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[Expired]Chase Sapphire Cards: Get an Extra 1x Points when Using a Mobile Wallet (Apple, Samsung, Android, Chase Pay)

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The Offer

Direct Link

Chase is sending out an email to Sapphire cardholders (email subject is “Get more points with every purchase”):

  • Get an extra 1x Ultimate Rewards points on any spend done with your Sapphire card using a mobile wallet (Chase Pay, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay)


The Fine Print

  • Valid October 4 – November 4
  • Max $1,500 spend gets the bonus
  • No registration required, it’s automatic

Offer: You’ll earn 1 bonus point per $1 spent on all purchases made using Chase Pay®, Android Pay, Apple Pay®, or Samsung Pay during checkout, up to a maximum of $1,500 in purchases, when you use your Chase Sapphire, Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for purchases from 10/04/2017 through 11/04/2017. Purchases are when you, or an authorized user, use a card to make purchases of products and services, minus returns or refunds. Bonus points earned in a monthly billing cycle are generally available to be used at the beginning of the next billing cycle; bonus points earned on purchases made near the end of a billing cycle may take up to one additional billing cycle to become available. You’ll see bonus points you’ve earned on and on your monthly card billing statement. See Rewards Program Agreement for details on qualifying purchases. Bonus points are subject to the Rewards Program Agreement. Credit card product changes during the promotional period will forfeit this bonus offer. To qualify for this promotional offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. This promotional offer is non-transferable. This is a limited time offer.

Our Verdict

I got the Chase Pay offer, and others got it for Apple Pay or Android Pay or Samsung Pay. The link above shows all mobile wallets. My guess is that it’ll work for everyone with all mobile wallets. The offer link above shows it being for any Sapphire card, including Reserve, Preferred, and Basic. I don’t know if those who didn’t get the email are eligible, but if history is our guide, I’d say it’ll work for everyone. Update: I have confirmed it will work for everybody.

Earning 4x on travel/dining, and 2x other places is an excellent deal. It is limited to 1500 bonus UR, though.

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The same is true for Apple Pay. Just got the email ~5 Minutes Ago.

Yup, confirmed this now and updated post.

My email offer was for purchases through Apple Pay, not Chase Pay.

Via the link I see that it is for all the big players, Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Chase Pay. Awesome!

oops, forgot Android Pay is included as well!

I got the email but its for Apple Pay not Chase Pay

Mine was additional points with Apple Pay though

You can not use Chase Pay if you have your online accounts under business profile (if you use one login to access both business and personal accounts).

can you use apple pay?

Call Chase and have them spin off your personal account, it takes 5 minutes. I did, so now I have a login for personal, and a login for business that shows both personal *and* biz cards (same as before), and now Chase Pay works flawlessly.

When using chase pay or apple pay? Not too familiar with either but my email i got this morning says apple. – Anyways thanks for the heads up!

“You’ll earn 1 bonus point per $1 spent on all purchases made using Apple Pay® during checkout, up to a maximum of $1,500 in purchases, when you use your Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card for purchases from 10/04/2017 through 11/04/2017.”

Mine was with Samsung Pay. If you click Read More, it says it’s available on Apple, Samsung, Android and Chase Pay

My email says android pay… Am I reading my email wrong or are some people getting different emails?

My wife is Samsung Pay, though I didnt get any email

I just checked my email after reading this post, and I got an offer too. Except mine is for paying with Apple Pay, but the rest of the details are the same.

I also happened to get an email today to receive a bonus of 50,000 UR points for becoming a CPC and upgrading my checking account and depositing $100K new money and letting it sit there for 90 days. It was targeted to me as a CSR cardmember. I don’t know what led to me being targeted, but I did recently add on an authorized user, and I recently transferred my Chase Savings over to my Chase Checking in preparation for withdrawing the money (like you outline here ). Maybe that had something to do with it. The fine print does state the 50K UR points will be reported on a 1099.

I got the same email too. I exclusively use Samsung pay, so I am not sure that I can get additional points on Samsung Pay instead of Chase Pay (which I got on email.)
In addition, you can find list of stores where you can use Chase Pay; most groceries do not have the option either.

I got the offer by email and it was for Chase Pay only. CSR cardholder.

I got the email for Chase Pay, did not see any mention of Apple or Android Pay.

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