Posted by Chuck on November 13, 2016
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Published on November 13th, 2016 | by Chuck


Chase Refer-a-Friend Site is Back Up

The Chase refer-a-friend site is back up, allowing us to send email referrals or to generate a link-referral with Twitter or Facebook.

As before, the Sapphire Preferred referral offers a 10,000 point bonus, and the other cards offer 5,000 points. All have a 50,000 point max per calendar year which is ten referrals for most cards and five referrals for CSP. (Each card has its own 50k limit.)

I found referral links for Freedom, CSP, and Southwest Plus, and I assume Freedom Unlimited and Southwest Premier have referral links as well.

INK and Southwest business cards didn’t work for me so apparently business cards aren’t working yet. The old links still work, even on INK which doesn’t currently allow generating a new one. (Not sure if Southwest business card ever had a referral link, but INK Plus certainly does and it still works.) In some cases the new link is exactly the same as the old one while in other cases there is a slight difference to the beginning part of the link. But, again, that doesn’t mean the old link won’t work properly – it should work just fine.

The Sapphire Reserve card is not offering the option of referring friends.

Please don’t leave any referral links in the comments to this post. All Southwest referral links go in this post and Freedom, Sapphire, and INK referrals go in this post.

Hat tip to r/churning

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