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Published on September 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


Bypass Chase 5/24 Online With “Selected For You” Offers [Now Showing United Cards]

Update: It’s working again, yay!

Update: No longer working unfortunately.

Update: It looks like United cards are now showing up under “Selected For You” offers. This is consistent with the fact that they also show up for in branch pre-approvals that also bypass 5/24. Hat tip to reader Wizmanison.

Today I read an interesting post on The Travel Sisters about seeing Chase offers ‘selected for you’. It seems that some people are seeing ‘selected for you’ offers in their account and these offers are bypassing the Chase 5/24 rule. To see if you have one of these offers. The offers are appearing in a banner on the left hand side of your screen, under your Ultimate Rewards balance on the Accounts page (this link might also work) (might also be under ‘explore products’).

Note, if you see a link that says ‘explore Chase credit cards’ and then displays all the cards and doesn’t say ‘selected for you’ with the green check mark then you don’t have any of these offers. It will also only show up if you see the new website design (and this won’t show if you have business cards).


Thanks to reader Rediff for image


These offers are different to the Chase pre-qualified offers (e.g it’s possible to have these selected for you offers and not pre-qualified offers). I’m wondering if these are the online equivalent to the Chase in branch pre-approvals? It seems only Chase branded cards will show up (e.g Chase Sapphire Reserve) and not co-branded cards (e.g Chase IHG).

Obviously this is relatively new, so if you find these offers in your account and apply please share your datapoints. Might also be interesting to know if you’ve been pre-approved in branch or not (or at least have/don’t have in branch offers).

Thanks again goes to The Travel Sisters for making me aware of this, their post has more pictures that might be useful to readers.

Data Points

  • Successfully bypassed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
  • Declined due to 5/24 or other reasons: 1, 2

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I think it might show up under your offers from Menu bar. Your Offers page have selected for you section. I have usual car payment offer shown there. I recently got CSR in branch so don’t think anything will show up there for next 6 months

i got a preapproved ink online but had just made a huge purchase hours before

this Chase offers ‘selected for you’ section has been around since the new website was launched.

this is where CPC invitations and other offers show up. i even have a CSP offer here of 50k when I already have one. IMO nothing to see here and assume this was just a pre-qualified (NOT preapproved) offer from Chase but glad the sisters got it. good for them.

i believe its YMMV although interesting hypothesis. i guess we just need more DP.

Data points: I don’t have a current UR account, and no ad is displayed at all in that section of my account. Two of my coworkers with UR accounts (both over 5/24) did not have a ‘selected for you’ ad there (one had a different ad, one had no ad).

I’m still seeing the old Chase interface…. anyone know of a way to force it to the new UI?

is it cuz u only have the ink?

My UR balance is on the right, so I’m not sure what is going on.

Mine Also. We have the old interface and cant acess the new one until Chase upgrades “all platforms.” A rep told me one of the reasons may be I have both personal and business cards on there but i guess YMMV

yes. that is the reason thats why. anyone who has INK has the old website. thats all.

Yes, I have the Southwest business and old interface.

I saw the offer, Applied for CSP and application went pending, after few days it was rejected due to 5/24. so its not a bypass for 5/24

yup. YMMV. i dont think it bypasses anything, but i guess some do. who knows. not consistent enough.

Let me throw my theory here: their server did not decide on your application because of other data in your credit report or because of errors in the entries you made, and so it forced a human to look at it and he declined you.
If that is the case, bad news since Chase will plug the hole soon. Or worse ……

That section, for me, shows no “selected” offer, though that is understandable as I have absolutely abused Chase prior to the 5/24 rule (my wife and I got two CSR cards EACH within 6 months and we went through about 8 Southwest cards over 18 months).

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Hyatt, IGH, Ritz, etc. are going to have to be enough for me from now on.

I’m not leaving literally 1000s of dollars on the table so I can get the CSR.

How did you pull off multiple CSR’s? Cancelled and re-opened? Was it in-branch pre-approval?

I think he means “each within 6 months,” not “two CSR cards each.”

I’m 99% sure he meant CSP’s.

This is correct. From 2014-15, my wife and barreled through literally dozens of Chase cards as quickly as we could.

I was sad when 5/24 got instituted, but Chase still has enough co-branded cards that I’m not too upset (e.g.- we can spend three nights per year in a Ritz, two nights per year in a Hyatt, 2-3 nights per year in IHG, two nights in a Fairmont suite and 50000 Avios PER YEAR between the two of us).

Leaving that all on the table for 100k UR or maybe 50k SW points seems insane to me.

What are you talking about

you’re the reason for 5/24. it is entirely your fault.

I see FU, Slate, CSP, CSR, United MileagePlus® Explorer, The Hyatt card. Already have CSP and just PC’d Slate to Freedom so not sure if these are really targeted. Also see 2 business cards, Ink Business Preferred and INKCash


Highly unlikely, although I’d love to be proven wrong. Chances are your looking at the main cards page, can you confirm whether or not the cards you listed specifically say ‘SELECTED FOR YOU’ with a green check mark?

Replying to my own post–clicking on Your Offers just takes me to the generic page to explore Chase Auto, Credit Cards, Mortgage. Therein lies the confusion as clicking on “explore credit cards” doesn’t mean anything special, instead, they should just say there are no CC offers.

My wife’s acct. shows the exact same cards. I don’t think these offers are legit if you’re over 5/24.

No in-branch preapprovals.
No offers currently in my account, but did have BT offer in the spot you refer to last summer.

I see everything – the CSP, CSR, Slate, the freedoms as well as the Southwest, Ritz, IHG, and Hyatt + the business cards. Total of 22 cards. Of note, I got the CSR, CSP, and Hyatt in the past year.


No offers selected for me and I have also been unsuccessful with my 1 attempt at in-branch pre-approval. Very interested to see how this develops.

I did not see the banner on either of my accounts. If I go into “your offers” I see a link to “explore chase credit cards”. This is definitly not targetted though and is just a listing of chase credit cards (both branded and co-branded).

You may want to clarify this point in your post, so that people dont start applying for cards in the “explore chase credit cards” section unnecessarily (and thus get hit with a hard pull because of the confusion).

I have no pre-qualified offers in branch, checked last week. I have all of these cards show up. I actually have Hyatt and Freedom Unlimited, so I am a little suspect of these being approved.

Chase Freedom UnlimitedSM credit card
Chase Slate® credit card
Chase Sapphire Preferred® credit card
NEW! Chase Sapphire Reserve
United MileagePlus® Explorer card
The Hyatt Credit Card
Ink Business PreferredSM credit card
Ink Cash® business credit card

I hope I am wrong! I’d love to hear from others.



Did you click “explore chase credit cards”? If so, those are not the same as “selected for you” offers.

Nevermind, it was the next box over, not the “selected for you” box.

Carry on,


I get these same ones when I clicked on explore offers and it’s saying “Your offers”. But I already have two of these. Afraid to bite, but sure is tempting. Will wait for more datapoints.

Anyone know how to get the new UI to load? I can’t figure out how to get away from the classic site… and I tried the links above – I have both personal and business, 7 total.

anyone who has the INK has the old website. thats all. so FYI.

Ahh thanks, I do have the INK.

Just a random DP (that I have been unable to reproduce), I did manage to get the new UI even though I have an Ink during an AwardWallet account update. I was running an Update All Accounts on my AwardWallet and something seemed to error out on Chase and I was left with the new UI with my Ink and CSP showing. Unfortunately, no offers available.

I’m over 5/24. My selected for you box only has a car loan offer.

Here too


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