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Published on October 3rd, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Time your Companion Pass Right: Southwest Cards 60,000 Bonus Ending October 4th

Only the business card is still offering the increased sign up bonus. Never miss another deal again by signing up for notifications

Reposting due to the fact that these are supposed to end tomorrow. It looks like the Plus card didn’t end on the 1st as expected though so who knows if they will actually end tomorrow or not.

Currently, all three Southwest cards have a 60,000 points bonus. According to multiple sources (here and here), the bonus will be reduced after October 4, 2017. Update: Reportedly, the business version 60k bonus is not going away any time soon.

Sometimes, there are still non-affiliate links which continue working for a while after the affiliate links are removed, in any case it’s fair to say the offer is likely on it’s way out. After the change, it might be a 50,000 or 25,000 points bonus.

Getting two of these cards now nets you the Companion Pass since you’ll meet the 110,000 threshold with the two bonuses. Check out our post on Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Southwest Companion Pass to learn more.

Conveniently, the timing for the offer end date of October 4 should be able to work out quite nicely…just make sure to do it right.

The Companion Pass gives you an entire calendar year with the benefit, and if you reach the threshold in middle of the calendar year, you’ll get that entire year and the next. In our case, the goal is to push off getting the bonus points until after January 1, 2018, thus giving you almost two years with the Companion Pass. To accomplish this, apply for the card/s the last day or two before the offer ends on October 4th. Then, be sure not to meet your $2,000 minimum spend requirement immediately.

If you meet the spend threshold on the card near the end of the three months allowed, it should work out that the 110,000 points threshold will be met a bit after January 1, 2018, and then you’ll get almost two full years with the Pass. If, however, you’d meet the minimum spend immediately, you’ll hit 110,000 points sometime in November or December, and you’ll get the rest of 2017 and 2018 for the Pass. Chase Southwest points post to your account when the credit card statement closes; if your statement closes on December 15th, finish the $2k spend after that date, and you’ll see the points mid-January. At that time, you’ll get the Companion Pass as well.

Note: Occasionally, the first statement generates early, after maybe 20 days or so. This won’t matter. You get three full months (around 90 days) to meet the spend. If you apply on October 3rd, you’ll have until around December 31. As long as your statement does not close that day, you’ll be fine.

In fact, Chase unofficially gives 115 days to meet the minimum spend requirement. It’s a bit risky to rely on that, though, since the terms state 3 months. Once you have the cards, you can Message the bank to find out the exact date you have to meet the spend requirement. In any case, we should be able to time it right with the timeline given, regardless.

Remember, most of us are not eligible for the Southwest cards due to 5/24. Here are 26 Things to Know about Chase Credit Cards. 

137 Responses to [Expired] Time your Companion Pass Right: Southwest Cards 60,000 Bonus Ending October 4th

  1. jamesheine says:

    This has been pretty confusing today on Reddit. I have seen 1 example of this ending on Oct 1 and another ending on Oct 4th. Some people are saying that you can apply now and still get the Comp pass, yet offers say to wait. Worried might miss out on the offer if I wait until Oct 2nd, but also don’t want MSR due in Dec. I don’t know what to do

  2. DJ says:

    I think you have a mistake here:
    “If you’re getting two cards, you can meet the spend on one card, but not the other. The important thing is just to cross over the 110,000 mark in January 2018 so that the Pass gets you almost two years.”

    The 110K points need to be earned in the same calendar year to get the CP, so you need all 120K bonus points to credit after January 1, 2018.

  3. Sergey says:

    How soon after closing a Southwest Chase card can you apply again for it?

    • Julian Banks says:

      You can apply again any time, just make sure you’re under 5/24. The key is that just because you get approved doesn’t mean you’ll get the bonus. For that, you need to wait 2 years between Chase bonuses on the exact same card.

  4. u/churnocerous on reddit has detailed how the statement dates work for Chase and my understanding is – as long as you meet the MSR *after* the Dec statement, you should be fine. No need to time it to completing the spend by jan2 or Jan 3.

    • Chuck says:

      Yup, that was the intention in the post. The idea of meeting it on January 1 is for the scenario that the December statement closes at the end of December. But if someone knows their statement closes earlier, that would work too. I’ll try to clarify the post.

  5. bemywife says:

    Despicable 5/24!!!!!!!!

  6. Jason says:

    If I apply on Oct 3rd, wouldn’t I have until Jan 3rd to meet minimum spend? I thought I would have to make the final minimum spend on Jan 1 and hope it posts by Jan 3. Can I really meet minimum spend at the end of December and not have the points post to Southwest until 2018?

  7. Paul says:

    1) The 90 day spending threshold begins from application or approval date?

    2) If I apply 10/4 but get the 30 day message and then approved say, 10/9, does the 90 day end date also get pushed back?

  8. bz says:

    If I apply for 2 cards in one day will it result in just 1 hard pull?

  9. steve says:

    So, if I apply on SEP. 29 and change my statement to the 15th, I could meet my msr on DEC. 28 and points would post in JAN. Based on a 90 day time limit. Right?

  10. steve says:

    So if I apply on Sep. 29th and change my statement to the 15th, then meet the MSR before or on Dec. 28th the points would post in Jan? Based on a 90 day window

  11. tinytavosa says:

    Can someone help with some clarity?

    The 2 cards/30 days rule, is it personal and business combined, or personal and business separate?

    I wanted to apply for CSP and Marriott Personal soon, but would also like 2 southwest cards before the expiration of this deal… so wondering if I can do CSP and and Southwest personal, then southwest business, all within 30 days.

    It seems on the doc’s article “26 things everybody should know about Chase” that is is separate, but wanted to double check…


    • Mo says:

      Why don’t you just do one SW biz and one personal at the same time (different browsers), then do CSP Marriott 30 days later

    • Anthony says:

      both biz and personal cards count towards your 2/30 with Chase. I just discovered this today when I called for recon with a live rep. Luckily he approved me anyway, despite now being at 3/30.

  12. CS says:

    I’m currently at 4/24, but I would like to get 2 of the Southwest cards (never had either yet) for Companion Pass. In looking at some Reddit threads and other sources, am I correct in thinking that I should be able to get approved for both personal (not the business) Southwest cards if I apply for them on the same day on Oct. 4? In keeping the business card out of the mix, I’m hoping that I’ll get instant approval and won’t have to worry about the 30-day delay.

    • Would not leave it till the last day. Sep 30 is the best bet, if you want to cut it that close.

      Per the Reddit comment I mentioned earlier, now is a good time to apply too – just change your statement date to Jan 3.

    • JC says:

      I was at 4/24 and applied for both personal SW cards on 9/12 using different browsers. Instant approval on both. SM’d Chase on 9/13 and they confirmed that I have 115 days (1/5/18) to meet minimum spend requirement to get the bonus. Hope that helps.

    • VL says:

      Why you (as many others) are discounting a business card? Any reason to go for 2 personals vs personal+business?

  13. Theory says:

    I’m agonizing over how safe to play this, but in a different way than “which date do I apply?”. I’ll apply in the next couple days once I figure out which route to go:

    I’m at 3/24 (CSR, CSP, MPE), and I also have the Chase Ink Preferred. Ideally, I would get the SW Biz and one of the SW Personal cards now – this would get me the CP in 2018, and put me at 4/24. After 30 days, I’d apply for the other SW Personal card for additional SW points (maybe even along with some additional Chase card by double-applying on the last day to get around 5/24?).

    But if I apply for that Chase business card (already having the Ink Preferred) and don’t get it, then I’m stuck. I probably won’t get both of the other SW Personal cards in time because the first will push me past 2/30 (assuming rejected applications still count toward that metric) and this, no CP*.

    So the safe play is to just get both SW Personal cards now, which I shouldn’t have trouble getting. Then I’ll be at 5/24 with the CP, but I will possibly missed out on 25-50k extra SW points, and another Chase card’s bonus.

    What would you do?

    * (Perhaps one personal card bonus plus whatever the reduced bonus off the second personal card will put me close enough to 110,000 that it will be reasonable anyway, but I won’t know that ahead of time.)

    • Mo says:

      So, why don’t you just apply for 1 SW biz and one personal at the same time (diff browsers). Then, if you get approved for both, you’re good; approved for one, you can still go for another personal with another card after 30 days, and you still won’t be too far away from CP, even if the offer has gone down to 40k. How’s that for a theory

    • JVP says:

      I’m on the exact same spot as you. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll apply for one personal card now, and wait until January to try the SW biz. I remmeber the SW biz had a slighter higher bonus than the personal (50k vs 40k last year).

  14. Dave says:

    I was wondering about the timing as well. The Chase site says we have 3 months to meet spend requirement– is that 3 calendar months (apply 10/3, we have until 1/3/18) or is it 90 days? I want to hit the spend threshhold as late as possible. I also imagine that making the final transaction on 1/3 is fine, even if it doesn’t finalize until 1/5?

    I’m going to have my wife apply for the CP this time. Mine expired last year. She has 4 Chase personal cards (CSR, Hyatt, IHG, Freedom) and 1 business Ink Cash. What’s the best strategy for application? In the past, I applied for personal card first and then business and that worked for me. Her CSR AF is due next month, I’m not sure if it’s better to close the card and transfer CL to another card, or downgrade it to something like Freedom (which she won’t need because we never reach the $1500/quarter limit). Also, should she also close her Ink beforehand? I already have the INk and we don’t MS so I won’t meet my $25K annual limit for 5x.

    • Dave says:

      I just checked, my wife has 5 personal cards (also has the FU). I think I’ll have her close the FU and transfer CL to another card. Stll not sure what to do with CSR when AF posts.

      • John says:

        It’s not clear to me if you understand what 5/24 is. Having 5 personal cards doesn’t matter. And closing one won’t necessarily help. Has your wife gotten all 5 cards in the last 2 years?

  15. Dan says:

    “Then, be sure not to meet you meet your $2,000 minimum spend requirement immediately.”

    Might want to fix the sentence

  16. Ken says:

    This will be my very time trying to get the CP.and want to do it right. I’m way under 5/24 and planning to apply for both personal cards tomorrow (9/15).

    1. Is it safe if I apply for both personal cards at the same time using different browsers? Is if safer if I apply one in the morning and one in the evening?
    2. Will I know if I get approved right away?
    3. What should I do if my first app gets rejected?

    Appreciate the help. Thanks.

    • Pat S says:

      Did you get approved? Can call recon if declined but your way under and have no past credit issues should get both approved! If you’re approved SM them for your specific minimum spend date and let us know what they say.

  17. dmoney says:

    Can you still get approved for 2 you apply for the same day, if you are not approved that day due to 2/30? Can you recon later and still get it? Also, what happens if you were 4/24 when you apply, but another card then gets reported by the time you get under 2/30 and can recon, putting you over 5/24?

  18. Zubair says:

    I applied on Aug 8, and was denied. On my 3rd attempt at recon on Sep 7, I got the card approved. What would be my theoritical 90-day window? Dec 6th? Or Nov 4th?

  19. Mark says:

    We know the offer is around until 10/4. Is there any reason people are applying now and not waiting until later, say 9/30? That would give you 15 more days actually in 2018 to meet the spend. I know people are saying to just meet the MSR after your Dec statement date, but I am paranoid and want to be 100% sure that I don’t meet the MSR until after 1/1 so Chase/Southwest can’t pull any funny business.

  20. Mark says:

    Does Business cards count towards 5/24? I have chase business card and it doesn’t show up in credit karma.

  21. VL says:


    Will be applying for my SO for Bus+Personal. She is 4/24.

    In my past experience with Chase business cards they never approved a business card on the spot, it always required a conversation with a rep (not even a recon)… so hesitant making a double application in 2 browsers. If we still go for it will we have harder chances to get Business card via recon if personal is approved and business is not?

    Also she already has 2 Chase Business cards (Ink Plus and Ink Pref). Would it be better to close one of them?

    Please share your experience with instant business application approvals with Chase, and if you were instantly approved how many other personal/business cards you had at that time.

    Will, what would be your advise? 2 simoultaneous applications or apply for bus, wait 1-2 days and apply for personal.

    Thank you big time!

    • dmoney says:

      definitely don’t apply same time. If they approve the personal but not biz, you’ll be at 5/24 and no longer be able to get the biz card

      • VL says:

        So, what is your advise?

        Apply for business then wait (if so how long) and apply for personal only if bus is approved and forget the wbole thing if bus is denied?

        Thank you For all your help!

        • Charles says:

          Once you get the business approved, you can apply for the personal on the same day.

          • VL says:

            I have never been approved for biz card in realtime. Alwayas needed to talk to them but was successful every time… so in that case should we apply for biz pretty much now to allow more time to recon if needed? And if approved for biz should we apply for personal same day, space them as much as possible (now it is prob 2 weeks max) or it really does not matter at this point?

            Thnx a lot for all advises.

  22. Whihathac says:

    I currently have CP through end of this year and still have retained both the SW cards. I am planning to get new 2 on my SO. But considering her credit is bit thinner than mine, what should be my backup plan if her applications fail.

  23. Charles says:

    Be careful not to do too much spend in advance of the new year. Most seem like people that miscalculated, but I’ve seem examples of people having a bonus post prior to the new year by mistake.

    1. Chase might count all spend toward the bonus, even if an item is returned and credited.

    2. I saw one odd example of someone claiming that chase / southwest went ahead and posted the bonus because they were ” close to” the needed level of spend.

  24. goodguys21 says:

    I am at 4/24 currently and already have 3 chase cards (Freedom/CSR/Freedom Unlimited) with quite high credit limits. My score is 810+.

    I would like to apply 2 personal cards on the same day. I have couple of questions.

    1. Should I lower my limit first on rest of my cards?
    2. what should be the time distance between the two applications.

    Thanks in advance.

    • VL says:

      My understanding is as soon as you are approved for 1st personal you are 5/24 and will be denied the second. So your options either apply simultaneously (but some people advise against it, waiting for their advise myself) or biz + personal with biz first and pers later. Any reason why you do not consider biz?

  25. anthony says:

    should we apply to both on the same day? My CP expires in December and I’d like my wife to apply but her credit isn’t as good. I want to make sure she is approved!

    Also: we can do all the spending initially on one card and let the points post then do all the spending on the other card near the end of the year to time it correctly, right?

    • Kyle says:

      Yes to both on the same day.

      No, do not let the points post on one of the cards! All points have to post in your account in 2018. If you got 60,000 points in 2017 and 60,000 in 2018, you wouldn’t get companion pass at all.

      Here’s the strategy I’ll suggest to my GF: Apply for both personal cards on 9/30. Get about $1,600 spent on each card. Then buy a $500 vanilla visa gift card with each around 1/1/18.

      • VL says:

        Can you plz elaborate more on applying on the same day (since other readers advise highly against it) and why 2 personal vs pers + biz.

        • Kyle says:

          You might want to look on for more info. But that’s what I generally hear of others doing. Why space them out? Chase will combine the hard pulls on the same day.

          I was successful applying for both personal cards on the same day. A friend of mine was as well (both about a year and a half ago though).

          2 personal or a personal + biz depends on the person. Many don’t have a business. I do, and I might get the business and a personal in a couple of years (when I’m no longer unable to because of 5/24). Good luck!

          • tinytavosa says:

            Have you experienced a personal and a business app combining for inquires? About to either do 2x SW personal at the same time, or 1x personal, 1x business same time, or business first, personal second.Thanks.

  26. Dave says:

    My wife is 4/24 (I previously thought it was 3/24, but I was wrong) and wants to get the SW Companion pass that requires getting 2 of the SW cards. I know the personal and business versions require separate hard pulls, but if she applies for 2 personal cards, 1 right after the other, will that work?

    • DarkandStormy says:

      No, she will be auto-denied on the 2nd personal card because she’ll be 5/24 at that point.

      She could do biz (and probably have to call if it’s her first biz card) and then apply for the Plus because she’ll still be 4/24 at that point – the biz card doesn’t count towards 5/24 but you have to be under 5/24 to be approved for one.

    • VL says:

      +1. We have the same situation.

      Got the Biz card, applied and had it approved first. Did it earlier to allow ourselves some time to recon multiple times if were needed (turned out did not need that). Then will wait till 10/1-10/2 and apply for personal.

      On a side note: even if people are under 3/24 why in the world they would consider getting 2 personal cards (when both will show on your credit reports) vs 1 personal + 1 business. Could somebody please explain that to me? Am I missing something?

      • Patrick says:

        My thought was that if both personal cards are applied on the same day, then it would only count as one hard pull.

        • VL says:

          I see the benefit … but if you ask me “1 extra Hard Pull” vs “1 extra personal card on your credit report” I would vote for having that extra HP hands down.

          Not to mention that this approach is dangerous for people who are 4/24. If one card is approved, and another is pending, you may not get the second one at all, as you would be at 5/24 by the time of recon… For the same reason I would apply for biz first, and only when approved applied for personal.

      • Elena says:

        I had applied for two personal SW cards because I don’t have a business and was not sure how to approach the bis application (I was 3/24 at the time).
        I’ve read about other people getting bis cards without owning a business on other websites, but I only trust the doc and didn’t find anything from him on the subject.

        • VL says:

          Too bad. You are missing on a lot of great sign up bobuses on the cards which do not even go on your credit report…. and now you are 5/24…

  27. Kaileigh says:

    I got both the premier and plus a few months ago, back when one was 60,000 and one was 40,000. I have been working to get a companion pass and meeting spend for the 10,000 points I need. It has taken a while, I am now 1300 points away from the companion pass.

    I see a discaimer that says companion pass tier qualifying points reset on January 1. Does anyone know if I spend to get the last 1300 points the end of December if it will count toward the 110,000/companion pass for 2018 and 2019 or is this too risky and should I just complete it now and be happy with having it all of next year? I guess the question is, are points awarded based on spend date even though they post later? It has taken me longer to get the points than I had hoped, I wanted at least half of this year and all of next but I will take what I can get…

    • VL says:

      @Kaileigh, please read the CP rules carefully.

      Based on what you said it seems that most of your points already posted to your account. To get CP you have to have 110K points to post in the SAME calendar year. If you post some next year you will not get CP at all! If you have some of your 110K points posted make sure you complete the rest this year (and do not leave it till the end, as if charged after your Dec statement those points will post to your RR account in January).

      Seems like your only option is to get it now (ASAP), and you will have it till 12/31/2018

      • Kaileigh says:

        @VL Thank you!

        • VL says:

          There are many ways to spend $1,300 without being in rush. You can buy Visa Gift cards and use them next few months (legitimately, not talking about Manufactured Spending here). You can buy Costco gift cards (if you use Costco).. or even something returnable at Costco. You can return it in 2018, and use that credit in the following month basically prolonging your 90 days window. You can even pay some bills in advance (cell phone, electricity, etc..), or even pay your taxes (yes you will loose ~ 2%, but you will probably loose way more money if you force yourself in buying something you do not really need).

          Good luck.

  28. Jesse says:

    I am 5/24 (4/24 primary with 1 AU on one of my wife’s cards). I have gotten removed as an AU on my wife’s card and that bank says they will send notice to the Credit Reporting Agencies to remove the AU account at the end of my statement on 9/27. Is it likely that this will be reflected on my credit reports quick enough to apply for the Plus/Premier before this offer is gone 10/4?

    • Jesse says:

      Does anyone have any DP to suggest how this works? I guess I just have to wait and see right now…

    • VL says:

      I had to request the removal once (it was actually Chase’s AU card.). They told me it may take up to 60 days, it was removed within promised time range, probably sooner…

      Keep a close eye on your reports. The one you need to care primarily is Experian, cause that is what Chase pulls most of the time. Sign up for Free account on if you have not yet (or better on – that will give you a free FICO -8 score as well). Free report is given on Experian only every 30 days, so do it closer to the end of promo to prove that you have the card removed. You can always pay to pull it one more time if needed. One extra time you can get it for free on – government supported site, free reports once a year from every agency.

      Another scenario is to apply at the end of promo and even if you are denied you can recon within 30 days, and hopefully by that time the AU card is removed. Some users reported they were successful with recon even with AU card on the report, just by pointing out to the recon specialist that that particular card is not your card… and will be removed soon.

      Either way I would go for biz + personal, otherwise if you apply for 2 personal cards and not approved automatically for both of them on the same day, the first card you get will put you back to 5/24 which will work against you for your second card.

      Hope that was somewhat helpful for you.

      Good luck.

      • Jesse says:

        Thanks for your advice, I will definitely check Experian! I don’t have a business or easy way to claim one so I will have to try to get the two personal cards and hope that the AU card gets removed quickly so I can get approve same day.

        • VL says:

          @Jesse, I wish I could send you a personal message, but we do not have a way to do it here…. so you are going to have to read between the lines.

          You do not need anything to be a Sole Proprietor. You do not create a corporation… you just work as a person, and claim your income as a Sole Proprietor income. The only place where others could see that income are your tax returns, and banks almost never ask for any documentation. Worst case scenario if bank asks for your financial documents (which in case of Chase will not happen until you have Sole Prop CCs with them with combined limit exceeding $75K), you can decide to fulfill their request, or just change your mind whether you want that card or not. Remember, even though the card is a business card you guarantee it with your own SSN as the owner, and in case if you default on it or be late with the payment they WILL report it to your personal credit report.

          So, in case if you decide to open your small business… just trust me on this one, and apply. If you need to talk to a recon specialist just be prepared to answer questions on what do you do in your small business, and why a particular card interests you for your business.

          Hope my answer clears up the situation for you.

          Good Luck

          • Pat S says:

            You actually don’t need any kind of “business”. If you’ve made any income from a side job, or if you’ve ever bought something then sold it that you could technically claim you have a business.
            Many people claim when they do neither of that. No need to worry just have an idea how you can describe the type of business you have.

            My wife has a business and was never asked for any supporting docs. My buddy claimed a business he doesn’t have but there was no problems! Give it a go!

          • VL says:

            @Pat S,
            Exactly my point. I was describing the situation of “your buddy” 🙂

          • Jesse says:

            I apply for the Biz premier today and called the recon line after I wasn’t immediately approved. They declined me initially due to showing 5/24 accounts, but were willing to re-run it after I explained one of the accounts was an AU on wife’s store card that I never used. I got declined a second time because the other 4 cards were all opened in last 6mo. Tried many different angles and they weren’t willing to budge.

            I applied for one of the personal cards afterwards without thinking about it much. Did not get immediately approved either, and now I’m wondering if I made a mistake and should have just licked my wounds and waited for the next SW opportunity… Even if I do get approved on this first card, it seems obvious the second one will be very difficult meaning I will need to call recon and they will see the first right? Bleh…

  29. Pat S says:

    My wife just got approved for Southwest business and southwest personal plus. Instant Auto approved both within 10 min of one another. She does have a legit business with INK already and has had that card for over 2 years. She was only at 3/24 before the approvals so she will be getting another chase in a month or so. It will be my turn in 2 years and I’m at 8/24 so I won’t be getting any new cards for about 2 years.

  30. MattC says:

    DP: Have fraud alert on my credit report and was at 4/24. 740. Applied for SW Premier, got 30 day message. Called recon, transferred me to fraud department, verified my info, approved 9.7K CL. Took 15 minutes start to finish. As soon as I hung up, hit submit on SW Plus card app, got 30 day message. Called recon, transferred me to fraud department, verified my info, approved 2K CL. Took 15 minutes start to finish. Then sent two SM (one for each card) to Chase and was initially told that the spending deadline on one was January 12th and the other was December 17th. Replied to the December 17th message, and said I was told on the phone Jan 12, which is it? Got a response apologizing for the wrong information on first secure message and that it was in fact Jan 12. Great day to be alive gentleman.

  31. DarkandStormy says:

    Am seeing varying DPs on trying to double dip the Plus+Premier. Some people are 2/24 or 3/24 and 0/30, but only get approved for one while others are in similar situations and got auto-approved for both.

    Is there a hard line on credit limit from Chase? My CL is ~50% of my salary right now, but I’m 3/24 (~760 FAKO) and 0/30 (last card was CSP on 7/3/17) and considering the double app. before 10/4. Is the only concern the CL? My rough estimate based on reading DPs out there is it’s a 50/50 shot at best.

    • VL says:

      If you can sustain an extra HP, then go for Biz + Personal Plus.

      – extra HP (that is it)

      – one fewer CC on your reports,
      – no need to apply on the same day (2 pulls anyway),
      – CLs are considered separately (your personal limits are not playing any role in your biz limit consideration – different accounts – at least from my conversations and experience),
      – for me also it would be much easier to recon.. i would rather explain why do I need separate biz and personal accounts (explanation is very clear) rather than why would I need 2 almost identical personal accounts.

      For people who are still on the fence about biz cards – it is a “small business oriented card”. Your business can be anything – you can be tutoring, selling on e-bay, babysitting, have a software project on the side… all qualify you to apply as a Sole Proprietor.

      P.S. If you go for personal cards anyway, you always have an option to redistribute the CLs from other Chase card of the same entity (person or biz), so Chase has no extra exposure. They have been pretty good about it. I got approved multiple times with offering them to redistribute the limits. On those calls I am pretty much upfront saying “I do not need more credit, I just love the benefits the particular card provides… and listing which ones I am specifically interested in”.

      Good luck!

  32. Sue says:

    Applied/Approved SW Premier 12 Sep
    Applied/Pending SW Plus 12 Sep – Approved a couple of days later when it showed up in my acct.
    Obviously worried about meeting the spend before 12 Dec AND it posting in Jan 2018. After reading through this and the reddit thread, I sent a secure message for the Premier (haven’t recvd the Plus yet) asking about the the time frame for meeting the spend. Reply received:
    “We’ve confirmed that the offer associated with your account was 60,000 Bonus Points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first three months your account is open. You have until mid December to spend this amount to earn this offer.”
    So I sent a follow up message asking for clarification and an exact date, also mentioning the 115 day time frame. Here’s the reply I got:
    “We’ve confirmed that the offer associated with your account was 60,000 Bonus Points after you spend $2,000 on purchases in the first three months your account is open. You have until January 5, 2018 to spend this amount to earn this offer.”
    The wording is interesting: still 3 months but all the way out to 115 days. So I guess what they are saying is you have up to 4 months.

  33. BH says:

    Applied and was approved for personal southwest plus card on 9/20. Called and they said the spend deadline was 90 days (12/19). I asked about the 115 days, but they said no, it is 90 days. They said my statement date is the 16th of each month, so if I hit the spend limit after the 12/16 statement date (but before the 12/19 deadline), then the points credit will not appear until my 1/16 statement. Has anyone else been told it is 90 days only?

    Applied and approved for another personal card today 9/21. Called them back to ask about that one. They said again it was 90 days only. Statement date is the 20th, and my deadline is 12/21, which does not leave much time and means I have exactly one day to hit the spend limit on 12/21 after my statement closes on 12/20. Not sure of chances they dont generate the statement exactly on 12/20 which would mess that up. Would changing my statement date to be earlier in the month help? For instance changing it to be the 15th of each month to give a few extra days?

    • VL says:

      Do not ask for 115 days. This seems to be their unspoken rule – to be on the safe side they are allowing customers more time.. I would not draw attention to it. If everybody asks specifically why I am not getting 115 they may consider changing the rule.

      Just simply SM them asking about the exact date you have to complete the spending. They will reply and you will have a written proof for your records.

      My DP: applied/approved on 9/20, and got 01/13/2018 as the deadline for spending. The rule is there… just be careful to not spoil it for everybody, as their intention on ending the Promo on 10/04 is clear to avoid making it easy to earn CP for 2 full years.

  34. VL says:

    DP: Applied for Business card for my SO on 9/20. No instant approval, but was shown the message to call them. Called, verified some info, put on hold for 3 min, approved for $5K limit.
    Already confirmed the last spending date via SM for the bonus is 01/13/2018.

    4/24, Fico is high 800s, there are 2 more Biz CC (Ink Plus & Pref) with Chase.

    Decided to not apply simultaneously for both.. so personal is scheduled for beginning of October.

  35. Pat S says:

    My mother applied for both personal cards back-to-back today with no issues. First one approved at 13500 and second 7000. 800+ score. Confirmed via SM here minimum spend date of January 14 for both cards!

  36. Al D says:

    Just to provide a recent DP from earlier this year, I met the spend on statement ending 7/27 but the points did not post on that statement. Sent an SM and here is the response I got:

    I see the 60,000 signup bonus points has already been added to your rewards balance. These points will be reflecting on your August 2017 billing statement. Rewards are available for use once they appear on your statement.

    The bonus did post on statement ending 8/27, and posted on Southwest site 8/28. Not sure if this was an anomaly or the bonus is always delayed one statement, in which case you could reach the spend before your Dec statement and still have the bonus post in 2018.

    • VL says:

      Among multiple Chase cards between all my family members I had the same experience only once (it was one of the Ink Pref UR Bonus).

      I attributed this to me meeting the MRS quite close to the statement closure (probably 2-3 days before it closed), but I would definitely not count on that.

      As a matter of fact, the price of the mistake is too high (extra year of CP or even no CP at all if 2 bonuses post in different years), so I would play very safe. I am planning on stopping the spend $800 short of MRS, and finishing it after Jan 1st, although technically should work just fine if it is met after the Dec statement closes. With people applying today the last MRS day would be somewhere on Jan 15-16, for those applying on the last day of the offer it would be around Jan 28-30… plenty of time to finish the spending.

      Also a good idea to request that date from Chase CSR via SM, and you have your written proof in case of any issues.

      Good Luck.

      • Al D says:

        Yeah agree and I have also gotten the UR bonuses immediately. Just wasn’t sure if maybe the Southwest cards were different so figured I’d report the DP.

  37. radtek2112 says:

    What is SM?

  38. Joel says:

    Only 2/24 but applied for plus and premier in different browsers on 9/22/17, got approved for 9.7K on plus and 2K(!) on the premier. followed up with SMs today and confirmed 1/15/17 spend deadline on both.

  39. Elena says:

    I applied earlier today to both Plus and Premier and was automatically approved for the first one with CL 23K. I called recon line right away and after a few questions (income, mortg payment, past and current employer) I was asked if I’d like to move some credit from my IHG to the new card (yeah..!). Just got a reply by SM with spend due by Jan 17 2018. I was at 3/24 and 0/30 at the time with credit score 780-808.

    Thank you doc and guys, hope to get this companion pass in January! 🙂

  40. Paul says:

    Was 2/24 with a CIP and credit score of 770 going into today. Approved for both Plus and Premier cards without having to call recon.

    Chuck, is there any reason to NOT go all-in and try for the Business card as well??

    • VL says:

      Chuck will probably provide his opinion as well.

      My take on that is if 125K SW RR points with CP is not enough for you for 2 years, then why not… if that should be enough then I would have rather applied for Plus + Biz. Cause now you will be 4/24 when you could have been 3/24… which means one less Chase card which you could have potentially had.

      Either way, congrats. CP for 2 years is a great thing, and can go a very long way if you book your flights early when the prices are low.

      • Paul says:

        Argh, that’s an excellent point. 125K with CP should absolutely be plenty for two years. Didn’t even think about that and, retrospectively, I absolutely should’ve gone with your advice and done personal + business. I get one card to drop off in October though so I will be 3/24, but 2/24 sure would’ve been nice.

        Given you and Chuck’s advice I’ll probably hold off business for now. Thanks for responding.

        • VL says:

          @Paul, this is exactly what my plan is… alternating CPs between me and my SO, by getting 2 cards each every 4 years.

          Keep in mind you can always apply for the 3rd card later (any time when the bonus gets elevated, if you are under 5/24). You do not need it for CP, just for more points (if you run out of them before 2 years end). Plus getting more points later prolongs expiration date on any balance you have left.

          Of course, anything could end, but that applies to everything in our lives, not just the cards and bonuses, so I do not take that into consideration.

          Good luck! All the best.

    • Chuck says:

      I guess it can’t hurt. Unless there’s a different Chase business card you prefer, 60k SW is a very nice offer.

      • VL says:

        Chuck, is there 2/30 rule for Chase (no more than 2 new cards within 30 days), or that does not apply to different entities (personal vs business)? Would it work even if business is under SP?

        P.S. I looked up the article “26 Things Everybody Should Know About Chase Credit Cards”, but could not find the reference to that rule there, but saw it multiple times when people referenced it in the comments.

        • Chuck says:

          I’m not entirely clear on that rule. I don’t think it’s 100% enforced, and I don’t know if biz cards count. I recently saw a Reddit DP which bypassed 2/30 IIRC.

          • Anthony says:

            Biz cards do count, my SW apps went to pending (first one approved, second initially declined) because I had applied for the CIP two weeks prior. The rep on the phone said that the business card counted towards 2/30 and that is why the second SW card was denied. But seems to be a soft rule, because I asked for recon and he moved some credit around and then approved me for the card.

  41. Patrick says:

    2/24 and applied for both Plus and Premier. Got approved for both. Credit score 800+. YAHOO!

  42. T says:

    1/24 (also have CIP), 0/30 and applied for both Plus and Premier about 10 minutes apart. Approved for both immediately with 13.5K on first CL and 2K on second. Credit Score in the high 700s. Followed up with SM and confirmed min spend by Jan 18 on both.

    Another DP, have a friend who was 4/24 before applying for the Plus. Called recon and was asked to move credit around and approved. Then applied for Premier right after, now at 5/24, and was sent to recon again. Approved after verifying info and moving more credit lines around.

    Thanks Doc!

  43. CRS says:

    I was 4/24 and signed up for both the Plus and Premier today. Got instant approval for both. Credit score in the mid to high 700’s. They confirmed via SM that spend date is January 19. I also asked for the Premier to be expedited in shipping since I have some purchases in the next week that I would like to put on the card, and they said they should have it to me in 1 to 2 business days.

  44. Erin says:

    I just applied for both sw personal cards. I already have 2 other chase cards. Got approved for first one and “pending” for second. I called and got approval. If you have too much available credit vs income they won’t approve you unless you move some of your spending limit from one chase card to the new one you are trying to get. Hope this helps someone!

  45. BW says:

    Applied for both personal cards at the same time, got the message ‘need more time to review’ on both. Ugh.

  46. Mark says:

    Was at 4/24, so applied for biz card and got the message to call in. Didn’t have time to wait and hope they approve so i called in and had to answer all kinds of questions about my business. After getting approval there, i immediately applied for the Plus personal card and received the 30-day message. Called right back and shifted some CL over from another card to get it approved as well. SM on Plus card gave me 1/24/18 as my min spend date.

    • VL says:

      +1. Exactly the same situation (applied 10 days ago). The only difference I have not called in on Plus yet. Decided to wait to allow myself more time in January to do the spending. Hope for the same outcome with shifting CL.

  47. BW says:

    Did they ask your friend why they wanted both the Plus and Premier cards? I’m not sure what to say if they ask this.

    • Mark says:

      You can always say something around wanting to keep certain expenses separate and having different cards is the easiest way. I don’t think they really care too much to be honest.

      • BW says:

        This guy did care, he really wanted to know why I applied for both SW cards at the same time. I said to separate expenses, he said yeah but you also have a business card for that. I said well I really like SW I fly with them a lot. Still denied.

  48. Josh says:

    Applied for both personal cards today close to the same time – got approved for one, the second one said “Received your information”. Haven’t received an email or anything on whether the second is pending, approved or whatever? Has this occurred to anyone before and if so, any recommendations on steps? Should I reach out via SM, call, apply again?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Elena says:

      I had the same situation: applied for both, autoaproved for one. Called the recon line and was told I was extended the max amount of credit already, then they offered to move a credit limit from other cards to this one to allow it to open. I agreed and got approved for the second card right then.

  49. Mark says:

    So it looks like the offer is still out there, correct?

  50. Bhavesh Desai says:

    Offer over not available for both personal normal bonus is 40000 on 1000 spend

  51. VL says:

    DoC, I have a very interesting DP… not directly related to SW bonus, but to the Chase bonus in general.

    A friend of mine recently got Ink Preferred card and was working on the min spend. To remind others the required spending on that card is $5K to get the bonus. By the end of the 1st billing cycle the spend was in the range of $2K+ with total points around 3.5K, by the end of 2nd cycle the spend was around $4K with total points around 6K…. guess what… the bonus posted on that 2nd statement. Way early!!!

    Extra points came from the spend on the special categories (such as travel, mobile services, etc..)

    The only explanation I can come up with is that 5K points triggered that bonus instead of $5K spend. The spend was way below required $5K… and not just couple of hundred dollars short, $800+ short.

    We do not know for sure why did it happen, and normally it is not a problem at all, but here, for people trying to time the bonus correctly for SW cards that would be a big problem. It is everybody’s guess how to interpret that information, and how to apply it to your SW spending, but I would probably leave at least $1K to spend in January 2018, and make sure that earned points do not come close to 2,000 (personal) or 3,000 (biz) as well. This should be reasonably easy to do since the bonus categories on SW cards include pretty much just the spend on SW flights (please correct me if I am wrong)… but for people who were planning to pay for SW flights it may be a good idea to monitor both the spending and earned points.

    Good Luck

  52. Megan says:

    I’m hoping someone can verify my logic – I am currently at 4/24 (4 new cards since 11/1/15), but will drop to 3/24 on 11/2/17 (correct?) I was considering applying for the Chase biz card for the 60k bonus now, but not reaching the spend requirement until 1/1/18 – 1/11/18. Then sometime after 11/2/17 applying for the Chase Premier (already have the plus), and making sure to meet the spend requirement after 2018. Even if bonus is only 40k, I would be close to 110k for CP and could work toward getting to it for remainder of 2018 and 2019. Does this sound like it will work? The other thing I would need to watch out for is I’ve received the Premier bonus, I believe in Dec. 2015 so I just need to make sure to not reach that spend requirement until at least Jan. 2018 to be eligible, correct?

    • Pat S says:

      If you received the bonus in dec 2015, I believe you aren’t eligible to open a new account to receive a bonus until dec 2017. Others correct me if I’m wrong but I believe it’s when you open the account not when you reach the min spend

    • VL says:

      2 points.

      If you opened your first card on 11/1/2015 although on 11/2/2017 it will be 2 years, but I think Chase goes monthly when they count it. So technically it will fall off on 12/01 from their 24 month count.

      But this really does not matter, as 3/24 vs 4/24 does not make any difference in terms of this rule blocking you from getting new cars. There could be other issues, but not that rule. So apply for the biz card whenever you want it. Even if you apply now you will have until the end of Jan / begining of Feb to complete the spending, it does not have to be done first 10 day of Jan (subject of verification with Chase via SM)

      Regarding your Premier card. I think @Pat S is right. I would play safe and would not apply until 24 months passed from the month I got the bonus (not the card was open)… especially that now there is no really need to rush. 40K is unlikely to drop, and even if it does usually it comes back to 40K pretty quickly. Also there is a bunch of referral links around (I have one myself) which will give you 40K bonus. So, assuming that you can always count on 40K bonus why would you rush and apply for Premier now? I would wait til the beginning of the next year in hope that the bonus goes back to 50K at least, and then your 60K biz + that 50K would put you right to the companion pass….

      Please correct me if I am wrong in my strategy…

      The only time it would not work if you have travel plans for the beginning of the year, and need your CP ASAP…

      Good Luck

      • Megan says:

        Thanks, I think you’re both right, no need to rush right now for the premier. I’ll wait until wait till Dec or possibly Jan for it. I typically book flights for June, but that should still give me time to book. Thank you!

        • VL says:

          One more tip… If you have enough points (and no CP) then book your tickets ASAP as they can go up in price. And hopefully you will have enough points with 60K biz bonus (which you will get in Jan or so)…

          Then as long as you can get your CP at least a day before your travel starts you should just cancel your “paid with points” ticket for your companion (you will get your points back), and immediately get it as a CP ticket. This way you ensure the lowest price for the rest of your group.

          Or even better, (if the flight is not sold out) book your CP ticket first and then cancel the paid with points ticket. If you have it on the same itinerary as the other tickets you would need to call SW to separate the tickets, but it is a simple 5 min call. Or you can buy it separately (just to hold the place in case if the flight sells out) and then you can cancel it online yourself.

          The great thing about SW – you get your award or CP ticket all the time as long as there are seats on the flight.

          With this approach you can buy yourself way more time to work towards your CP.

          Good Luck.

          • Megan says:

            Thank you for the tips! I was wondering if that might be possible, but wasn’t sure how it would work to cancel and rebook with CP. I love how flexible SW is with point purchases!

  53. acularw says:

    I may have just been approved for a SW personal card while already at 5/24. Hoping the card doesn’t get cancelled before I can receive and activate it!

    9/30 – I am 5/24 including an authorized user account I have never used so 4/24 primary. I applied for SW Business Premier card. Got email that I would receive a response in 30 days. Called recon number and could not get them to approve me (all my cards have been opened in the last 6mo). Even with moving credit from my CSP they weren’t willing to because of recency of accounts. I was able to explain away the auth user account so they were OK with # of accounts.

    9/30 – Later in day I made a rash decision to apply for SW Personal Premier, thinking I could MS my way to CP early in 2018. Got email. Too late to call recon.

    10/2 – Called Business recon number and got them to approve me by shifting $8K from my CSP CL to SW card. I then called the Personal recon number and early on proactively said I would be willing to shift some of my CL from CSP to my SW Personal Premier. Rep said “No problem, let me work on that and verify for you.” I was on hold for maybe 15sec and he came back to say I am all approved and they moved $8K from my CSP CL to my SW Personal Premier. I was a little suspicious that the $8K was the same amount so I asked them to clarify the exact card they were talking about and they confirmed it was Chase Southwest Premier Rapid Rewards. I said OK and thought that was that.

    10/9 – I received the Chase SW Personal Premier in the mail, activated it.

    10/11 – All along I had been concerned the Business card approval that I was given was actually for the Personal card, since when I called the business recon number, I assumed that’s what we were talking about but I never had them confirm the exact card name. After not getting the business card in the mail, I finally called into the business recon number again and they confirmed I was denied, and no amount of moving CL, increasing my income (wife got a new job with raise since my initial app) would allow them to approve me. I’m dejected, thinking I royally screwed things up by not just applying for both personal cards on the same day instead of biz+personal.

    10/11 – I’m a real 5/24 now while looking like 6/24 due to auth user account. On a whim, I figured why not just apply for the SW Personal Plus card, maybe I can catch a break with recon and all I have to lose is a hard pull. I applied, got email, and instantly called recon. I got the right guy. Call took 30 minutes, mostly on hold, but after answering a bunch of questions and only shifting a $2K CL from CSP to the SW Personal Plus, I was approved and he said I should receive the card in a week! This puts me at 6/24.

    So now I have 60K SW Premier and 40K SW Plus. I will still need to spend $10K quickly in early 2018 to get CP quickly, but we might be making some big furniture purchases soon so maybe we can delay it to then and that could help along with some light MS.

    Is it likely that this card get cancelled by the system before I get it or maybe when I try to activate? If not, I might have squeaked by…

    • VL says:

      When I was reading your story I was very surprised to see that they moved CL from CSP (which is a personal card) to your SW Biz (which is business card). They never do that as those are 2 completely separate profiles… but the later explained it all.

      The CL realocations (as far as I know) are possible only within the same profile. I doubt you can even do it between 2 businesses even if you are the owner of both.

      Regarding your approval, I hope it sticks.. as there were cases reported when people were approved with 5+/24. It is a hard rule, but still can be overruled… as a good example – in-branch paper applications for Ink Plus and Ink Preferred with Business Relationship Manager.

      Good Luck!

  54. Megan says:

    I’m hoping for some advice. I just applied for the SW biz card, and got a message that they need more time to review my application. Should I call and check on the application or just wait and see what happens? This is my first biz card application, so it’s a new experience for me. If I should call, do I call recon or is there a different number? Thanks!

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