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Chase Unofficially Gives Almost 4 Months to Meet Signup Bonus Requirements

Chase is unofficially giving 115 days to meet signup bonus requirements, longer than the stated 3-months.

The standard language with Chase and most other banks to meet a signup bonus requirement is to spend $xx amount of money on the card within 3-months of approval.

chase 3 months

The important date is the approval date, not the application date and not the date you activate the card.

I recently applied for the business version of the Southwest Premier credit card on 2/29/16 and got an approval email from Chase on 3/8/16. This week, I sent them a Secure Message, “Hi, I recently opened up a Southwest Airlines credit card. I recall that there was a bonus offer for signing up to the card. I think it was to get 50,000 Southwest points if I’d spend $2,000 within 3-months. Do I have the details correct? And, what date do I need to complete the $2,000 in spend by?” They replied that I need to spend $2,000 by 6/30/16 to get the 50k points.

June 30 is 115 from the date of approval, and, apparently, Chase is unofficially giving 115 days to meet the signup bonus requirement. Moneymetagame also tweeted out that he got the exact same number of 115 days for his Chase INK Plus card. And reader T confirmed that the 115-day time frame applies to personal cards, like Chase Freedom, as well.

Note that both of us got this on business cards (INK and Southwest). It’s possible that Chase personal cards do not have this leeway. Let us know if you have information on this. The 115 time-frame has been confirmed for personal Chase cards as well.

Other Issuers

A while back we reported that Citi gives a 14-day grace period on the three months time-period. At the time, we reached out to Chase and Amex about their policy and we were told that they do NOT offer any grace period. Apparently, this extra ~25 days is an unofficial leeway. They don’t want to push people to the day and then have disgruntled customers.

Since the terms say three months, be sure to get the end-date in writing if you plan on pushing it to the end. And, of course, it’s always better not to push it to the last moment anyway in case something goes wrong with charges posting, returns, etc; we’ve heard many such stories.

  • Chase – 115 days from approval
  • Citi – 104 days (90 + 14) from approval
  • Amex – 92 days from approval
  • Bank of America – 3 months from card approval


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I can confirm it is also 115 days for the Chase Freedom.

Amex is exactly 92 days

I called Amex, they said 92 days from card APPROVAL

This date is very important to me since I don’t want to achieve my Hyatt card bonus until the last possible day since that triggers the 12 month clock on the certificate for 2 free nights. And, I really want to grab every available day in May next year for a trip to the Park Hyatt in NYC. I called Chase and they held firm to 90 days from the date of approval which pegs me at 5/21. I asked about an unofficial 115 days. The rep had never heard of anything like that.

90 days never really mattered to me as there are so many ways to hit the spend threshold immediately. This is the first time I ever gave it any consideration.

I think the certificate goes to the end of the month you complete the spend in so you would have till may 31 2017 to use it if it is completed may 1 or may 20…at least that is my understanding.

Good to know. Thanks!

Approved for Chase IHG on 3/21, got the card on 3/24 and the spend by date is given as 7/14. thanks for the post and letting me know about it. applied for 3 different chase cards. Now can stretch spending into another month.

I applied (and was approved) for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on 19/Aug/17.
Got my card on 22/Aug/17.
Called to check the spend by date and was told 19/Nov/17, so that would make it 92 days 🙁

Anyone else has had this experience? I’m wondering if they maybe got more strict recently, or if it’s because the card I got. . . dunno.

I was approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve on 8/10/17 and checked by SM when the last day was to meet the minimum spend. I was told 12/3/17 which makes it 115 days.

Does it depend on the statement closing and payment due dates. I know some people have written about being able to get a longer time to complete the minimum spend by quickly requesting a change to their statement closing date .

Adding another data point: Signed up for the Chase Ink Business Preferred on Jan 19th this year, got secure message confirming that I have until May 14th to complete the spend. This is 115 days as others have reported.

I know this is an old post, but does anyone know the answer for how many days we’re given for the United MileagePlus Explorer card?

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