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Chase Southwest Plus 50,000 Offer is Back [All Three Cards Now Available]

The Offer

Direct Link 

  • Signup for the Southwest Plus personal credit card and get 50,000 Southwest miles after spending $2,000 within three months; annual fee of $69 is not waived
  • Signup for the Southwest Premier personal credit card and get 50,000 Southwest miles after spending $2,000 within three months; annual fee of $99 is not waived
  • Signup for the Southwest Premier business credit card and get 50,000 Southwest miles after spending $2,000 within three months; annual fee of $99 is not waived

Be sure to select the desired version of the card before applying. The offer on the Plus version can be found by clicking the More button at the above link.

Our Verdict

You can usually get a 50k bonus on the Premier and business version, but the Plus version is a bit hit-or-miss. I believe the previous 50k Plus offer was pulled for a while (at least I couldn’t find it recently when searching), and it’s always nice to see it back.

The Plus version costs $30 less on the annual fee versus the other two versions.

All Southwest cards are subject to the notorious 5/24 rule, and many of us won’t be able to get the cards. If you are on the fence for the card, keep in mind that applying in December or January is the best timing if you get value from the Companion Pass. It might make sense to hold off for a couple months with the hopes of timing this better to get an extra ~10 months out of the companion pass.

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At 4/24. What’s the best way to maximize chance of getting 2 approvals?

Should be able to do both same day, or maybe wait a day.

Doing them both at same time has been working for people.

Do both personal? Skip the business?

Yup, that’ll give you the best chance I’d say

Thanks Will!

Approved for Plus, declined for Premier. Called recon 4 times, everyone saying they can’t approve bc of the Plus approval. Probably also doesn’t help that I have 3 Chase cards opened in last 3 months (now 4 with Plus). I’ll try once more later this week. Oh well

Hi William,

Are there any Chase cards left that DON”T have 5/24?

Thanks! Tim

Thanks Frank, but haven’t there been several changes since this was posted in June? E.G. – I thought the Hyatt card was now 5/24.


I don’t think so. Usually DoC updates previous posts to ensure accurate data regardless of initial posting. i can personally attest to Hyatt NOT being under 5/24. I applied about 2 weeks ago at 12/24 and instant approval online.

This is correct, we update this post frequently with new bits of information. Chase Hyatt still isn’t under 5/24 rule

This offer was never gone? A friend signed up for it ~2 weeks ago from public link and referrals have been available with 50k for awhile now too.

Unless I’m confused and friend got premier instead. Either way referrals have been at 50k because I am able to generate the link for at least the last month or two.

I typically get emails for the same offer plus either a $50 or $100 statement credit, not very often though so don’t hold your breath if you want this sooner than later.

Is it possible to get pre-approved for these Southwest cards in branch?

I don’t believe so, it’s typically non-branded cards that show up in your preapprovals.

Don’t think so, pretty sure it’s just United & Chase branded cards if my memory serves me correctly.

What’s the benefit of getting the Premier instead of the Plus?

Sometimes people have already held the Premier instead of the Plus, and it comes with a bigger anniversary bonus.

Hi Chuck, if I apply the SWplus card around Sept 20, is it possible to have the 50k bonus posted in January 2017? The official 3-month due date for spending requirement will be on December 20, but Chase posts bonus points after the statement closes? Thanks

Is this offer for the Plus still available? Couldn’t find any info on FT…

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