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Published on September 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase Southwest Plus 60k Bonus Ending On 10/01/17?

Update: Bonus still available.

Card is currently offering 60,000 points after $2,000 in spend. chuckish shares a picture showing the expiration date of October 1st, 2017. This is different than the original October 4th date that had been reported (it’s possible the Plus will be ending on the 1st and the Premier will be ending on the 4th or that neither date is accurate). Keep in mind all reports are saying that you’ll have 115 days to meet the minimum spend requirement, so signing up for the card now to get the pass for 2018/2019 should work. For more detail on that read this post. For more detail about the Companion Pass generally read this post. Keep in mind this card is subject to the 5/24 rule.

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  1. Bueller says:

    From the headline I thought the _card_ was ending.

  2. dan says:

    will apply on monday; as chase confirmed in writing that applicants will have 115 days to meet the spend, enough time to do so next Jan. to get CP

    • scott says:

      Sounds like a plan, yet just how you got that in writing? Via a secure message via another chase account? Or a cold inquiry off a Chase/SWA application page somewhere? I’d like to replicate. thanks.

  3. Jay says:

    Can I get 60k bonus when applying on Oct. 1st? I will be out 5/24 on Oct.

    • I’d think you can, but it might make more sense to apply now and then call reconsideration get approved after October 1st.

    • VL says:

      @Jay, keep in mind though if one of your cards, for example, falls of 5/24 exactly on October 1st, you may not be considered to be out of 5/24 until November 1st. If you have that border case it could make sense to apply as late as possible to be able to still recon on Nov 1st.

      If a card which is falling out was open in Sept 2015, then everything other are saying is true. You can apply now, and call recon after Oct 1st.

      Good Luck.

  4. Joe Giorgianni says:

    I’m a little confused. Let’s say you get both cards and spend $1,800 on each. Your points then post after you get statements. Then you spend the additional $200 on each after your December statement so that your Companion Pass will be good for 2018 and 2019. But don’t your points for the first $1,800 get reset to zero on January 1?

    • scott says:

      Not quite sure of your question Joe. The miles credited to your SWA account never “expire,” so long as there’s some activity in your SWA account ever 24 month. (So the account itself doesn’t re-set to “zero.”) Yet miles posting this year (the 3.6k in your scenario) won’t count for purposes of qualifying for the companion pass, in your objective is to have it begin 2018 and last through 2019. (but they will still be available to you)

      The key question in the current discussion is to get the “bonus” miles that come with the card after the 2k spend — the 60k miles with the current offers — to post in early 2018. (Idea being that they won’t be earned until after crossing the 2k spending threshold….. )

      Multiple devils in the details — like the assumption that “3 months” really means “115 days” from approval date — when that’s not in writing anywhere formally. (though yes, appreciate the “multiple reports” to that effect….)

      • scott says:

        ah, pardon the typos…. Yet in re-reading your question and my feeble attempt at an answer, I can guess it might still seem confusing…. as yes, the 1,8k spend per card does remain the basis for the tabulation of when you cross the 2k spend, come early January. (and thus triggering the posting of the 60k bonus)

        I too am uncertain about widely repeated (and risky, imho) assumption that even if one crosses the $2k spending threshold in December, after one’s december statement date, that the 60K bonus won’t post until the January statement.

        Not sure about Chase’s policy on this. But I’ve had three separate experiences with other Banks across the past two months where significant bonuses have posted IN BETWEEN STATEMENTS. (that’s happened with Amex / SPG, Amex/Hilton, and BankAmerica/Amtrak — the 1k tranches of tqp’s)

        Thus my uncertainty about the assumption that crossing the 2k threshold in December after the December statement will necessarily be held until the January statement post date.

        • Charles says:

          Yes any spend you do prior to your December statement won’t count towards your companion pass because “tabulation” for it is reset each calendar year.
          As long as you’re applying for two cards, then that won’t matter since you’ll be earning more than needed. (This did matter when only 50K offers were available. Two cards got 100K points meaning a total of $10K spend was needed, including the spend to earn the bonuses.)

          For anyone only applying for one card, I recommend putting $1800 on the card after your December statement closes, then another $200 on Jan 1. That still leaves another $48K to spend however, so better have some big charges you can put on there.

  5. Joe Giorgianni says:

    Thanks. I believe I get it now. My brother plans on getting the two cards. A little concerned that the offer may expire October 1 and that maybe he would only have 90 days rather than 115 days. Or concerned as Scott said that if he crosses the threshold after his December statement that the bonus might post before January 1.

    • VL says:

      Chase has always been pretty good at keeping the promises. I think if your brother SMs them as soon as he gets the card, and requests the actual final day to meet MRS, he will be safe. If he has it in writing that it is Jan 20th (or something in that area) I can hardly imagine Chase changing their mind after all.

      If for some reason Chase responds with Dec date (again I doubt they would change their rules just because of the companion pass situation… after all it is SW loss not theirs) then I would request the change of the statement to be in the beginning of the month and complete the spending before 90 days but after the Dec statement closes.

      Good luck

    • Charles says:

      I understand the concern. However, I’ll likely go ahead and apply by Friday, as the bigger risk is missing the deal all-together.

      I considered applying for both cards on the night of Sep 30th after midnight. (I.e. Oct 1 at 12:01 am) – I doubt that the bonus would be pulled at midnight on the dot.

      Then if I completed the spend on Dec 31, there would be no way the bonus(es) would post in 2017. – While it isn’t 90 days, it is within “3 months”. While Chase has a history of honoring their word, I figured being within 3 months is a stronger argument than “I was told by DoC / Ch rep it would be okay.”

      — Yes, A needless amount of added complication to a pretty simple deal. I have a tendency to do that. – Sending a secure message sounds like a much better idea.

      • VL says:

        One comment – whatever date will be your last date to complete the spending, make sure you allow yourself few days of buffer. The spending has to POST to your account before the last date (when the charge is made does not matter), and some merchant may take days before they settle their transactions and post them…

        If you are on the edge of your spendings, and your “N days” period comes to an end make sure you spend with big merchants who are known to post quickly… although it is always a good idea to spend in advance and some extra (if situation allows).

        Good luck

  6. mo says:

    What if ur at 4/24 currently. Can u do a 2bm for the 2 personal (different versions)of the SW card and still be approved for both by Chase?

  7. exilepa says:

    Man, the timing and stress of this! So “IF” the 115 day data point seems to be confirmed across the board, anyone could apply today and not stress about waiting until October 1st be okay to go in to 2018 with the minimum spend? Does anyone think SW will do away with this as a way to earn the CP on 1 Jan 2018 like they did last year with the transferring of point?

    • VL says:

      First of all SW did not do away with transferring points, they changed the rule back and allowed people till March 31 to transfer towards CP… which is for me unheard of and huge plus to the company (since that transfer rule was a loophole in the rules, transfers were not supposed to be counted but they were).

      In our current situation your points will not post on Jan 1st. They will post within a couple of days after your January billing cycle closes. Not honoring those would be a clear violation of their own rules, and I doubt they would do anything like that. There will be people who apply for the cards later and get the points via spending. Those 2 categories are no different for SW. The bonus is paid by Chase, not SW.

      And, yes, you can safely apply now and confirm your last day with Chase via SM. Again, after you promised a specific day in writing I think it is a pretty safe bet that they will honor that date. But make sure your transactions POST before that date, not performed before that.

      Good Luck

      • expa says:

        Let me rephrase the question, it was early and I probably wasn’t full awake at time of posting —

        Am I able to apply and get approved for the cards before Oct 1st, say the 29th or the 30th, get the cards and hold on to them until Jan 1st and make the 2k in purchases and still get the 60k for each card? Or does the 90 day clock start on the 29th or 30th instead causing me to miss the cutoff by literal days?

        • VL says:

          If you apply on 9/29 and get instantly approved your clock starts ticking.. from the date of approval. So your 90 days will end before Jan 1st, holding off (not activating) does not matter. If you are not approved right away, then you can wait till after Oct 1st before calling recon, and then you shift your approval date.

          Whether you hit $2K on Jan 1st, or $1.5K before and $500 after should work the same. Couple of reports of posting the bonus early, so I would not come close to $2K spend, but no need to spend the whole amount after Jan 1st either.

          … but it is all not relevant, as everybody (and you can see, literally everybody here) sees 115 days to complete the spending. No single person who got the date from Chase which would be 90 days from the approval date.

          Good Luck

  8. scott says:

    Interesting that MMS is quoting a 9/27 post by “gototravelgal” which suggests that the claim here of the Oct. 1st cut off for the Chase SWA personal card is errant — (insists the deadline is still Oct. 4th)

    Even bigger headlines: “Business Card’s 60,000-Point Offer Is Officially “Ongoing” (as in AFTER Oct. 4th — according to a “communications manager” at Chase Card services.

    If either of these assertions is correct, that would remove a lot of the stress/hype from this subject…

    • Greg says:

      I was on a recent SW flight and the ad for this deal in their on board magazine showed a Oct 4 expiration date. That being said with a 115 day window I applied for both this week just in case I had to deal with any consideration issues. SM from Chase on both accounts confirmed the 115 day window.

      • Greg says:

        To clarify I was only referring to the personal deal expiring Oct 4. and it’s interesting about the Business one going longer if accurate.

    • VL says:

      Interesting that this (at least biz card point) goes along with chase’s site itself where “limited time offer” label is present on both personal cards but not on biz card.

      Even if that is the case would I risk CP for 2 years? Unlikely. Getting the cards now and meeting the spend after Jan 1st does not seem as too much extra work to me. As a bonus you get the pass earlier…

  9. d says:

    Is Chase 5/24 for “approved” cards or “applied” for cards?

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