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Published on November 17th, 2016 | by William Charles


Chase Sapphire Preferred 70,000 Point Offer, In Branch & YMMV

The Offer

Asking To Be Matched

I only found one person that was successfully matched to this offer here (they provided this follow up proof). They applied in branch and weren’t CPC. Here is a second person. I’m trying to find out if these people also have CPC status or not. All of the data points I’ve read have stated that if you applied online your match will be denied.

Our Verdict

Standard bonus is 50,000 points but CPC clients have been able to get 60,000 points. We also saw a massive targeted offer of 100,000 points semi recently. I’m interested to find out if this targeted offer is limited to CPC clients, or if it’s just a higher targeted in branch bonus. Seems like it’s worth asking for a match if you applied in branch, but not online. Still not as high as the 100,000 point bonus on the Chase Sapphire Reserve, but at least it doesn’t come with a $450 annual fee.

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“A few reddit users have reported being targeted for a 70,000 point sign up bonus after $4,000 in spend on the Chase Sapphire Preferred when they applied in branch.” -Doctor of Credit

I love your website, bUT I have to remind you that saying “applied in branch” is not grammatically correct. It’s either “applied in the branch” or “made an in-branch application.” “Applied in branch” is just wrong.

I just want to remind you that writing “bUT” instead of “but” is incorrect, too. 😉

Seriously, who cares about perfect grammar on a blog. I’m way more interested in a 70k CSP offer!

Wow, autistic much? That’s about as nitpicky as I’ve ever seen.

lol. so it’s right after DoC published comparison article among CSP/PRG/Citi Premier.

Now why the hell Chase increased bonus on this one?

I was matched. Applied in branch about 2 months ago. SMed today. Not CPC.

Same situation. Applied in branch 11/17.

Got matched via SM, applied 4ish weeks ago following an in-branch pre-approval. Not CPC. Pretty killer bonus, particularly when you consider no first year AF.

Just been to a Chase branch in NY. Been told 60K bonus is for CPC. Was offered the standard 50K bonus. Will wait for ‘better times.’

OK, so if I understand it correctly… I need to go to branch, get the pre-approved card (in my case it showed 50k pre-approved on Monday) and then SM and ask to me matched up to 70k?

seems like it’s a bit of a risk, no?

It’s not like there’s a downside for the ‘risk’. Even if you fail to get matched, the standard 50k offer is still a very good deal that’s among the best of them. And you can gloat about it while making fun of all those still waiting patiently for a pre-approval.

I feel like the downside is that I may eventually be pre-approved for 70k, it it may be a public offer or what not… if i don’t get matched up i’ll lose.

Matched. Applied in Branch 2 months ago. I am CPC.

Is there an additional 5k when adding additional card holder?

I applied in brand under the 50k and they agreed to match. I am not a CPC member.

Applied in branch (pre-approved). Got quoted 50K UR sign-up bonus after 4K spend. Sent a secure message to Chase today. Got matched to 70K. Am a chase checking customer.

Will you be able to tell me what message did you write to chase ?

I’m unclear if pre approval is a requirement for being matched? For some reason I’m never pre-approved via Chase but still get approved (CSR recently). If I apply in branch (sans pre approval) am I still eligible for the 70k..?

Damn, that stinks..and is basically my extact situation. Thanks for the heads up. Good luck if you try asking again/anything changes.

I had just applied for the CSP yesterday and got approved, so I’m still waiting for the physical card. I called the customer service number on the back of my CSR to ask if they could match it to 70k. Apparently this is targeted for now, but they are planning on launching 70k nationally soon.

So she said that I will have to call back after I hit the spending threshold, and they will refer it to marketing to try and add the extra 20k. Fingers crossed, but based on my conversation with her, I’m pretty confident it will get matched. If you’re thinking of getting a CSP, maybe wait a little while for the higher bonus offer to be made public.

My DP is from last April, so I’m a little late to the party, but this might be helpful for some in the future. I applied for the CSP 50k in branch (at the Chase branch inside my local Fred Meyer store), then later SM’ed asking to be matched to the 70k offer. I was denied based on not having applied in branch. I believe that this in-store branch did not officially qualify as a branch for that particular purpose.
(However it still worked fine for the checking bonus that I knocked out at the same time)

Looking for advise:
I got my Chase Sapphire Preferred in Feb 2016 and today I got it downgraded to base card Chase Sapphire with no AF. I am going to get a CSR from my wife as an add-on. I already have a Chase Freedom. I did not downgrade to Freedom Unlimited because 1) I already have a Bofa which earns 1.5% on all purchases and 2) I hope I will be able to apply for chase freedom unlimited in future getting the bonus of $150.

Wanted to ask this forum, is my approach correct? or I am making a mistake or losing an opportunity to earn more points?

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