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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Chuck


Chase PreApproval In-Branch Frequently Asked Questions

We all want to get approved for Chase’s credit cards, yet most cards fall under the notorious 5/24 rule, and are difficult for us to get.

One prime method people are using to bypass 5/24 is getting pre-approvals in a Chase branch.

When we posted earlier today about pre-approvals on the Sapphire Reserve card there were lots of questions that came up so here’s an FAQ about Chase Preapprovals as I understand it.

Which cards can get pre-approvals in a Chase branch?

We’ve usually hear of Chase’s own non-branded cards getting preapprovals (Freedom, Unlimited, Sapphire Preferred, Reserve, INK), not co-branded cards.

People are also reporting United pre-approvals showing up.

Can I get a pre-approval on a Chase business credit card?


As an example, many people have gone into a Chase branch to open a business checking account, and they were told they are preapproved for the INK card. This got them past the 5/24 hurdle.

Do I have to ask for business card preapprovals separately or do they come together with personal?

According to a Chase banker, you have to ask for business preapprovals separately. They do not come up along with your personal preapprovals.

If I’m pre-approved in a Chase branch, am I certain to be approved for the card?

No. But it should get you past 5/24, and there’s a good chance of approval. (With regards to the Sapphire Reserve card in particular, most preapproved applicants were approved but not all.)

How do I ask for a preapproval?

“Can you check if the system shows me as being preapproved for any credit cards?”

They may also ask for your ID, income, and mother’s maiden name.

Should I ask for a specific card (e.g. Sapphire Reserve) or just ask if I’m pre-approved?

I’d recommend asking generally. The banker is simply reading your preapprovals from a screen; no reason to specify.

Hey, if you aren’t preapproved for one card, there might be another tempting offer.

Can I be preapproved for more than one card? Can I apply for more than one at the same time?

Many people are told that they have more than one preapproval; for example, Sapphire and Freedom, or whatever.

Multiple reports indicate that once you apply for one preapproved offer, all other preapprovals disappear, so pick the best one.

A friend reports being preapproved for INK and Sapphire Reserve; after applying for INK, the Reserve card was gone. This is very surprising since business and personal come up separately in their system.

Banker Says I’m preapproved, but s/he doesn’t know for which card?

The cards that are preapproved are green on the screen; some bankers might not know how to read the preapprovals properly.

They tell me I’m not pre-approved. How can I get Chase to pre-approve me?

I don’t know, but here are some ideas being floated:

  • Several data points indicate that updating your income on the Chase website helps trigger preapprovals (1, 2). We can’t know for certain that this is what triggered the preapproval, though.
  • There’s a rumor that preapprovals come out at the beginning of each calendar month so try again later.
  • One banker claimed that you only get pre-approved if you haven’t gotten any Chase cards in the past six months, but lots of data points in the comments here contradict this theory.
  • Another banker said that if you an authorized user on someone’s card, you won’t be preapproved to get the card yourself.

They tell me I’m not pre-approved. Should I apply in-branch anyway or just apply online?

It’s possible that branch applications are better, and the banker might be able to call up right away and try to push it through (they have incentive to do so). Probably not a major difference.

If you are past 5/24, I don’t think applying in-branch will help.

What if I’m not ‘pre-approved’ but I’m ‘invited’ or some other word? How do I know for sure that I’m preapproved?

If you were “invited,” you’re probably out of luck. Seems like ‘preapproval’ is the system word (or possibly ‘prequalified’); anything else is just the banker being nice.

There’s also an awesome tactic discovered on Reddit to know whether or not you are actually preapproved. If the offer has a fixed APR that means they are specifying the offer for you and it’s a real preapproval. If the offer has a variable APR it’s not a real preapproval, even if the banker says it is. Update: This might not be relevant anymore.

Can’t I just use the online system to find out if I’m pre-approved?

Unfortunately, no. The online pre-approval just confirms that you’re a match with the card, it doesn’t help much in actually getting approved.

In-branch pre-approvals are a completely different animal. They work to bypass 5/24, and generally seem to help with approval odds.

Instead of driving 142 miles to the nearest Chase branch, can’t I just call in to find out if I’m pre-approved first?

Some people have had success with the phone or even with an email address of a banker they once used (1, 2, 3). However, there is reportedly a checkbox that the banker needs to select ‘Is the person in branch? Yes/No?, and if the banker selects no it will not show any pre-approved offers.


Can I apply by phone?

No this isn’t possible, you have to apply in branch. More information:

People can’t call a branch to apply over the phone because they have to initial two copies of a form a banker prints. Technically, the forms must be completed before the banker hits “submit.” If the banker doesn’t secure the initials, the form won’t properly scan when he/she tries to scan it because the scanner will detect the blank box. Also, bankers couldn’t offer to mail or PDF the form because it must be scanned same day. This would be a fairly major CARD act violation (as Chase interprets it), and the banker would get in serious trouble, so there’s no way around this. The banker would probably direct the caller to apply online if they couldn’t get to a branch.

Can I go into a Chase branch out of my home state?

That’s fine. Any Chase branch will be able to help you.

I already applied online and got denied. Can I go into a branch and get a pre-approval?

Yes, many have done this with success.

Tip: go the same day to get the inquires combined.

Do I need a banking relationship (e.g. checking, savings) with Chase to get a preapproval?

No, so long as you have any Chase relationship, e.g. a credit card, you can go into a branch and see if you are preapproved.

It might be that banking customers have better odds.

Can I get preapproved if my credit is frozen?

They probably have to soft pull in order to preapproved, so I’d guess no. One report indicates the same while another reader reports being able to get preapprovals despite frozen credit reports.

Can I get preapproved if I have a fraud alert on my credit reports?


I opted out of chase credit card offers years ago, any idea if this means I will have no pre-approval offers in branch?

One report indicates that you can’t get preapprovals if you opted out.

By default, you are opted in for offers. If you’ve previously opted out, here’s how to opt back in.

Are Chase Private Clients always pre-approved?


While I’m there asking for a preapproval, can I also do a bank bonus at the same time?

Sure, knock yourself out! It won’t hurt, and who knows – it may even help.

When should I expect a pre-approval?

We aren’t exactly sure, but there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that you need to wait six months in between applying for a Chase card and getting a pre-approval. Datapoints: 1.

131 Responses to Chase PreApproval In-Branch Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Wei says:

    DP – Got two United cards under pre-approval dropdown yesterday.

  2. Justin says:

    I went into a branch to check for pre-approval yesterday, and while I wasn’t pre-approved for CSR, my banker did tell me she would watch my account and call me if I did get the pre-approval. She also said having non-credit accounts (checking, savings) helps for getting more pre-approvals.

    Not sure if Chase has a “watch account” feature to notify the banker of pre-approvals or if she intends to manually check my account every so often, but I thought it was a nice offer.

    • That’s nice of them, if anybody else has this happen to them let us know. Would be useful to know if there is a watch feature or not!

      • J cafvola says:

        Same here. I actually have two bankers that offered to check for CSR pre-approval weekly (I’m already pre-approved for everything else). Seemed like they would be doing it manually.

  3. Dan says:

    My wife got 2 chase personal credit cards in last 6 months. She was pre-approved for CSR and United. Applied for CSR and got it. 7/24. Definitely that banker is wrong about 6 months…

  4. Sikachu says:

    Thanks Chuck. With no Chase branches in MA, I feel hopeless with getting a CSR pass 5/24.

    However, I’d assume that if Chase want to give me a Christmas present they could still send out a pre-approved letter with an offer code, just like CSP, and that will bypass 5/24 right?

    I know it’s a long shot, but I don’t think I’ll be visiting any Chase branch any time soon …

    • Offer codes have been a lot more YMMV than this in branch stuff from what I’ve seen. If you do get one, please let us know.

      • Sa says:

        Also in MA with no plans to visit a Chase branch in the near future, but:
        what about the invites/referrals that CSP holders can send to friends, do they bypass the 5/24 or does Chase just not send those?

  5. Benjamin says:

    This is super helpful. I really appreciate you putting it together! THANKS!

  6. Andrew M says:

    So if I’m denied I can go basically apply again in branch? isnt there some minimum time between applications for the same card for chase?

  7. jnrfalcon says:

    Got UA pre approval in branch. Though finally signed up via mailer link.

  8. DT says:

    DP: No new chase cards in the past 12 months, no pre-approved offers on my account in branch. (Denied for Reserve for too many credit accounts in past 24 months in online application)

  9. lz80521 says:

    Just curious about what information a banker needs to check the pre-appovals? SSN or Name+addr.? I’ thinking about calling a branch.

  10. M says:

    When I applied for CSR today, I was also pre-approved for the Chase United Club card, so pre-approvals can be branded cards too.

  11. Darren says:

    I was pre-approved for CSR and had gotten an IHG card in July, so three month rule didn’t apply in my case. I am recently CPC so it may be that I got pre-approval as a result of that change.

  12. Niel says:

    I used the pre-approval for MPX card back in March. When I checked in branch today, no pre-approvals at all. I guess it should take more than 3 months for a new pre-approval…oh well, I guess i will have to wait for a couple of more months…

  13. Mark says:

    Doctor is a freaking machine man! Wonderfully captured all the questions people ask. Hats off to you man for your dedication to this cause.

  14. Corridor says:

    First thing! I want to say Thank You to this site for all you have done on this topic. I thought my wife and I would never be approved for the Reserve due to me being 16/24 and her 13/24. I took your advice and drove to the nearest Chase Branch which was 30 minutes away. My wife had a pre-approval offer on her account and was approved immediately. We unfroze her account on the way there. In the last two months she has received 2 credit cards and 1 auto loan. She has no relationship with Chase except for credit cards.

    We also unfroze my accounts prior to going but I didn’t have any pre-approvals, so I didn’t apply. I also have a checking account with them.

    Regardless of, I am thankful to this site for the detailed information you have put together on this topic.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  15. Kam says:

    Hi. Who exactly should you ask when you enter the bank? Is it the Teller? Or, is it the guys that open accounts for you?

    Generally, if they are occupied, do you wait somewhere? Pull a number?? Haven’t been to banks for many things other than to use tellers, so want to ask.

  16. FLL says:

    Pre-approved did not work for us. Have Chase banking products and card products, both personal and business. Called our banker to check if we have the offers. Our banker is the only CPC banker in this branch but we are not CPC. He checked and said we were pre-approved so we dropped by this afternoon. He said there were a lot of customers yesterday but also many were declined due to too many cards. Though “we fixed them.” He was so proactive that he dialed the recon line while preparing our applications. Finally the other side picked up the call – unfortunately we were immediately declined due to “too many cards”. DH may be 12/24 and I am 7/24. No go. He then called the lending dept and was told no go also. He told us he had one more option but would talk to his CPC manager first then would call us back before he left work at 6pm today. He called at 5:30pm – he would upgrade us to CPC, then submit a second review form. Tomorrow morning he would work on it and hope to get an answer as we will leave for a month long trip come next Tuesday.

    I must say despite we were declined, our banker really tried hard to help us, even though we are not CPC (but has the potential to become CPC when we showed him our other banks statements.)

    • Thanks for the DP, are you sure you were pre-approved for the CSR though?

      • FLL says:

        According to the banker, yes. He was the CPC banker opened the saving accounts for us 2 months ago. For some reason the initial banker stopped the process and then got this CPC banker out to finish the process at that time.

        Today I called him to check. He needed my SSN to pull up my profile, said I was preapproved. Then he could access my husband’s account without SSN as we are the beneficiary of each other in our saving accounts per the insistence of the CPC banker, even though the account is in each individual’s name, not JT. We have checking for several years so wouldn’t be able to take advantage on checking account bonus but we did the saving every year. So the banker was able to pull up husband’s profile and said he was pre-approved too.

        All he needed from us on the app was income, telephone, mother’s maiden names. Took less than 3 min. Waiting for the other end to pick up the call took much longer. Meanwhile we chitchatted on culture, retirement, things like that.

  17. Jason says:

    So technically speaking, I can still be pre-approved in branch even though I am not pre-approved online??? A few weeks back I was in branch for the saving account promotion, I did ask the other banker to apply for Ink plus for me. It looks to me that he was only doing data entry rather than knowing whether I was pre-approved or not. He even told me it was up to the analyst’s decision based on my credit record. I’ll try another branch tomorrow. By the way I am over 5/24 too much.

  18. Former Chase Banker says:

    When a Chase banker pulls up your accounts on their system, they have to click a radio button and answer Yes/No if you’re in the branch. If they click No, preapprovals won’t load. So if you call a branch and speak to someone you don’t know (or who may be new), they may pull you up and incorrectly tell you that you’re not preapproved because they indicated you were not present.

    • Interesting info, anybody else verify this?

      • kingofkingsforu says:

        Even when i went to the branch to look out for pre approval , banker pulled my profile he clicked on ‘Yes’ customer in branch and showed me iam not pre approved for any cards.

        I am not sure what would have been the case if he clicked No

      • DrRyan says:

        I can verify this. I watched the banker’s screen yesterday when it asked the question every time she pulled up my profile.

  19. topspin46 says:

    I tried asking for general pre-approved offers on 8-22 and was told I was only eligible for CSP and Slate. I left disappointed, but the next day I decided to go to a larger chase branch and asked specifically about the reserve and this time they said I was pre-approved. I applied and got the card. Don’t give up just ask a different branch at a later time and the offer might change.

  20. Nick says:

    Interesting point about potentially not getting pre-approval based on recent cards. I’ll add my DP in case it helps narrow whether this has any effect. I went into a branch today and when I asked the banker about preapprovals, he knew exactly what I meant and that I was trying to get CSR over 5/24. He walked me through his screen and showed no pre-approvals on my account. Interesting that there were separate areas for my business profile and personal profile.

    My recent activity with Chase includes opening CSP and personal Checking/Savings (>$15k for $500 promo) in July, Ink+ and business Checking in June, and Freedom in May. So while the six-month theory has been contradicted by other commentators, I know that I used to be able to see pre-approvals before my CSP in July and now nothing online or in-branch. So there definitely could be some sort of logic based on recently opened cards. I’ll check again in September and hope for the best.

  21. John says:

    I have a fraud alert on my credit report. Would a pre-approval still show up?
    FAQ mentions credit freeze so was curious

    • Not sure, anybody know?

      • Former Chase Banker says:

        If you have a credit freeze or have previously opted out of receiving credit card offers, preapprovals typically won’t show up. Additionally, if you’ve filled out Chase’s privacy policy (every new checking/savings account requires you to receive one) and asked that information not be shared among its affiliates, you won’t be preapproved for any cards.

        • Yolaviajera says:

          @Former Chase Banker — I went into a Chase branch yesterday and was told I didn’t have any pre-approvals. Years ago I remember filling out my privacy preferences and opting out of everything so I just went online and updated my Chase privacy preferences and did not choose “No” for any of them. At the end, I got a screen that said, “No Privacy Preferences Selected.” It also said the preferences would take effect in 4-6 weeks. So would this do the trick? I’m in no hurry to apply for the CSR. I’d rather apply when I know I’m pre-approved.

        • John says:

          @Former Chase Banker
          I only have credit alert and no freeze. Would the Chase banker still have pre-approvals for me?
          Also I have not opted out from non sharing

      • Roberto says:

        I have a fraud alert on my credit profile with all 3 bureaus and was pre-approved in branch today. To my surprise, it didn’t seem to matter.

        I may lift the fraud alerts before applying for CSR, so as to increase the likelihood of an instant approval. Sadly Equifax requires one to write in to lift in.

  22. TT82 says:

    I went into CHase branch and they said i was “INVITED TO APPLY”. is that the same as a pre-approval?
    the lady at the desk (who had never done a csr application yet) seemed to think that it was worse than a preapproval, but better than nothing. any info on it?

  23. projectx says:

    I respect this site more than any other, and I understand the goal is to help readers as much as possible wade through the murky waters of Chase CC approvals. There is good information here, but it seems like this has been rehashed several times (third time this week, fourth if you count the comments in the post from Monday). At some point however the sheer number of posts on this topic is bound to attract unwanted attention.

    • Normally I’d agree, but Chase know that people are going in branch for the CSR and would know that regardless of whether we posted or not. Getting people in branch is actually part of Chase’s ongoing strategy to try and improve their products per customer.

  24. MH says:

    I’m 22/24 with 3 since June. I’m going to see if I’m pre-approved today.

    I have a freeze but that didn’t stop me from getting a United offer earlier this year.

    • Kevin says:

      When you said United offer are you talking about a Chase in-branch preapproval? Did you freeze your Exp? I froze my Exp and am wondering if I will still see preapprovals in branch. Thanks!!!

  25. Alex K says:

    You are awesome! Thank you!! In branch I was told pre-approved and I was approved! I was 10/24, 2 of those Chase (Feb 16 and May 15), have both checking & savings with them. Going to check for my wife later this week.

  26. E says:

    Big thanks to DoC for this post. I am 3x/24 and I never dreamed of applying for this card. After reading this post I wandered into a chase branch. The new banker pulled up my preapproval offer and applied for me. Instant approval!

  27. cory says:

    Was told pre-approved over phone by branch near house. Could not apply over phone though. Nearest branch 2.5 hours away.

  28. SD says:

    i am 6/24. I stopped by at a chase branch today to enquire about any pre approvals on my account. it turned out that i have a pre approved offer for CSR. I applied for it and got it approved. thanks

  29. Yolaviajera says:

    Want to add my thanks to DoC for this super useful post. THANK YOU!

  30. TJ says:

    I don’t think it’s worth while to go in branch looking for a pre-approved offer unless you are going to get a nice bonus like 50,000 points. Wait a few months to 2 years and sign up for Saphire, Ink, Freedom, with nice bonus’s.

  31. Billy says:

    Do I need to have a checking/savings relationship with Chase for this to work?

    Where in your online account do you update privacy settings?

    • Yolaviajera says:

      @Billy – To update your privacy settings, go to It’ll ask whether it’s personal or business account. I then typed in the number of my CSP card, but it states right there that any other credit card account # will do. Then you’ll see 3 statements and don’t click “NO” to any of them. Follow the instructions and you should get a message that more or less states that your privacy settings have been updated and it’ll take 4-6 weeks to take effect. That’s what I did. So now I just have to wait until early October and then I’ll go back to the branch and ask the banker to check my profile and see if I have any pre-approvals. Hope that helps!

  32. Kris says:

    It worked for me today. I have Chase checking ($50k and monthly DD), saving , biz checking, Freedom, CSP, United and INK plus. 21/24. I went to branch today and my banker told me I was pre-qualified (also pre-qualified for Freedom unlimited, United Club, and Slate). The app went thru and required my banker to call the lending dept. Eventually I was approved with CL of 21k. My banker said my banking relationship might have helped.

  33. David says:

    I’m probably like 29/24. Went in and was pre-approved for CSR, CSP, Freedom, & United Club. App was sent to pending and he said that’s normal for this card and that he can’t do anything about it. I’m not going to call. Probably denied but who knows?!
    In the meantime I opened the $500 business checking offer!!! Definitely still worth the stop. All in took about 50 min!

  34. T. says:

    I applied for CSR online and was denied due to 12/24. I was able to convert my existing CSP into CSR; however, conversion forgoes the bonus. Would I still be able to try my luck in- branch? Or they would see that I have already converted CSP into CSR and deny based on that?

    • JT says:

      No idea. You really botched the handling of this.

    • Red says:

      People have reported in the past that CSP was showing up for pre-approval even while they already held one. So it is technically possible, though I haven’t seen a data point on it for the CSR.

      However, if you at some point come across CSR among your pre-approvals, you will still not be eligible for the bonus if you already have a CSR. This is because of the first condition of the bonus restriction: “This product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this credit card within the last 24 months.”

      So, the game plan would be, if you’re pre-approved for CSR, you must first close or downgrade your exisiting CSR, then wait an undetermined amount of time*, before returning to the branch to apply again.

      *Flyertalk wiki recommends a week or two but there are insufficient data points to know for sure.

  35. Miles says:

    “Banker Says I’m preapproved, but s/he doesn’t know for which card?
    “The cards that are preapproved are green on the screen; some bankers might not know how to read the preapprovals properly.”

    The banker might also be red-green colorblind, a condition affecting 8% of men.

  36. Steven says:

    I’d like to share a data point on the theory of ” you only get pre-approved if you haven’t gotten any Chase cards in the past six month”. I opened Chase Marriott Rewards card approximately 4 month ago, but still get pre-approved for CSR.

  37. Jim says:

    DP: I went into branch today and asked for preapprovals. Not a single one on personal or business. FICO 764, 13/24, 100,000+ income. Last app was 9 months ago.

    The banker also said that over 20 people have tried to come in and ask for a preapproval on the CSR. Only one had a preapproval while all the others didn’t even try to submit an application. I got the “you’re invited to apply.”

    I’m wondering how so many on this site are getting preapprovals. They don’t look easy to come by.

  38. Larry says:

    My wife 8/24 and I 16/24 went into 2 Chase branches in AZ yesterday no preapprovals 140000 income 780 fico 790 fico Chase checking. Banker said they have never had anyone come in looking specifically for preapprovals. Now they have a constant flow. I wonder if Chase is closing the in branch preapprovals method of avoiding 5/24.

  39. Jonathan says:

    I understand now that in-branch pre-approval could help me get around 5/24, but what about applying for cards I’ve already held recently? For example, I got the Ink Plus bonus a year ago. Is it possible to get around the 24-month language if I apply in branch?

  40. Mark says:

    Thanks for all the info provided. I was denied online for too many cards. I am at 5 or 6/24. My FICO is over 800 and income of $175K. Reconsideration line was no help and treated me like an idiot. Based on your posts and browsing reddit, I drove 4 hours today from Mississippi to Georgia to the nearest Chase branch. I was nervous the whole way thinking about the long drive back, if I was denied again. I have a CSP and Chase Ink but no other accounts with Chase. The banker was nice and asked me more questions about the card and the process than I asked him. I was pre-approved for every card they offered and he showed me that each was highlighted in green. I started getting excited at that point and then he showed me the set apr offer of like 16.25% for the CSR. He printed the documents and I signed and then he submitted. Instant approval for $26,000. After I calmed down, I asked about the other offers but the offer page was not showing up at that point. I guess I should have taken more time to peruse the other offers initially. I did notice the United card bonus was only 50,000 miles. Thanks again for the help!

    • Tricia Kelly says:

      Thanks Mark! You give me hope. Will be making the three hour round trip to CA to go to a Chase Bank. Luckily, their are some great wineries in the area, so if we’re not approved we can ease the pain with a good glass on the return trip.

  41. Raymond says:

    Great ! I’ll try on Monday in branch and report…thanks to all of you !

  42. Jason says:

    In branch today, asked to see if I was pre-approved for business credit card. No matched offer. Banker suggests me to deposit more in business checking account and wait. I’ve been wondering what other people have been doing in order to receive mail offer.

  43. Jim says:

    Anyone know if there’s a limit on how many chase cards one can get approved for in a month? Just got CSR and want to jump on a preapproval for Ink plus. Wait 30 days?

  44. joe says:

    Wow! 3 HR trip to get the CSR! I was complaining that I had a 10 minute walk (20 roundtrip)!

  45. James says:

    Does Chase’s 30 day rule of only approving one chase branded card per 30 days apply for preapprovals?

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm, not sure. I don’t think the 30-day rule is really etched in stone at all, so that makes the question even harder to answer.

      • James says:

        I’ve seen the two max a month rule in effect from personal experience from trying for 3 Co branded cards in one pull. Ppl report denials for applying for more than one chase branded card in 30 days.

        I’m CPC and was told of preapprovals but got CSR within the past 30 days. Wondering if it’s worth a try or to just wait.

  46. Drew R says:

    Another DP here for an in branch approval and I’m at around 20/24. Closed my SW card a few days prior to free up some available credit, called into a branch to ask if I was preapproved before driving 50 miles to the closest one, and after a long wait I talked to a banker who applied for the preapproved Reserve card. She had to call some number that popped up after the app to verify my info, but I was approved on the spot for my biggest limit ever. Thanks for sharing the idea of calling first, otherwards I probably wouldn’t have bothered driving that whole way just to take a chance to see what cards I was preapproved for.

  47. TravellerAtoZ says:

    My banker told me yesterday that I’m not prequalified for any credit cards, but he did see the bank bonus offer. Any chance that he was looking at the wrong thing?

  48. Jonathan says:

    Are there any DP’s of pre approvals for people under the age of 21??

  49. Don says:

    Thanks for the great info.

    I’ve read that it’s common for people to be told, when opening a business checking account, that they’re preapproved for a business credit card. If I apply in-branch for a personal card for which I’m preapproved and then open a business checking account the same day or very soon thereafter, might I still get a business preapproval at the end of that process, or does getting the personal card make me ineligible for another preapproval for a while?

    I know, from above, that people have gotten multiple in-branch *personal* preapprovals within a few weeks or months, but has anyone gotten a personal *and* a business card in-branch the same day (or even same month)?

    Thanks for all feedback.

  50. Stevej123 says:

    Went into Chase to take advantage of their $500 savings and checking promotion. After finishing the savings and checking opening process was surprisingly told I was pre-approved for the Sapphire Preferred CC card….even though I was over the 5/24. The banker assured me that it would go through since I was pre-approved As expected, a couple of days later was rejected for having too many cards open within 24 months. Overall I find most customer service representatives are “never in doubt” in the information they convey but are “often wrong”

  51. Mitchell says:

    Here’s my personal DP: I went in earlier today to open a banking account with them for the $500 savings/checking bonus, and before we had gotten too far in I mentioned that I’d gotten mailers for cards but had been declined for having too many new accounts in the last two years, so I was wondering if he would check for any preapprovals. He said we’d do that after opening the account, but about halfway through, one of the screens asked if the customer would be opening a card as well, and said I was preapproved for several: United Explorer and Plus, CSP, Freedom Unlimited, Slate, and one other basic card. I went ahead and chose the CSP and after a phone call at the end with a credit analyst, I was approved. I’m probably ~15/24, so in-branch can definitely circumvent 5/24.

    Also of interest: after opening the account, the final screen he had pulled up had a bunch of my information as well as “High Potential – Lending Only” next to my name. I don’t know anything about Chase’s systems and algorithms, but I imagine it had something to do with my being approved. I assumed that Chase classifies people and seeks those with “potential” for being their customers. I would venture to guess that a banker could provide you with info on what kind of potential Chase sees in you and you could then use that as an indicator of approval likelihood.

    • Great comment, thanks for the info Mitchell!

      • MRS says:

        I’m at around 7/24 and was denied for my first card with Chase (UA Explorer 70k offer) about 3 weeks ago. I have CSR, CSP, Freedom, Checking, mortgage & auto loan. I’m wondering if I can go into a branch and ask for a pre-approval, apply, get approved and then request via SM to match to the superior online offer? Are there any DPs on this?

  52. IllegalImmigrant says:

    Reposting DP for people on this thread:
    CSP approved for 24K
    Scores: EX-705 (6/24), EQ-739 (4/24), TU-743 (4/24)
    Utilization – 7% (of 85K total limit)
    Pulled Experian only and was told by branch manager that they always pull Experian. (Location: Near Northern Kentucky University, if that helps)
    History with Chase: Chase Slate (8 months) and Chase Amazon Rewards (2 Years and 9 months), Checking Account (3 years and 8 months)
    Was 6/24 on EX and tried in branch pre-approval technique from DoC and it showed up United Explorer and Plus, CSP, Freedom Unlimited as greens(pre-approvals). Applied for CSP, the manager submitted the application and the lending department spoke with me confirming my presence in branch and some regular identity verification questions and I was approved. They even expedited my card shipping. It worked. Thanks to the DoC community 🙂

  53. CongestionCharge says:

    DP: was added as a CSP AU in 02/2017 and preapproved inbranch for CSP 05/2017.

  54. kevin swift says:

    after the teller notify you as being pre-approval at the bank branch, does a yes to the pre-approval require a hard credit pull? If so, How long does the credit effect ones score? I’m looking at a mortgage

  55. Darv says:

    Thought I’d update. Wife was pre-approved for three cards including CSP. I was particularly looking for fixed apr to assure genuine pre-approval as this was my experience with CSP and Ink preferred. Banker said she couldn’t get apr until approval, I was skeptical. During this process I saw her screen and it looked like pre-approval. Bottom line is wife was approved, lol/24. The process included paperless signatures which was different than my two preapprovals. During mine, I was given documents to review and sign which included fixed aprs. However wife’s yesterday never did show fixed apr and I was very careful to review everything on banker’s screen.

    It seems an update to their system no longer requires printed documents before approval and you are likely to still be approved. Banker gave us printed disclosures after approval (including insertion of her electronic signature).

    In short, don’t sweat if no fixed rate. I would just ask to see screen indication pre-approval.

  56. Michael says:

    Today, while in the branch taking advantage of the $500 checking/savings deal, I was approved for a United Mileage card… despite having been just denied (a couple months ago) because of the 5/24.

  57. Jcb says:

    DP: Way over 5/24, preapproved in branch for Ink preferred with 100K bonus. Banker applied for me and I was declined due to 5/24 rule. We called in and were told that they still do a manual check of this rule even for preapprovals. He said it was a “recent policy”

  58. ROBERT says:

    While opening a business checking account today, the banker told me I was preapproved For the Chase ink business 80 K. Told her I’d like to apply and it went to letter 7 to 10 business days. Pretty disappointed and thinking preapprovals may now be considering 5/24.


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