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Published on July 12th, 2017 | by William Charles


Chase To Switch Business Accounts To New Interface – Should Allow For ‘Selected For You’ Offers To Show Bypassing 5/24

Update: According to comments some readers with business accounts have already been switched over to the new design.

Rapid Travel Chai reports that he received an e-mail stating that business accounts would be moved over to the new Chase website design soon. Stefan is not a fan of the new design at all (I don’t think it’s as bad as the American Express once). What people should really care about though is that the new website design lets you view ‘Selected For You’ offers, previously if you held a business card in the same login you saw the old design and weren’t able to view these offers.

This is significant because if you have the green check mark next to these offers then they work to bypass the Chase 5/24 rule. Personally I’ll take a crappy website design if it means I’m able to skirt around those rules. Unfortunately Chase has not given a new date for the switch and it’s possible they will slowly rolling business accounts over, but we will be sure to repost when the switch does start so business account holders can start looking for selected for you offers.

13 Responses to Chase To Switch Business Accounts To New Interface – Should Allow For ‘Selected For You’ Offers To Show Bypassing 5/24

  1. Andrew says:

    I was switched to the new site a few weeks back. The offers page has only shown on the mobile app and only non-card offers appear.

  2. R says:

    i am on new design, dont see these

  3. NoonRadar says:

    Chase has already been rolling the business site to the new design, some accounts at a time. A couple of times in the past few months I tried to get an idea when it might roll for all, was told soon but no definitive date, the last time I was told this was over a month ago or so while I was talking to a biz cust service rep for something else.

    Also there’s no way for you to be put on a priority list, they just do this at their own pace, so whenever your account gets picked.

    • gabriel says:

      I was told the same when I SM’d them. I detest the old design I ended up having to use when combining biz + pers.

  4. FLL says:

    Last year when we were in Sydney we could not pull pdf statement file via iPad on the personal site, therefore could not get the BA card number needed in order to do an Avios booking online. The time zone coupled with weekend means we could NOT call any of the BA call centers – be it the one handles North America (based in Ireland now IIRC), UK, and not even Singapore / Hong Kong as they close on weekend… Chase rep said the only way to be able to access statement was thru a PC!!!

    We could not thank Robi the on duty staff at the Park Hyatt Conierge Desk – he opened the business center for us to use despite it was over 10pm long passed the operation hours. So we were able to access Chase website, got the BA card number from the pdf statement, then went on BA site to cancel the Avios booking for travel in 3 days. Unbelievable CRAPPY Chase mobile site not allowing access to pdf statement, nor even sending new SM – the site literally instructed me to use a PC for that function, though I could work around by replying an SM to gain access to SM function…

    When we returned home we promptly went to Chase branch to have our business banker initial the move of ALL personal accounts to go under business log in. We simply could not afford losing access of many functions on the personal mobile site when we are on the road which often means over 30 days away from home at a stretch.

    Never understand companies thinking that the mobile is the king – it is not. Many people use desktop / laptop for more important stuff as it is simply more efficient and productive – because the mobile sites often are dumbed down to minimal functions or make you click thru multiple screens to get to where you need to be….

    • Peter says:

      “Never understand companies thinking that the mobile is the king – it is not.” your post shows that Chase does not consider mobile king since they do not allow access to all functions via mobile devices.

      Also, I don’t understand why you do not have a laptop you travel with? I’d also recommend you save copies of all statements as they are generated to a cloud storage system since the banks do not provide access forever.

      Additionally, I would not be under the expectation that a card statement would provide card information (card number, expiration date, etc.). While currently most lenders do list the card number as the account number on the statement you should have the card in your possession if you plan to use it or its benefits.

      • FLL says:

        What I meant is, Chase effort to mobile centric is poorly done as many functions can still only be accessed via PC while the mobile “Look” site is, well, only for the looks. For that look, now you need to click thru multiple screens in order to get the info you used to get it on the home page once you logged in,

        AMEX new “Global” site mobile look is even worse. I am sure many would agree otherwise there would not be a workaround being written up on this and other places, The new site is counter-productive!

        Before you jump in to voice your opinion here is the situation in case you miss the details of my post.

        Chase phone rep said she could not give card number over the phone even if she could verify cardholder’s ID. It was she who told us to find a PC so we could pull the statement online when it is desktop mode -Yes, on Chase statement, the FULL CARD NUMBER is listed on the statement.

        BA site REQUIRES the number of the card used to make the Avios booking in order to be able to cancel the booking online. I dont know if a phone rep could do it without the card number or not but in any case there is NO WAY to contact a BAEC center Anywhere in the World due to they are not 24/7 and close on weekends.

        We do NOT intend to use the BA cards. However plan changes means we no longer need the Avios booking (on CX flying BKK-HKG). Can cancel it to get back the Avios only lose the cash (taxes) part or the cancellation fee whichever is smaller. In this case the taxes x 2 was just over $50 with the Avios used 100% return – IF it is canceled 24 hours before flight. So there was a need to cancel – what I did not know is, BA has changed its website to add security measure – so now in order to access cancellation function you would need the number of the card used to make the reservation. It was not this way in the past when I had to cancel an Avios booking.

        As for carrying the laptop – it does not work with offline maps, When you are traveling 30 to 40 days on a RTW trip (we do that 3 to 4 times a year) the LESS gadgets to bring the BETTER if you want to travel light and dont have checked bag if at all possible.

        There is NO NEED to save credit card statements on cloud – they are useless once past the 3 to 6 months period Not even bank statements need to be saved long time.

        About the only financial stuff need to be kept long time are stuff related to your tax return. Neither CC statement or bank statement falls into that category, at least not in our finance. YMMV of course as always.

  5. projectx says:

    Meh. I check my offers on my personal log in page frequently and so far have got a big pile of jack squat. I don’t expect the offers on the business page to be any different.

  6. Jim says:

    Not sure if it’s related, but I went into a branch today to see if I was pre-approved for an Ink (I’m already over 5/24).

    The banker said he had to create a “business profile” first before checking for pre-approvals and, when he was finished with that, told me to come back in a few days and THEN he could check for pre-approvals. Asked me a few questions about my business; took about 15 minutes.

    Not sure if this is something new, or if it’s something everyone goes through when asking for pre-approvals on business cards with them.

  7. Matt says:

    Still on the old design. Wonder when the switch will happen.

  8. Ethan says:

    My personal cards were switched with the business cards, so still unable to check for offers.

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