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Published on January 31st, 2018 | by William Charles


Chase Starbucks Credit Card Rewards Details Leaked

Card has now launched, read our full review here.

Update 01/31/18: Looks like the reward details of this card have been leaked. Card will earn at the following rates:

  • 1 star for every $4 spent outside of Starbucks
  • Up to 3 stars for every $1 spent in Starbucks stores
  • 8 Barista picks for card members throughout the year (‘barista cultivates a special drink just for you’
  • Gives you gold status immediately

A free item costs 125 stars so the value you’ll get will depend on how much that item costs. You’ll need to spend $500 outside of Starbucks to get a free reward, if you put that same spend on a 2% credit card you’d earn $10. So there is very little/no value there. It’s hard to determine how good ‘up to 3 stars for every 1 spend in Starbucks stores is’ as it’s up to 3 stars. If it was 3 stars on all spend at Starbucks that would be a free item for every $41.66 you spent (plus the rewards you’d normally earn of 2 stars per $1 spent).

It also isn’t 100% clear what the Barista picks are. Are they a complimentary item or just a special menu item cardholders can purchase?

Update 01/30/18: In Starbucks most recent earnings call Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson provided some additional details regarding the card:

  • In partnership with Chase and Visa, we are launching a co-branded credit card in February. These customers will earn Stars at an accelerated rate at Starbucks as well as earn Stars everywhere else they shop.
  • In April also with Chase and Visa, we are launching a co-branded stored value card targeted to customers who don’t want or can’t qualify for credit cards. This card will also let customers earn Stars wherever Visa is accepted.
  • In March, we are launching a significant marketing initiative to sign up customers for special offers outside of Starbucks Rewards, with only 14 million of the 75 million or so unique customers, who visit us each month signed up for Rewards, we have a tremendous opportunity to leverage our new digital technologies to initiate and advance additional direct digital relationships.

Original post: Starbucks has announced that they plan to have a co-branded card with Chase this winter and a prepaid card at some stage later. In early 2016 Chase & Starbucks said a prepaid card would be launched by years end but that product never materialized. Both the prepaid and credit card will allow customers to earn Starbucks reward when they spend. The exact earning structure of this card is unclear at this stage. Chase didn’t have any additional comments or information to share, Starbucks provided this statement:

  • …we will be launching new financial service products in the U.S. with Chase. The first product, launching this winter, will be a co-branded Visa credit card, enabling customers to receive Starbucks Rewards with their purchases both in, and out of Starbucks stores. The second product, a prepaid Visa card we have discussed on prior earnings calls – will be introduced shortly thereafter. Both products will offer a rich rewards proposition for customers and we look forward to sharing additional details as the products come available.

Chase has offered some deals in partnership with Starbucks in recent time, for example:

Starbucks did have a co-branded card in the past called Duetto, this was launched in 2003 and discontinued in 2010 and was issued by Bank One (now part of J.P. Morgan Chase). This card earned 1% Duetto dollars on all purchases and 3% Duetto dollars on Starbucks gift card reloads.

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hopefully its not under 5/24

I had this card back in the day….or at least the old card when it was issued by First Bank…it was called The Duetto card..and you got Duetto Bucks to spend at Starbucks… Should be interesting!

I had this card too. When it was discontinued, Chase converted it to my first Freedom card.

I wish Chase went Dunkin though. Starbucks is just overpriced hot water for snooty people.

So then Dunkin is overpriced donuts and hot water corn construction workers?

No fucks for Starbucks
No fucks for Starbucks

Yeah at least Dunkin’ coffee don’t taste like Starfucks pumpkin piss latte?

Most people posting on DOC are kind and respectful of others, even those they disagree with. Vulgar and demeaning statements don’t fall within that category.

+1. Kick him out William

Sorry, your coffee’s feelings were hurt!

but i cant get enough of the hotties and their spandex doh…

Please stop trolling.

He may not have been trolling 🙂

Their spandex will be showcasing lots of fat rolls not long after procuring a Starbucks 1000 calorie latte habit.

Heheh – that’s quite plausible.

Dunkin’ is both overpriced and disgusting. It tastes like toilet water. I occasionally go to Starbucks but greatly prefer local coffee shops that get fresh roasted beans. At least when you pay there, you get good coffee.

Singup Bonus:- 5 caramel frappuccino, spend bonus- upgrade to a venti. No thanks.

Yes, can’t wait!! Hopefully Ill get a starting limit of $15k to purchase all the PSLs

Dude. Gonna take at least $25k to do that.

Weird. I love Starbucks but seeing as I haven’t hit lol/24 I see no place in my wallet for a Starbucks credit card. Unless they have a ridiculous sign up bonus but even then… gonna have to be a hell of a lot of free starbucks (and not under 5/24!) to get me interested…

A prepaid card maybe, but a starbucks branded credit card is just a horrible idea, it will absolutely flop. There is no product starbucks offers that is worth enough to prop up a new reward currency that can compete at the 2% rebate level. What makes the travel cards able to sustain their own currency is that the travel rewards are high ticket and aspirational. Nobody is saving up to buy coffee or dreaming about the day that they spend enough on their credit card to earn a free bag of beans. It would essentially need to be a cashback card to compete and even then, the starbucks brand won’t resonate with cash back customers the way a financial brand does. It’s just a really dumb idea, my bet is this never happens.

It could be like the Uber card, a good card with good benefits marketed to people where they shop. If they gave 1.5% back everywhere and double points at Starbucks, with double that on double star days, that would be good for most people. Sure you can get Freedom Unlimited and get 1.5% everywhere everyday, but what’s the fun in that?

CSR is 3% on restaurant spends and UR is likely more valuable than Starbucks currency.

Man, Chase is going crazy with these new credit cards that’s coming out. I love it haha, so many credit cards coming out all the time haha.

No bucks for Starfucks
No bucks for Starfucks

looks better

The real question is will there be a Cashback option or only Starbucks Rewards? And can it compete with the Uber card, with 4% back? I don’t even use Uber, but with a Cashback option and great rewards, I applied for it. Besides, I might use it on a trip abroad that I’m taking.

I guess it’s too early to really say since we don’t know yet if there will be a cashback option or any non-Starbucks bonus spend categories. As of right now, it really only seems like a useful card for those who frequent Starbucks. Granted, that’s probably a pretty viable demographic for them when you consider how many people go to Starbucks every morning before work.

How about $450 a year annual fee with $300 credit for Starbucks / Teavanna purchases.

Signup bonus is a $500 Starbucks gift card or $400 cash.

Separate line for Starbucks card holders. Instant Gold status. One free drink and bakery item every month.

Card has same 3X bonus categories as CSR. Receive earnings back as cash or get a 25% bonus to transfer to Starbucks gift card.

And of course for shits and giggles let’s throw in a priority pass membership since every premium card has to have one.

Hehe it appears DoC readers are better marketing folks than the card issuers themselves

You forgot to include a Starbucks World Lounge access pass. This exciting new lounge, which contains luxurious seating and, of course, Starbucks food and drinks for sale, will charge non-card members to enter. It will naturally be located at the new Starbucks theme park…

The theme park, Starbucks World, will have coffee-themed rides and attractions that are perfect for the whole family!

Free cup of coffee or food at any Starbucks in airports. Up to 3 guest.
(And you can visit same Starbucks every 2 hours)

Hope I can link my Venti card to my Plenti card.

They’re jumping the shark. Given the disincentives presented by 4/24, how many Chase customers are there who’ll blow a slot on this? And how many relatively unsophisticated non-Chase consumers with +800 FICOs will be 4/24-rejected for this card and out of pure mortification simply blow off Chase forever? Or blow off both Chase and Starbucks? And given all that, why did Starbucks choose Chase in the first place? Looks like lose-lose to me, and likely a bullish indicator for Dunkin’ Donuts. Anyway, I regret missing the pitch meeting where a roomful of expensively-educated young MBAs nodded their heads sagely around a 20-foot mahogany table and said, Why, yes! What a great idea!

I would bet that 90% of Chase’s customers have no idea 5/24 exists and won’t be effected by it. It’s a rule they implemented to exclude undesirable customers (churners, award seekers and customers seeking lots of credit quickly). And most average cc customers would think “oh – I did open 5 credit cards in the past two years…. that’s a lot.” For the average customer, that is. A credit card every year or two is more of the average pattern.
And why did Starbucks choose one of the most respectable banks with the broadest nationwide footprints? Seems pretty obvious.

Probably 95%. My colleague was agonizing over whether to pick the free or the fee Hilton card offer that she got in the mail. Most people don’t have dozens of credit cards. Hell, with the declining quality of offers I am in danger of going out of 5/24 soon.

agree with Leo & calwatch. most of the people i know have 1 or 2 cards that they put all their spend on, and under the believe that opening more cards will kill their credit score. =/

This just in. “Spend $5000 in the first three months on your new Starbucks card and receive 250 stars, spend an additional $2000 and receive 125 stars-enough for 3 FREE DRINKS!”

Found some card details on Vimeo – looks like a few informational videos were just uploaded the other day and maybe should have been made private…

Looks like card benefits include:
– Immediate upgrade to Gold status
– 1 star for every $4 spent outside Starbucks
– “Up to” 3 stars for every $1 spent at Starbucks
– 8 “Barista Picks” curated for cardmembers (exclusive menu options?)

Not great perks, but I one of my coworkers is a Starbucks fanatic – they’d probably love to earn more stars on non-Starbucks purchases toward free drinks.

Assuming you get a $5 drink with free reward, $5/125 stars = 4 cents per star.

1 star for every $4 spent = 4 cents for every $4 spent = 1% cash back

Indeed, the value of the card definitely depends on what kind of drinks you order. The most expensive I ever order is the nitro cold brew for $4.74, which I consider a lot for coffee, but doesn’t even break the $5 mark needed to get 1% cash back… Would be worth more if stars could be redeemed for a free bag of beans instead of a drink – and even then it’d barely break 2% back.

Assuming $4.74 / 125 point, and full 3x at Starbucks.

Spend $125 for 3×125 stars. Receive $125+3x$4.74 of goods for $125 spend => spend $0.897859503 for $1 of goods => equivalent to 10.2140497% cashback.

Not *that* bad, actually, but one can get SB giftcards at 10% off anyway.

Outside Starbucks this does not make any sense with the 0.25x rewards, the math comes out to 0.939097357%… worse than 1%.

Starbucks is not the best coffee around…but I prefer it to the other brand chains, and the independent options convenient to my life aren’t superior. I will stop in when I’m near the better options, but I won’t go out of my way for them. And I used my stars for food purchases rather than drinks.

For me, a Starbucks branded card may be worthwhile if used just for Starbucks purchases (and as an emergency backup).

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