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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Chuck


Chase Sapphire Preferred 75,000 Bonus In-Branch [YMMV]

Getting matched seems to no longer work unless your CPC.

The Offer

Twitter user @spencerformiles got an interesting offer at a Chase branch:

  • Singup for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and get 70,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 within three months
  • Get an additional 5,000 bonus points when you add an authorized user and make a purchase within three months

csp 70 branch offer

Our Verdict

The same 75k offer was circulating back in November to some people, though this one appears to be a separate rollout. In any case, it’s probably targeted to select branches and/or select customers, but can’t hurt to ask if you’re nearby. It might also be targeted specifically to Private Clients.

The bigger hurdle is getting past 5/24 as these in-branch offers are probably subject to 5/24 unless you got a special pre-approval. Matching this offer seems to work as long as you applied in branch for your card. Because of this we’ve added it to our list of the best credit card bonuses.

88 Responses to Chase Sapphire Preferred 75,000 Bonus In-Branch [YMMV]

  1. Ben says:

    Wait, did something change? I thought in branch pre-approvals bypassed 5/24? No?

  2. PSB says:

    Just applied in branch yesterday and the banker has zero idea about any offer that is higher than 50k. Now I am just wondering if it is possible to match the offer through SM.

  3. Michael says:

    This is the CPC offer

    • Also Michael says:

      Doesn’t say anything about being a CPC-only offer in the photo and non-CPCs have reported DPs of getting matched to it.

      • ST says:

        how exactly do you get matched? I went in and applied for this card the other day after requesting a match to 75k in person and got a hard no at 2 different branches. Can you request a match via Chase’s messaging system after applying?

  4. Brandon says:

    I just got this card 2 weeks ago, but for the 50k offer. Is it possible to be matched to this offer? If so, is that something I should try to do online or over the phone?

    • Michael says:

      You can’t match to it. It’s only available in-branch to those with CPC

      • Brandon Ruiz says:

        Ok thanks for clarification

      • Not correct, at least last time it was offered people that weren’t CPC applied directly and lots of people that were non CPC got matched.

        • Brandon says:

          So I’m not CPC and called customer service and after 20 minutes on the phone they told me that this was a branch only offer, and they couldn’t match me to it. I went to the branch and the same rep that helped me previously offered to call in to request match, but he wasn’t even aware of this offer. When he called in he was told it was a CPC offer and I couldn’t be matched to it.

          Should I try to call customer service again? I’m guessing it just depends who you talk to.

    • Different Michael says:

      I don’t think it’d hurt to call or SM in. The worst they can say is no. I just applied for this card myself and am going to try once I physically have the card in my possession.

    • himoyu says:

      It is! I got the offer matched after I saw this post. I just called the number on the back of my CSP. I got CSP on January online.

  5. Ken says:

    A few days ago both my wife and I had no pre-approved offers, but today I called my banker and both of us have a mix of FU, CSP, Slate (no bonus), and UA Club card (no bonus). I’ll probably go into the branch for the CSP since I haven’t had it since 2014. She checked Biz offers and nothing for me unfortunately. My Ink Plus AF just posted today.

  6. himoyu says:

    DP: successfully match sign up bonus to 70k by calling the number on the back of my CSP on Tuesday! I got my CSP online in January. Have reached 4k spending last month. The customer service said to put a note in my account for marketing team. 20k UR points credit to my account 2 days later.

    • Theory says:

      Same situation as you, but no dice on the match. SM response:

      “Let me share that the offer to earn 70,000 bonus points is available only to Chase Private Clients and the applications done through Retail branch. Hence, we are unable to match the offer on your account. We know this is not the answer you hoped for, and we’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.”

      • Ken says:

        So if you’d opened your CSP in branch they’d have matched to 70k?

        • Ken says:

          Crap, I meant 75k. I have a pre-qual for the CSP and I’m way over 5/24. But my car is dead, and I have no way to get to the branch that’s almost 40mins away during business hours.

  7. anony says:

    Went into Chase today to sign up for CPC, and the banker told me that there’s a new offer for CPC customers that want to sign up for the Sapphire Preferred – 70k. Specifically mentioned as a CPC benefit.

  8. Div says:

    Is it possible to get matched with this offer without being CPC?

  9. MontyFC says:

    I just got approved for CSP in branch for 50K offer. I am not a CPC, but have a meeting scheduled later in the week with a Chase to evaluate it for 100K for 1 year.

    When should I ask for 75K match – after meeting the spending requirements or before that?

    • Ken says:

      I’d send a SM now, then if they deny it you can have your CPC go to bat for you if you join CPC.

      • MontyFC says:

        Thanks @Ken and @Will.

        My request through SM was declined. Will try again if and when I become CPC.

        Meanwhile, another DP for you – my wife went to the branch today and was instantly approved for the 70k+5k offer. She is not a CPC, currently 4/24 and 800+ score. The banker said that she was being offered this offer b/c she has been a loyal chase customer (???).

        Goes without saying, I am jealous 😛

  10. Bob says:

    Try for match after meeting spend, right? Not right after approval?

  11. Vince says:

    Applied in branch sometime last week. Application went to pending and approved as of today.

    Got denied via SM for the 70k offer match.

    “We reviewed the offer to receive 70,000 bonus points and
    determined your account doesn’t qualify for the offer.
    Promotional offers are only available for select products
    and not transferable between accounts.”

    What are my options now? Should I try calling or go in person?

    • CGID says:

      I got the same response from a customer service rep just now. He seemed unaware of even the concept of “matching” — he was friendly but kept saying that the promotional bonus one gets from Chase is always and solely dependent on what promotion was attached to it at the moment of application.

      Should I go back into the branch where I opened it?

      I have never requested a “match” before so this is a new experience for me.

      • Bob says:

        Branch will almost definitely be denied b/c the bankers there will know this is a CPC only offer. We’ve been exploiting the fact that some reps don’t know it’s CPC only over the phone.

  12. Darv says:

    Had a great day at Chase last week. New checking account and was pre-approved for the CSP, approved for that. Went 0-3 trying this match, first with card services number by phone, then secure messaging, and finally with my banker at the branch. Phone and SM said it was for private clients only.

  13. Ken says:

    Wasn’t there​ a 70k offer that we can try matching to?

  14. Son says:

    The 70K is for CPC client. 6 months ago, I was pre- approved for the CSR and CSP. I chose the CSR of course. The CSP pre approval disappeard. I went back to the branch to check again 5 months 25 days later, nothing. I went back April 1st (the beginning of the 7th month), got a pre approval for the CSP, 70k, and FU for 300.00 (CPC promo vs the 150.00 public). Instant approval for the CSP, and the FU disappeared.

    FYI: I was like 10/24.

  15. Emil says:

    DP – I was approved in-branch for the 50k offer on 2/15 with a preapproval overriding 5/24. Called today to match and the rep denied it saying the 70k offer is only for CPC. I also sent a SM today and got a response saying that offer is not available for my account. Oh well.

  16. Mike P says:

    I just got off the phone with Customer Service. I had applied for CSP yesterday and just saw this.

    It is a targeted offer now, but apparently they are going to go national with the 70k offer soon-ish so she said I should hit the spend threshold and then call back. They would then work with marketing to match the last 20k.

    • KxP says:

      Thank you for the heads up!
      From your speculation do you think the national offer would start early May or much later?

    • Tom says:

      Kinda curious too. Did they say whether it would be in branch only?

    • Tom B says:

      When will this 70 k offer be made public soon . Does any one has any idea ? I also read in another comment that post 24 May the in branch offer for 50 k will stop. Does that mean new 70k offer will come instead or no pre approval will be there . Shall I apply now or wait for few more days ?

  17. Shyam says:

    DP – I applied in-branch with pre-approval for CSP for 50K offer on 4/10, went to pending and was approved after 2 days. I’m not an CPC, way over 28/24 and hold 4 personal cards with Chase prior to CSP. I checked with banker for the 70K offer while she submitted the application, but no-go.

    After denied for 70K match via SM, called them after 2 days and had it matched.

    The rep checked with her manager and told that 70K offer was notated in the account. After spending 4K, I have been asked to call the same number and quote the date of the conversation and note on account.


    • Ken says:

      Hmmm… I was denied a match via SM too. Who did you call, just the number on the back of your card? Did you just ask for a match to the better 70k/75k offer? I have already met min spend am just waiting for my statement to post.

      • Shyam says:

        I called the number on back of the card and asked for the match.
        Initially the rep pushed back saying that the offer is available only through banker application. I replied that I’ve applied through banker. Then she reviewed, put me on hold, checked with her manager and all set.

        Give it a try, Good luck.

    • KxP says:

      When you say that “the 70k offer was notated in the account” did you ask your banker to place that notation on there for you when you were applying? If that’s the case would love to do the same and try my luck calling in for a match.

      • Shyam says:

        The offer was not available at my branch. Also I was only pre-approved for 50K offer.

        I applied for 50K without any notation.
        I called after 2 weeks for applying and the CS rep notated in the account.

  18. John says:

    Chuck & William,

    I was just informed by Chase CS that – This offer is available
    for targeted customers in branches until May 24, 2017.

  19. Phani says:

    If my wife is an Authorized User on my CSP, can she apply for a new CSP and get the bonus ?

  20. MontyFC says:

    Updated DP: Applied for 50K offer back in March and asked to be matched to 70K offer SM and was declined. I then accepted the CPC offer to try it for 100K investment (50k in brokerage and 50k in checking/saving account). Once CPC status was reflected in my account, I SMed again to be matched to 70K offer and was accepted. Met the spending requirements and again sent SM and they added 20k points to my account.

    SO got 70k offer as a pre-approved offer even before we became CPC. She has been Chase customer for almost 7 years and her salaried account is w/ them.

  21. Johnn says:

    Is this offer expiring soon ? Will there be a new offer for 75 K points after that ?

  22. Harry says:

    Applied for and pre- approved for the 50K offer in branch on May 23. Banker wasn’t aware of any 70K offer.

    Once card arrived, SM’d about being matched but was told that there are no other offers available at this time. Will call to see if I can get matched as some others have been able to (and some haven’t been able to).

    Guess it is still YMMV but worth a shot.

  23. zalmy says:

    SM’d, was told that offer is only for Chase Private Clients. Any other options?

  24. TheFury1 says:

    So is the CSP 70K offer still available at the bank for CPCs? Haven’t seen any firm DPs lately.

    If so, do you know until when? Prefer not to apply until early July, because it’ll be easier to meet my spend during my vacay in September.

  25. JuicyJosh says:

    Wife applied in branch and was not able to get bonus 20k, Just 50k + 5k au. I sent many SMs trying to push the issue but no luck, Not even a pity bonus.

    So…. How can i turn these point into cash? I dont want to get cash from UR but redeem for a GC and then drain the GC. Anyone know of any GC options that will let me do this? I have had success with visa gift cards and paying myself with paypal less ~2% but never tried to convert UR.

  26. James says:

    I got the 100k points in branch a few months back but my annual fee is much higher!

    Do I get a bonus for adding another user?

    • MoreSun says:

      Sounds like you’re talking about the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Different credit card. No bonus points for AUs that I remember but you do get charged $75 per AU on that credit card.

  27. Dillon Welch says:

    Have called and SM’d for the higher offer but have been rejected for both. I applied in branch for 50k.

    • TheFury1 says:

      Sorry, that stinks! I’ve been eyeing the websites, waiting for a DP on a 70K offer.

      Are you CPC? I am, but at this rate, from my internet research, doesn’t seem like I’ll get the 70K.

      Guess I’ll just bite the bullet, and go for the 50K. Boo…

  28. Ebene says:

    Has anyone seen the higher offer or gotten it matched lately?

    I want to get this card, but I would really like the 70k points. Do we think it will go higher at some point?

  29. Jackie says:

    I’m finally under 5/24 – happy I was able to get the Ink Preferred for 80K points earlier in the summer – but now I really want to get the CSP and I’m hoping the bonus will go up from 50K.
    Maybe it’ll go up in August?
    Any DP’s from previous years of when they’ve offered higher bonus rewards?

  30. Sa13 says:

    Any recent data point regarding match?? I applied through branch with 50k points..

    Btw, how do you ask for match?


  31. Saphira Be says:

    Tried to do a match in branch. Didn’t work but got the card anyway. It was needed.

    Have to spend $4k in the next 3 months. Would anyone know if buying Visa GC at staples will work toward that and if Chase will consider visa gift card purchases at Staples as purchases or cash advance? would like to be sure before anything is done.

    Really appreciate the help. Thank you

  32. JF says:

    I applied in branch in the beginning of June, knew it was a long-shot to get matched to the 70k bonus but after a couple of SM’s this is the answer I got. It doesn’t seem like anyone not CPC is getting matched if they applied after May 24.

    The offer you applied for was to get 50,000 points after you
    spend $4,000.00 on purchases in the first three months
    from the account open date. The offer to get 70,000 points
    on $4,000.00 spend is valid only for pre-selected and
    Chase Private Client customers on accounts acquired at
    retail branches until May 24, 2017. Hence, it was
    determined you do not qualify for the new offer requested
    based on the terms and conditions provided. Therefore the
    original offer you applied for will remain on the account.

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