Expires Nov. 21, 2017

Our Verdict

Sounds like this $25 deal is available for everyone. Some/all new users get $5 off $5 with Chase Pay when paying ahead, and that stacks with this offer for $30 off $30.

Hat tip to SD

172 Responses to [Expired] Today Only: $25 off $25 at Restaurants with Chase Pay when you Order Ahead [$30 off for New Users]

  1. Jed says:

    Is it just one order per person?

  2. Jimbo says:

    Can confirm the $5 new user code stacks with $25 code for today. Thanks Doc.

  3. Jason says:

    Is there a minimum purchase or is it up to 25 off?

  4. Jon says:

    I have some locations that have multiple $5 offers PLUS this offer…I wonder if they’ll all stack

  5. Steve says:

    Lots of pizza places in my app. A few sit-down restaurants. Can’t tell if ordering ahead at a restaurant using this app is intended to be only for “to go” orders?

  6. Jazz says:

    What does it mean by ‘order ahead’ ? To-go pickup?

  7. Rv says:

    SD effect or DoC effect. I was in the middle of the order and everything froze and now no restaurants are showing up.

  8. Alex says:

    Papa John’s stacks the $25 and $5. However, cannot get the order to actually go through… “It’s not you, it’s us. We’re having some trouble. Please try again later.” Have been trying for about 15 minutes now.

  9. meed18 says:

    I don’t know if they are getting slammed right now because it is lunch time or what, but I’m trying to order ahead at a Jersey Mike’s near my office and the app is “updating my order…” for minutes. Not only that, but when I try to add items to my order, the price is inexplicably doubling. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to treat a coworker to lunch like I was trying too. I wish I hadn’t gotten his hopes up!

    • marshbelle says:

      Same here. Price changing and taking forever to load. I got three co-workers hopes up so I am really on the crap list!

  10. phill says:

    App is slammed with orders….

    Guessing the budget for this promo is gone already.

  11. Angela says:

    When I go into Chase Pay the order ahead link says “this part of our app isn’t working right now. Please try again later.”

  12. gohawks says:

    everytime I use chase pay, it triggers some sort of fraud and blocks my login… everytime, I have to spend >15 min trying to explain to multiple people that it IS me trying to use chase pay

    • Michael says:

      Chase csrs seem to have no training what so ever on Chase Pay. It’s a headache to try to even use such a bad product and the support staff is clueless. Chase is pretty tone-deaf for releasing a promo like this for technology that they can’t support.

      • Connor says:

        Agreed, I was transferred 3 times and no one knew what I was talking about. I placed the order and the restaurant was closed when I got there… Big waste of time.

  13. Peddi says:

    Can we place the order today and pick up tomorrow and still use the codes? TIA

  14. AnthonyCM says:

    Yeah, no luck here. It keeps coming up with “It’s not you, it’s us.” when trying to find anything.

  15. mark says:

    No dice. App is overloaded.

  16. K says:

    shown “Updating your order….” and then froze for 10 minutes…

  17. Kalvan says:

    Ya’ll some hungry mofos. Cant even get into the app. Lol

  18. ktenorman says:

    Yeah this crashed Chase Pay real bad. May try again later, but seems unlikely to work.

  19. Josh says:

    Offer section is now blank for me, regardless of restaurant. All offers were available about an hour ago. Unfortunate.

  20. Mike L says:

    That whole section of the app is down for me as well. How did Chase NOT expect this kind of traffic with essentially a free $30 giftcard??!

  21. F798 says:

    is it dead?

  22. lilly says:

    offer just disappear in the app , Chase sucks

  23. JASON says:

    It’s not you, it’s us.
    We’re having some trouble. Please try again later.

    • JASON says:

      I can finally place an order last night before it’s too late. So total bought 2 x $25 by using my and my dad’s login. Didn’t have enough time to use my mom’s login lol. Too much food for me anyway. This deal is just too great! Thanks DOC!

  24. Steve says:

    Was finally able to order. Had items in the cart for 15 minutes at least. Tons of restarts, errors etc, but the promo was applied and I saw a $1.xx charge (my meal was just over $30).

  25. BoBo says:

    Me too! I had it in my cart for like an hour and it finally went, though with an error message. But it did go through, as I see it in my history. Perseverance pays off!

  26. John says:

    That got blew apart even faster than usual. Good hustle team!

  27. Alex G says:

    How do you trigger the offer? I don’t see any offers in my Chase Pay app

  28. ppsh says:

    Is anyone getting “This Chase Pay transaction is declined” message from the Merchant? My total is $0.89 after $25 off.

    • ppsh says:

      ******, it’s now showing Order Pending for one item from my Order History, with no discount applied of course, when three of the items would’ve triggered the discount,

  29. Csdfsr says:

    Can’t even find any merchants in LA. Or Chicago. Or NYC. Seems like the app is struggling. Can anyone help with fixing the merchants issue?

  30. Peter says:

    This offer was posted on Slickdeal this morning. Hence it’s fubarred!

  31. Runtheroad says:

    After installing Chase Pay on my phone the app gave me a message saying it can’t activate Chase Pay because my phone is rooted (it’s not) or there is malware (there isn’t).

    • Auggie says:

      I’m having the same issue. No root or malware. It is an international phone though, so maybe that’s the issue? Never had any problem using any other app that doesn’t work with root (Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc).

    • JuicyJosh says:

      Same. I use republic wireless (wifi primary, cell service secondary) so i figured it was due to that. I guess being cheap now cost me a free lunch. Lol. Oh well.

  32. JC says:

    SD has this as dead.

  33. JVP says:

    Damn, ended up paying for an overpriced dish even after discount. That was the only thing I could add to the cart before the app search shut down. Could have ordered so much food if the app worked properly. (I know at least I got the order, still sad for the suboptimal choice).

  34. jack says:

    I’m first time user and can see the merchants now but no offers. Where will be that $25 offer? Will it show or applies at checkout?

  35. Alex Chang says:

    Slickdeals shows the deal has expired 🙁

  36. ppsh says:

    Didn’t need to see the offer. Just order more than $25, and the $25 discount appeared during checkout.

  37. Paul says:

    I literally just ordered. No problem. No slowdown.

  38. Mystral says:

    Don’t give up; I was just able to place an order with discount ~25mins ago.

  39. Eidref says:

    It still works! and I got the 5 dollar promo! I called the restaurant and had them postpone the order. I wasn’t going to let this slip away. Owner was like, why did you order so early?! LOL

    For the record. Chase processes orders through

  40. Jason says:

    Works perfectly—$50 free food for me and my wife. Thank you Doc!!

  41. Sarah M says:

    I just placed an order and called the steak restaurant to delay pickup. Afraid it may not work again later. 1 order under my login and 1 under my husbands! We are eating good tonight!!

  42. Fred says:

    I can see the promotion applied at check-out. However, the order cannot be placed. The messages says “There’s a problem with your order. Hey, here’s a note from the merchant: Sorry, we’re having trouble connecting to this business. Please try again.” Tried 8 times. Still failed. 🙁

  43. Fred says:

    DoC, the $25 off offers shows to expire tomorrow 11/22 on my app. The $5 off new user offer expires on 11/30.

  44. Alex Chang says:

    I finally got my order in. The trick is to try different restaurants. Some restaurants seem not ready for the Chase Pay order yet. Thank you DOC!

    • Fred says:

      Success!! Tried 10 times. Yeah. The trick is to try different restaurants. Some merchants like Papa Johns don’t work, no matter which location.

  45. Jazz says:

    Just worked. Was not working few hours back. Ordered $31.83 of pizza and paid $1.83.

  46. kinglik says:

    Where exactly is the offer in the app? Like is there an offers page or something im not seeing

  47. Blackpearl9311 says:

    Thank you so much Doc! I was finally able to order a outlaw ribeye from Longhorn Steakhouse for $27.28. The entire price was credited.

  48. Joshua says:

    Just work at 5:00PM, just try different restaurants and it will show up on checkout page if it works for that restaurant, no need to see it in offers

  49. Corridor says:

    I just placed an order too. 4 subs from Potbellys for $1.90. I added all sorts of extra toppings. No problem with app.

    Thank you.

  50. Corridor says:

    Kinglik. Add items to the cart and then go to cart. You should see the discount there.

  51. Jab says:

    Placed order 25+5 bonus applied

  52. Cactusdog says:

    No offer showing in my app. The 30 dollars were taken off at the checkout. Good job Chase!

  53. mommafrica says:

    Thanks! The S/O will be pleased.

  54. Jeff says:

    Thanks so much Chuck! Just picked up $30 worth of free sushi.

  55. GW says:

    Just ordered 28 chicken wings! 30 off and only paying $2. Thanks!

  56. TheByte says:

    No offer listed and no email, but got 25+5=$30 off at checkout for Olive Garden pickup. Thanks DoC!

    Noticed the option at bottom of checkout to use UR points. Looks to be .80 cents per UR point, not a good value.

  57. SteveH says:

    Thanks! Just got $30 worth of free sushi!

    Unfortunately my chase account has both personal and business credit cards associated with it so Chase Pay would not work. Had to use my wife’s account.

  58. V says:

    Offer still working in San Jose, CA (cafe eden to be specific)! Thanks, Chuck!

  59. Jay says:

    Got it to work in the last hour.

    Though it didnt show the offer in the app, I could see the discount in my cart right before checking out my order. Oddly there’s some weird phone number and Amex card number on my receipt… hmmm. No matter.

    Thanks Doc, I wouldn’t have know about this if I didn’t read it here!

  60. Nate says:

    Just got it to work in Ohio at 6:05pm EST… got $29.89 of subs from Jersey Mike’s!

  61. Matt says:

    I think what’s key to this working is for the total to come out to $0. if you go over the $30, it goes crazy when it tries to charge.

  62. scott says:

    Thanks Doc! Eventually got the promo to work, like others here, after just ignoring the instructions about clicking on “offers” (where I too got the “it’s not you, it’s us” error)– and just proceed with an order. Got $28 worth of Chinese dinners and with tax it went a tad over $30 — chump change on the card.

  63. Jay says:

    Is the $30 for new users today only also?

    • Kimberly says:

      The $25 is for today, but the additional $5 should last until the end of the month if you are targeted. So tomorrow it should be $5 for new (targeted) users, instead of $30.

  64. MM says:

    Striking out with multiple different restaurants – one disappeared from the search, another said “we’re having trouble connecting to this business”, another said they don’t support order ahead (then why are they listed??). Oh, and the menu on one was messed up, forcing you to select “at least one” choice for optional extras (no, I don’t want alfredo sauce instead of marinara, but if I don’t select it, I can’t add the item to my order!).

    Only found 2 nearby choices that work all the way to the final order screen. Way to go, Chase!

  65. Shaun says:

    Just paid .31 for Thai food. Even let me use the last three dollars for the tip. So if you’re ordering less than $30 try to tip the staff with the rest.

  66. LAG says:

    Code worked without issue in the app, even gave me an estimated time to complete my order, showed up 10 min after that 30 since placing order and the restaurant not only didn’t have my order, but didn’t know anything about chase pay… even spoke with the owner.

    On hold with the support number they provided on the confirmation email, “wait times longer than usual”… been 15 min already, I’m not hopeful that they’ll be crediting me the offer back at this point

    • Sarah M says:

      I had the same thing happen to me. My husbands order went through to the restaurant but mine did not. I talked to 3 people at Chase and the restaurant and finally gave up.

    • LAG says:

      Finally got through to someone. He quickly refunded the credit and even added an extra $10 credit for the inconvenience. I placed an order at a different restaurant and called to confirm before heading there, received without issues.

      For what its worth, I’m in San Antonio, the first order was with a local sushi restaurant, sushishima, and the second order was kona grill.

  67. Tyler says:

    I have tried several times today but I am consistently getting the same message: “we are having trouble connecting to this business please try again later.” I have tried several different places with the same result. Anyone found a way around this?

  68. jackgopack4 says:

    Worked for $30 first order at Jersey Mike’s in OKC, OK.

    Thanks for the deal!

    • Mike L says:

      I got $30 of Jersey Mike’s in Chicago as well. They made me sign the pickup receipt which ironically was an AMEX charge card lol

  69. Chim Richalds says:

    Worked for me, looks like the app just needed to cool off a bit. Thanks Doc!

  70. JT says:

    Not working for me. Chase refused to issue a rain check either. Pretty lame.

  71. Steve says:

    Have tried to order from the Olive Garden using the app. It insists I change or add items or else it won’t add an entree to the order. Grays out the option. Really don’t want alfredo sauce, but unless I “choose one” of the options for substitutions – and there is only one, substitute alfredo sauce – it can’t add the item. Just dumb.

    • Steve says:

      So, I ended up ordering something with alfredo sauce, and it forced me to (“choose 1 or 2” – there is no zero option) substitute to meat sauce in order to allow adding the item to the cart. Voila. Total order was $34.65 – $30.00 = $4.65. Yay, I have mediocre pasta for nearly free!

      • AG says:

        had same issue, had to add meatball and then add note to not really add it.
        Olive garden did not get note and they added meatball.

        On top of it i was charge for full order again.

  72. jd says:

    not sure why but it keeps cancelling my orders. Tried numerous restaurants and all of them orders got cancelled. weird.

  73. ahchiu says:

    Wife and I each did a Steak and Lobster at the local Longhorn Steakhouse. Thanks DoC!

  74. GM says:

    25 off! Thanks doc!

  75. Pag says:

    Placed an order, Chase accepted it, restaurant canceled it as they were about to close, never got the cancellation message. $30 promo down the drain. Have left a message in the app, hoping to get a credit.

    • Pat S says:

      Similar thing happened to me. Ordered chicken parm with manicotti (x3) for total of $31.77

      Chase charge of $1.77 went through but pizza boils cancelled it because they don’t have manicotti. Called chase on phone for 1.5 hours with no luck. Left message on there app line. We shall see what they do!

      • Pag says:

        Just an update: They reinstated my credits, valid for a month now. They also added another $10. So, it worked out in the end!

  76. William says:

    How does one find participating restaurants?

  77. Nicolas Palmeri says:

    Im not seeing a total in the cart, should I try and place the order?

  78. Joe S says:

    First order went through for a local wine shop, 2nd with wife’s account keeps saying “updating order” and won’t load, then finally does the same “it’s not you, its us” garbage.

  79. GL says:

    Still getting the “it’s not you it’s us” message. Really what have chase’s IT people been doing all day???

  80. Spencer says:

    Thanks DoC, got dinner for 4 via a sandwich shop. Strange thing though… Sandwich shop printed receipt only had first 2 of 4 sandwiches and that’s all they made ready for pickup. My email had all 4 items and they made the other 2 (no charge) when I pointed out the problem. Curious if anyone else had truncated orders.

    • Tikky says:

      In the same boat. Got chase email with order confirmed. Ordered 2 items at Longhorn and it went through but when I arrived to pick up only one item was made. Huh???

  81. Master Allan says:

    Mixed result!
    Mrs. picked up $30 free Sushi
    Chase pay app applied $30 of the offer for my Olive Garden but then the restaurant said “payment declined”. So my grand total of $0.43 didn’t appear to work and I paid out of pocket. You bet I’m going to hassle Chase until I get my $30 credit on my chase credit card.

    • AG says:

      Hmm I had same issue with Olive garden. So I think its just broken interface between these 2.

    • Steve says:

      I ended up having the same failure of OG to accept the payment. Had to pay out full – I have both charges for the original chasepay and the final pay!

    • Palmer says:

      Had the same issue as well. Showed the manager the email receipt & pending charge on my card, and after trying several things on his system, he just let me take the food.

  82. Jeff H says:

    This offer got me to load Chase Pay hoping to make Thanksgiving meal a better price. Sadly all the places offered are the fast food places that dish out coupons like penneys at the casino. None which I would leave the house for.

  83. Charles says:

    Olive garden can’t figure out how to take payment. GM says Darden is not live with Chase pay. Chase says I have already paid. I would recommend trying someone other than Olive garden.

    • Master Allan says:

      2nd that. I’m currently on hold going through chase phone hell trying to find a representative that knows or can do anything. Avoid Olive Garden for this promo.

      • anne says:

        Also tried more than 10 times with Olive Garden and never went through. Got charged $4.xx and then refunded back immediately. Finally ordered from Longhorn Steakhouse after reading the post from someone here. Wasted a lot of time and data usage on the phone with Olive.

  84. Joe C says:

    $30 worked for me. Free pizza is always a win.

  85. Charlie says:

    Chase paid for my lunch and dinner today. This is still alive, but the app is very glitchy right now. Browsing the menu seems to fail very often, but searching for menu items by name works fine. If you get stuck when trying to check out, try logging out and back in.

    • Charlie says:

      Lol had some issues come up with my dinner order. Went to pickup and the restaurant said that the payment didn’t go through even though the offer should have covered the entire bill. I called the Chase Pay support number, but after waiting on hold for 15 minutes, I just paid with my Sapphire Reserve. After another 30 minutes or so of holding, I finally got through to a CSR who apologized a bunch of times but gave me a $40 credit for my next Chase Pay order.

      Don’t try to order from any Darden restaurants (Olive Garden, LongHorn, Bahama Breeze, etc) as it doesn’t look like the app works with them at all.

  86. boridi says:

    worked at McAlisters Deli

  87. Tyler says:

    I was able to finally order from a local BBQ joint. I then tried to order from my wife’s account and it has failed several times. Still $30 of free BBQ makes me happy.

  88. Joe S says:

    Ordered 2 things with different accounts, both were out of stock but no one told me until I called the store to verify, so I assume I lose the credit. Tried calling Chase Pay CS, phone cuts off after 2 seconds each time. Great service they’re running here.

  89. Ozzie says:

    Not sure why but it took 32.99 off my order. Refunded the first time but went through the second time. My bill was supposed to be $3.xx but it charged $7.xx to my card. I’m not complaining for all the free food I got.

  90. Derek says:

    You can tell that Chase is a bank rather than a merchant based on the poor response to these widespread failures. It’s amateur hour.

  91. AG says:

    Made an order to olive garden. paid 5.61 for 35.61 with 30 off.
    When I reached for pick up olive garden say this is open order and i would have to pay the whole thing. They have no idea of chase pay etc and said they got online order in open status expecting payment.

    I just paid up, I am on call waiting for agent to contact chase for last 20 minutes.

    All in all I got free food (tbd) but considering time and hassle perhaps not smooth deal.

    On another note, olive garden order CP would not let me proceed unless I add at least 1 meatball or sausage side. So added one and made a note in order to not add it. Olive garden received order with added meatball but no note.
    Also on veggies in pasta chase pay say remove one from 4 and OG did not get any of the remaining…
    I thin chase and OG interface is fully screwed up.

    • Master Allan says:

      Yes, had same problem with adding a note under special instructions. Asst Manager noted they do not get those notes. In my case, a food allergy necessity. They were accommodating enough to remake my dish. As for having to pay for the food in full, read my comment below.

  92. Justin says:

    21 cents for a large pizza and bread sticks! Thanks Doc!

  93. Charles says:

    Just noticed Olive garden has been removed from my nearby merchants list in the app. I guess chase caught on that og doesn’t work.

    • Master Allan says:

      Just got off the phone with Chase Pay after 1+ hours on hold. They offered me a credit of the $30 promo ($25 + $5). All was well until I asked “So when does the credit of this promo expire?”. “Tonight at midnight”. I try to be courtesy to CSRs, really I do, but ended up giving her a mouthful.
      Seriously? What am I going to do with a credit that expires as restaurants are closing down for the night… I’ll follow through with Chase in the morning especially having the Chase Pay receipt in my in-box substantiating my side of the transaction.

      • Master Allan says:

        (In regards to the botched Olive Garden payment)

        • AG says:

          Called this morning they refunded chase pay order money and gave 30 chase pay credit for future order 30 day validity.

          Ideally is hoild have got my cc transaction reversed but at this point whatever i get is fine. I guess inwill spend these 30 and delete the damn app.

  94. Dana says:

    I started trying to order a pizza from a nearby restaurant in Sausalito a couple of hours ago but the total was $38 and then $54 without even clicking on the size. There was no indication of what costs were driving the bill up. So I exited out of the app, and had to do something else for an hour. When I came back to the app, none of the nearby restaurants that I had seen showed up in the app. It looks like a lot of restaurants are not participating any longer, perhaps because they’ve maxed out on their orders? The restaurants that do show up seem too far away, and there’s no map provided to find the closest ones. 🙁

    Definitely seeing lots of bugs with this app and service. (I had started to use the Chase Pay app because of a special offer from Starbucks that expires today, but I’m worried about the quality of the app.)

  95. Benjamin says:

    … well, that was an adventure. Chase Pay app progressed fine, got the discount, got the email receipt, went to the local Chinese restaurant… and they didn’t have the order. They even showed me their order system to prove it. Called, Chase, who told me it was declined at the store somehow, but the store didn’t know anything about it. Four different Chase reps in four different departments over forty minutes confirmed that there were no problems with my card, and no idea what to do. Last rep in Customer Service noted my account and said he would add a credit to my account for the promotion….

    I don’t think it’s just Olive Garden, something in the system sucks. I can only wonder if because Chase is picking up the tab, transactions are declining – wonder if there was payment above and beyond the credit if that would go through? Either way, an unpleasant first birthday indeed.

  96. cooldude says:

    What’s the number im getting one ring and then hung up on?

  97. Steve says:

    I was having issues with the app the whole day so I called CSR and asked if they could just do a $25 statement credit and they did it!

  98. captainsave says:

    Saw chase pay this morning and just brush it off since it was a disaster last time using them. Got hungry and decided to give it a try. Everything went smooth got free pizza and wings. Thanks!

    Although, my order was $41 but at checkout it show $0 so i hit the complete button but my card got charged $11. Call back to change 16 piece wings to 8 wings to make it free, they didn’t give a receipt pending charge still showing $11.

  99. tribesman55 says:

    Finally got my order to go through and I drove across town at 8pm only to have the restaurant tell me they’ve never heard of Chase Pay and don’t know why it’s sending people to them. I am livid.

  100. Francesco says:

    Very similar story for me. Transaction went through, I got to the restaurant and they didn’t have any clue about my order (and not even about Chase Pay!).

    Long story short, I called Chase, they said it’s a known issue and are working on it. I asked for the supervisor, argued with him for at least 15 minutes, and somehow managed to get 5000 points on my CC for the hassle.

  101. JC says:

    Also another person who had a miserable experience with Chase Pay. Tried to make a purchase at a local pizza place for about $36 and the app kept on throwing up an error about its not you it’s us or unable to connect to merchant. Tried 15 tries and the $6.XX charge was charged and reversed on my CSR 15 times. Not a happy camper. Spent over 1 hour trying to place the order.

    My mother also tried to place an order at the same pizza shop 3 times and 2 were refunded but 1 was not even though all 3 purchases error out. Called the pizza shop up and they also had never heard of Chase Pay and said they never received the order.

    Clearly Chase jumped the gun with the rollout of this promotion and the order ahead feature as it has a high failure rate and many restaurants do not even know they are participating from the comments above.

    I hope chase offers a minimum of $30 credit to all cardmembers who were inconvenienced by this promotion as a gesture of goodwill.

  102. feelgood says:

    Same here. After numerous failed tries, was finally able to place an order for a Rosati’s pizza in the Chicago area around 9 pm. Got a confirmation number and a pick-up time. When I got there, no order was received for me. Owner said he never heard of Chase Pay and has no agreement with them. Said I could place an order but would have to pay for it again.

    • Aaron says:

      Call up Chase pay order ahead support, they had issues with the app yesterday(clearly) so if you call them up they’ll extend the $25 credit for another month. They threw in a bonus $10 credit for the hassle without me asking but im sure if you ask you could get alot more than that.

  103. Tim says:

    Took me about 12 tries, but order finally went through to local Olive Garden. Three soup/salad dinners for $0.18. After I got confirm, I called OG to verify the order went through and to tell them I wanted a later pick-up time. (Didn’t see on app where you could specify pick-up time — major shortcoming IMO.) Frustrating for sure, but in the end it worked out for me.

  104. RB says:

    Got it.Thanks doc.Many of my friends were able to order.

  105. Jan B says:

    I know this is over so my musing is worthless. But, I wonder if one could have ordered the Thanksgiving entree at some restaurants with this deal. It probably would have required that the T-Day offerings be pre-programmed into the order system to achieve that.

    Still, would have been a great way to take advantage of a meal you had planned on anyway.

    Happy Thanksgiving, WC (et al) and readers. 🙂

  106. Jan B says:

    I meant for bringing home for the T-Day family dinner, not eating at the restaurant.

  107. EIG says:

    I know this is over but just wanted to chime in that got $90 of free food since I and family had access to 3 diff chase logins #winning

  108. Jack says:

    Thanks doc…worked last night..

  109. Steve says:

    I got charged the Chase Pay amount and then the payment failed at the merchant (Olive Garden), so had to pay the full amount. Both charges are on my account. I called Chase, and they were stunningly unhelpful and essentially told me that the charges are pending and they won’t do anything until the charges post.

    • JonO says:

      I had the EXACT same thing happen to me. Guess I’ll wait a couple days before calling in.

    • qmc says:

      Waiting for charges to actually post is typical for all kinds of charges. Because they may fall off on their own, needing no corrective action.

    • test says:

      Both $2 and $32 charges have been posted for me, and when I called Chase:

      1st time, I was transferred to Chase Pay team. They admitted it’s their fault, but were only willing to refund the $2 Chase pay amount instead of the $32 full amount.

      2nd time, I was transferred to Dispute department and was shot down by an Indian CSR.

      3rd time, I mentioned I was promised a full refund when it was pending the other day and the conversation was recorded. Phone CSR became extremely nervous and threatened me that was illegal wiretapping. I told him we are in a “one-party consent” state, and furthermore if Chase were recording the call for whatever purposes, both parties had already been okay with recordings being made.

      I was put on hold. Ten mintues later, CSR was back agreeing the record was legal, but again threatened that I had to stop recording right away or he would just hang up. I said okay and he then told me I would need to contact my local banker for promotion details. I rebut his BS saying this is an offer from Chase Pay app, and that I have an official itemized recepit from showing there was $30 discount. He put me on hold for another ten minutes and asked me to upload the recepit through secure message and “wait for ten business days”. I did, but I don’t have high hopes on this.

      4th time, I called the executive office and they said they would assign some agent to investigate this. At least the girl sounds friendly and helpful.

      I hear people talking about how good the customer service of Chase Sapphire is, which makes them willing to pay for the annual fee. I can never get it. Will probably close the card after double dipping next year. No mercy to big corporations!

    • Master Allan says:

      I also had extensive frustration with Chase Pay, Olive Garden, and Chase CSRs. It did work itself out a work later on 11/28. Last week I composed and sent a concise nasty gram (e-mail) describing: payment failure, order special notes failure, 2 x CSR resolution blunders, and the insulting reactivating of my account promo that then expired a few hours later @ midnight. I spent at least 90 minutes on the phone a week ago on hold or bounced from department to department trying to get some kind of service.

      A representative from the executive office called me with an apology and a desire for me to convey the points of failure. He suggested it might take a statement or two to post a satisfactory compensation that I proposed in my e-mail. It actually posted that evening to my account. Both a statement credit of $30 and a pleasing amount of amazon points.

      Worth it? After a busy day at work my evening time is more valuable but it’s even between Chase Pay and me. Not sure if I’ll be using it this weekend but they dodged my personal “perm ban” list.

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