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Chase PreApproval In-Branch Frequently Asked Questions

We all want to get approved for Chase’s credit cards, yet most cards fall under the notorious 5/24 rule, and are difficult for us to get.

One prime method people are using to bypass 5/24 is getting pre-approvals in a Chase branch.

When we posted earlier today about pre-approvals on the Sapphire Reserve card there were lots of questions that came up so here’s an FAQ about Chase Preapprovals as I understand it.

Which cards can get pre-approvals in a Chase branch?

We’ve usually hear of Chase’s own non-branded cards getting preapprovals (Freedom, Unlimited, Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, INK), not co-branded cards.

People are also reporting United pre-approvals showing up.

Can I get a pre-approval on a Chase business credit card?


As an example, many people have gone into a Chase branch to open a business checking account, and they were told they are preapproved for the INK card. This got them past the 5/24 hurdle.

Do I have to ask for business card preapprovals separately or do they come together with personal?

According to a Chase banker, you have to ask for business preapprovals separately. They do not come up along with your personal preapprovals.

If I’m pre-approved in a Chase branch, am I certain to be approved for the card?

No. But it should get you past 5/24, and there’s a good chance of approval. (With regards to the Sapphire Reserve card in particular, most preapproved applicants were approved but not all.)

How do I ask for a preapproval?

“Can you check if the system shows me as being preapproved for any credit cards?”

They may also ask for your ID, income, and mother’s maiden name.

Should I ask for a specific card (e.g. Sapphire Reserve) or just ask if I’m pre-approved?

I’d recommend asking generally. The banker is simply reading your preapprovals from a screen; no reason to specify.

Hey, if you aren’t preapproved for one card, there might be another tempting offer.

Can I be preapproved for more than one card? Can I apply for more than one at the same time?

Many people are told that they have more than one preapproval; for example, Sapphire and Freedom, or whatever.

Multiple reports indicate that once you apply for one preapproved offer, all other preapprovals disappear, so pick the best one.

A friend reports being preapproved for INK and Sapphire Reserve; after applying for INK, the Reserve card was gone. This is very surprising since business and personal come up separately in their system.

Banker Says I’m preapproved, but s/he doesn’t know for which card?

The cards that are preapproved are green on the screen; some bankers might not know how to read the preapprovals properly.

They tell me I’m not pre-approved. How can I get Chase to pre-approve me?

I don’t know, but here are some ideas being floated:

  • Several data points indicate that updating your income on the Chase website helps trigger preapprovals (1, 2). We can’t know for certain that this is what triggered the preapproval, though.
  • There’s a rumor that preapprovals come out at the beginning of each calendar month so try again later.
  • One banker claimed that you only get pre-approved if you haven’t gotten any Chase cards in the past six months, but lots of data points in the comments here contradict this theory.
  • Another banker said that if you an authorized user on someone’s card, you won’t be preapproved to get the card yourself.

They tell me I’m not pre-approved. Should I apply in-branch anyway or just apply online?

It’s possible that branch applications are better, and the banker might be able to call up right away and try to push it through (they have incentive to do so). Probably not a major difference.

If you are past 5/24, I don’t think applying in-branch will help.

What if I’m not ‘pre-approved’ but I’m ‘invited’ or some other word? How do I know for sure that I’m preapproved?

If you were “invited,” you’re probably out of luck. Seems like ‘preapproval’ is the system word (or possibly ‘prequalified’); anything else is just the banker being nice.

There’s also an awesome tactic discovered on Reddit to know whether or not you are actually preapproved. If the offer has a fixed APR that means they are specifying the offer for you and it’s a real preapproval. If the offer has a variable APR it’s not a real preapproval, even if the banker says it is. Update: This might not be relevant anymore.

Can’t I just use the online system to find out if I’m pre-approved?

Unfortunately, no. The online pre-approval just confirms that you’re a match with the card, it doesn’t help much in actually getting approved.

In-branch pre-approvals are a completely different animal. They work to bypass 5/24, and generally seem to help with approval odds.

Instead of driving 142 miles to the nearest Chase branch, can’t I just call in to find out if I’m pre-approved first?

Some people have had success with the phone or even with an email address of a banker they once used (1, 2, 3). However, there is reportedly a checkbox that the banker needs to select ‘Is the person in branch? Yes/No?, and if the banker selects no it will not show any pre-approved offers.


Can I apply by phone?

No this isn’t possible, you have to apply in branch. More information:

People can’t call a branch to apply over the phone because they have to initial two copies of a form a banker prints. Technically, the forms must be completed before the banker hits “submit.” If the banker doesn’t secure the initials, the form won’t properly scan when he/she tries to scan it because the scanner will detect the blank box. Also, bankers couldn’t offer to mail or PDF the form because it must be scanned same day. This would be a fairly major CARD act violation (as Chase interprets it), and the banker would get in serious trouble, so there’s no way around this. The banker would probably direct the caller to apply online if they couldn’t get to a branch.

Can I go into a Chase branch out of my home state?

That’s fine. Any Chase branch will be able to help you.

I already applied online and got denied. Can I go into a branch and get a pre-approval?

Yes, many have done this with success.

Tip: go the same day to get the inquires combined.

Do I need a banking relationship (e.g. checking, savings) with Chase to get a preapproval?

No, so long as you have any Chase relationship, e.g. a credit card, you can go into a branch and see if you are preapproved.

It might be that banking customers have better odds.

Can I get preapproved if my credit is frozen?

They probably have to soft pull in order to preapproved, so I’d guess no. One report indicates the same while another reader reports being able to get preapprovals despite frozen credit reports.

Can I get preapproved if I have a fraud alert on my credit reports?


I opted out of chase credit card offers years ago, any idea if this means I will have no pre-approval offers in branch?

One report indicates that you can’t get preapprovals if you opted out.

By default, you are opted in for offers. If you’ve previously opted out, here’s how to opt back in.

Are Chase Private Clients always pre-approved?


While I’m there asking for a preapproval, can I also do a bank bonus at the same time?

Sure, knock yourself out! It won’t hurt, and who knows – it may even help.

When should I expect a pre-approval?

We aren’t exactly sure, but there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that you need to wait six months in between applying for a Chase card and getting a pre-approval. Datapoints: 1.

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DP – Got two United cards under pre-approval dropdown yesterday.

I didn’t apply to any thou.

Thanks, added to post.

what exactly were your UA card offers?
I only got the club card… i don’t want to pay $450 for that so i didn’t take it.

i probably would have done a second app if it was regular UA card with 70k miles after min spend.

I went into a branch to check for pre-approval yesterday, and while I wasn’t pre-approved for CSR, my banker did tell me she would watch my account and call me if I did get the pre-approval. She also said having non-credit accounts (checking, savings) helps for getting more pre-approvals.

Not sure if Chase has a “watch account” feature to notify the banker of pre-approvals or if she intends to manually check my account every so often, but I thought it was a nice offer.

That’s nice of them, if anybody else has this happen to them let us know. Would be useful to know if there is a watch feature or not!

Same here. I actually have two bankers that offered to check for CSR pre-approval weekly (I’m already pre-approved for everything else). Seemed like they would be doing it manually.

My wife got 2 chase personal credit cards in last 6 months. She was pre-approved for CSR and United. Applied for CSR and got it. 7/24. Definitely that banker is wrong about 6 months…

Thanks Chuck. With no Chase branches in MA, I feel hopeless with getting a CSR pass 5/24.

However, I’d assume that if Chase want to give me a Christmas present they could still send out a pre-approved letter with an offer code, just like CSP, and that will bypass 5/24 right?

I know it’s a long shot, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting any Chase branch any time soon …

Offer codes have been a lot more YMMV than this in branch stuff from what I’ve seen. If you do get one, please let us know.

Also in MA with no plans to visit a Chase branch in the near future, but:
what about the invites/referrals that CSP holders can send to friends, do they bypass the 5/24 or does Chase just not send those?

This is super helpful. I really appreciate you putting it together! THANKS!

Chuck did an awesome job!

So if I’m denied I can go basically apply again in branch? isnt there some minimum time between applications for the same card for chase?

This is what pisses me off? Why are Chase systems so disperate that they cannot recognise who is pre-approved or not? I can’t see the logic behind this being a deliberate business decision?

Drives customers in branch, where they can upsell other products.

What is the minimum time?

Got UA pre approval in branch. Though finally signed up via mailer link.

DP: No new chase cards in the past 12 months, no pre-approved offers on my account in branch. (Denied for Reserve for too many credit accounts in past 24 months in online application)

Just curious about what information a banker needs to check the pre-appovals? SSN or Name+addr.? I’ thinking about calling a branch.

They will ask your debit card and drivers license/ID if you bank with Chase already

When I applied for CSR today, I was also pre-approved for the Chase United Club card, so pre-approvals can be branded cards too.

Thanks, looks like maybe only United though.

I was shown a display “placemat” with Slate, FU, CSP, and CSR on the front. I was told I was pre approved for all of then (despite currently holding a CSP) and the United Club card. MPE and Club card were on the back of the same “placemat”.

So I’d venture that all of those cards are lumped into one broader category.

I was pre-approved for CSR and had gotten an IHG card in July, so three month rule didn’t apply in my case. I am recently CPC so it may be that I got pre-approval as a result of that change.

I used the pre-approval for MPX card back in March. When I checked in branch today, no pre-approvals at all. I guess it should take more than 3 months for a new pre-approval…oh well, I guess i will have to wait for a couple of more months…

Doctor is a freaking machine man! Wonderfully captured all the questions people ask. Hats off to you man for your dedication to this cause.

Thanks for the compliments!

First thing! I want to say Thank You to this site for all you have done on this topic. I thought my wife and I would never be approved for the Reserve due to me being 16/24 and her 13/24. I took your advice and drove to the nearest Chase Branch which was 30 minutes away. My wife had a pre-approval offer on her account and was approved immediately. We unfroze her account on the way there. In the last two months she has received 2 credit cards and 1 auto loan. She has no relationship with Chase except for credit cards.

We also unfroze my accounts prior to going but I didn’t have any pre-approvals, so I didn’t apply. I also have a checking account with them.

Regardless of, I am thankful to this site for the detailed information you have put together on this topic.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Somebody said that pre-approvals are done at the start of the month, might be worth checking again in a few days. Please let us know if that works 😀

How is it possible that anyone was preapproved for CSR then? It didn’t exist at the beginning of the month.

When you said unfroze account do you mean unfreezing your EXP credit? So did your wife get preapproved for CSR while her EXP credit profile was frozen? Thanks!!

Hi. Who exactly should you ask when you enter the bank? Is it the Teller? Or, is it the guys that open accounts for you?

Generally, if they are occupied, do you wait somewhere? Pull a number?? Haven’t been to banks for many things other than to use tellers, so want to ask.

Definitely not a teller or a janitor.
Ask a banker… Or someone who looks like concierge there or something. I’m guessing “the guys that open accounts for you” are bankers.

Lol janitor

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