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Published on October 3rd, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] Time your Companion Pass Right: Southwest Cards 60,000 Bonus Ending October 4th

Only the business card is still offering the increased sign up bonus. Never miss another deal again by signing up for notifications

Reposting due to the fact that these are supposed to end tomorrow. It looks like the Plus card didn’t end on the 1st as expected though so who knows if they will actually end tomorrow or not.

Currently, all three Southwest cards have a 60,000 points bonus. According to multiple sources (here and here), the bonus will be reduced after October 4, 2017. Update: Reportedly, the business version 60k bonus is not going away any time soon.

Sometimes, there are still non-affiliate links which continue working for a while after the affiliate links are removed, in any case it’s fair to say the offer is likely on it’s way out. After the change, it might be a 50,000 or 25,000 points bonus.

Getting two of these cards now nets you the Companion Pass since you’ll meet the 110,000 threshold with the two bonuses. Check out our post on Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Southwest Companion Pass to learn more.

Conveniently, the timing for the offer end date of October 4 should be able to work out quite nicely…just make sure to do it right.

The Companion Pass gives you an entire calendar year with the benefit, and if you reach the threshold in middle of the calendar year, you’ll get that entire year and the next. In our case, the goal is to push off getting the bonus points until after January 1, 2018, thus giving you almost two years with the Companion Pass. To accomplish this, apply for the card/s the last day or two before the offer ends on October 4th. Then, be sure not to meet your $2,000 minimum spend requirement immediately.

If you meet the spend threshold on the card near the end of the three months allowed, it should work out that the 110,000 points threshold will be met a bit after January 1, 2018, and then you’ll get almost two full years with the Pass. If, however, you’d meet the minimum spend immediately, you’ll hit 110,000 points sometime in November or December, and you’ll get the rest of 2017 and 2018 for the Pass. Chase Southwest points post to your account when the credit card statement closes; if your statement closes on December 15th, finish the $2k spend after that date, and you’ll see the points mid-January. At that time, you’ll get the Companion Pass as well.

Note: Occasionally, the first statement generates early, after maybe 20 days or so. This won’t matter. You get three full months (around 90 days) to meet the spend. If you apply on October 3rd, you’ll have until around December 31. As long as your statement does not close that day, you’ll be fine.

In fact, Chase unofficially gives 115 days to meet the minimum spend requirement. It’s a bit risky to rely on that, though, since the terms state 3 months. Once you have the cards, you can Message the bank to find out the exact date you have to meet the spend requirement. In any case, we should be able to time it right with the timeline given, regardless.

Remember, most of us are not eligible for the Southwest cards due to 5/24. Here are 26 Things to Know about Chase Credit Cards. 

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This has been pretty confusing today on Reddit. I have seen 1 example of this ending on Oct 1 and another ending on Oct 4th. Some people are saying that you can apply now and still get the Comp pass, yet offers say to wait. Worried might miss out on the offer if I wait until Oct 2nd, but also don’t want MSR due in Dec. I don’t know what to do

Its 4th. I posted an image from the Southwest magazine about this deadline in the daily discussion but you know how easy is it to lose this info.

I think you have a mistake here:
“If you’re getting two cards, you can meet the spend on one card, but not the other. The important thing is just to cross over the 110,000 mark in January 2018 so that the Pass gets you almost two years.”

The 110K points need to be earned in the same calendar year to get the CP, so you need all 120K bonus points to credit after January 1, 2018.

This is correct. You need to get all qualifying points in the same year

How soon after closing a Southwest Chase card can you apply again for it?

You can apply again any time, just make sure you’re under 5/24. The key is that just because you get approved doesn’t mean you’ll get the bonus. For that, you need to wait 2 years between Chase bonuses on the exact same card.

u/churnocerous on reddit has detailed how the statement dates work for Chase and my understanding is – as long as you meet the MSR *after* the Dec statement, you should be fine. No need to time it to completing the spend by jan2 or Jan 3.

Despicable 5/24!!!!!!!!

If I apply on Oct 3rd, wouldn’t I have until Jan 3rd to meet minimum spend? I thought I would have to make the final minimum spend on Jan 1 and hope it posts by Jan 3. Can I really meet minimum spend at the end of December and not have the points post to Southwest until 2018?

1) The 90 day spending threshold begins from application or approval date?

2) If I apply 10/4 but get the 30 day message and then approved say, 10/9, does the 90 day end date also get pushed back?

Yes it will begin the day you’re approved – however some rumors that you unofficially get 115 days as the post says!

Cmon Pat, is no rumor. Please see the link in the post, as well as a bunch of DP’s on reddit, mine being one of them.

I know I am counting on 115 but I know there was a couple of people that said that wasn’t true. While I’m banking on it I wouldn’t want to give someone bad info. Has anyone SM’d today? Should be around 1/6 or 1/7 correct?

Saw someone yesterday who SM’d

You can SM to confirm the 115 days. Almost all SMs have confiemd the 115 days. Only the phone reps literally interpreting the “3 months to meet MSR” as 90 days.

If I apply for 2 cards in one day will it result in just 1 hard pull?

So, if I apply on SEP. 29 and change my statement to the 15th, I could meet my msr on DEC. 28 and points would post in JAN. Based on a 90 day time limit. Right?

Yes, but save yourself the headache and SM to find out your spend-by date

So if I apply on Sep. 29th and change my statement to the 15th, then meet the MSR before or on Dec. 28th the points would post in Jan? Based on a 90 day window

Can someone help with some clarity?

The 2 cards/30 days rule, is it personal and business combined, or personal and business separate?

I wanted to apply for CSP and Marriott Personal soon, but would also like 2 southwest cards before the expiration of this deal… so wondering if I can do CSP and and Southwest personal, then southwest business, all within 30 days.

It seems on the doc’s article “26 things everybody should know about Chase” that is is separate, but wanted to double check…


Why don’t you just do one SW biz and one personal at the same time (different browsers), then do CSP Marriott 30 days later

I mean, of course I could, but why do that if I can do all 3 at once? That is kind of the reason for the question.

both biz and personal cards count towards your 2/30 with Chase. I just discovered this today when I called for recon with a live rep. Luckily he approved me anyway, despite now being at 3/30.

I’m currently at 4/24, but I would like to get 2 of the Southwest cards (never had either yet) for Companion Pass. In looking at some Reddit threads and other sources, am I correct in thinking that I should be able to get approved for both personal (not the business) Southwest cards if I apply for them on the same day on Oct. 4? In keeping the business card out of the mix, I’m hoping that I’ll get instant approval and won’t have to worry about the 30-day delay.

Would not leave it till the last day. Sep 30 is the best bet, if you want to cut it that close.

Per the Reddit comment I mentioned earlier, now is a good time to apply too – just change your statement date to Jan 3.

I was at 4/24 and applied for both personal SW cards on 9/12 using different browsers. Instant approval on both. SM’d Chase on 9/13 and they confirmed that I have 115 days (1/5/18) to meet minimum spend requirement to get the bonus. Hope that helps.

Why you (as many others) are discounting a business card? Any reason to go for 2 personals vs personal+business?

I’m agonizing over how safe to play this, but in a different way than “which date do I apply?”. I’ll apply in the next couple days once I figure out which route to go:

I’m at 3/24 (CSR, CSP, MPE), and I also have the Chase Ink Preferred. Ideally, I would get the SW Biz and one of the SW Personal cards now – this would get me the CP in 2018, and put me at 4/24. After 30 days, I’d apply for the other SW Personal card for additional SW points (maybe even along with some additional Chase card by double-applying on the last day to get around 5/24?).

But if I apply for that Chase business card (already having the Ink Preferred) and don’t get it, then I’m stuck. I probably won’t get both of the other SW Personal cards in time because the first will push me past 2/30 (assuming rejected applications still count toward that metric) and this, no CP*.

So the safe play is to just get both SW Personal cards now, which I shouldn’t have trouble getting. Then I’ll be at 5/24 with the CP, but I will possibly missed out on 25-50k extra SW points, and another Chase card’s bonus.

What would you do?

* (Perhaps one personal card bonus plus whatever the reduced bonus off the second personal card will put me close enough to 110,000 that it will be reasonable anyway, but I won’t know that ahead of time.)

So, why don’t you just apply for 1 SW biz and one personal at the same time (diff browsers). Then, if you get approved for both, you’re good; approved for one, you can still go for another personal with another card after 30 days, and you still won’t be too far away from CP, even if the offer has gone down to 40k. How’s that for a theory

I’m on the exact same spot as you. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll apply for one personal card now, and wait until January to try the SW biz. I remmeber the SW biz had a slighter higher bonus than the personal (50k vs 40k last year).

I was wondering about the timing as well. The Chase site says we have 3 months to meet spend requirement– is that 3 calendar months (apply 10/3, we have until 1/3/18) or is it 90 days? I want to hit the spend threshhold as late as possible. I also imagine that making the final transaction on 1/3 is fine, even if it doesn’t finalize until 1/5?

I’m going to have my wife apply for the CP this time. Mine expired last year. She has 4 Chase personal cards (CSR, Hyatt, IHG, Freedom) and 1 business Ink Cash. What’s the best strategy for application? In the past, I applied for personal card first and then business and that worked for me. Her CSR AF is due next month, I’m not sure if it’s better to close the card and transfer CL to another card, or downgrade it to something like Freedom (which she won’t need because we never reach the $1500/quarter limit). Also, should she also close her Ink beforehand? I already have the INk and we don’t MS so I won’t meet my $25K annual limit for 5x.

I just checked, my wife has 5 personal cards (also has the FU). I think I’ll have her close the FU and transfer CL to another card. Stll not sure what to do with CSR when AF posts.

It’s not clear to me if you understand what 5/24 is. Having 5 personal cards doesn’t matter. And closing one won’t necessarily help. Has your wife gotten all 5 cards in the last 2 years?

“Then, be sure not to meet you meet your $2,000 minimum spend requirement immediately.”

Might want to fix the sentence

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