Posted by William Charles on April 25, 2017
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Published on April 25th, 2017 | by William Charles


Citi Adds Jet Airways JetPrivilege As A Transfer Partner (1:1) Rate

Citi has added a new transfer partner in Jet Airways JetPrivilege, the transfer rate is 1:1 with a minimum of 1,000 points that can be transferred. Citi last added a new transfer partner back in 2015.

citi jetprivilege

For those not familiar with Jet Airways they are an Indian airline.

My extremely limited understanding is that JetPrivilege miles are not particularly valuable. If anybody knows of any good articles on redeeming miles, or any “sweet spots” please let us know in the comments below.

2 Responses to Citi Adds Jet Airways JetPrivilege As A Transfer Partner (1:1) Rate

  1. Lrdx says:

    Looking at the partner charts, there are some sweet spots. North America is divided into 4 parts, and within one region it’s only 10k (NE/SE) – 15k (NW/SW) miles for a one-way flight. Miles between different NA regions is 24k. Also, the whole Europe is one region, with 15k miles for a flight.
    Business is 2x miles, First class is 3x miles.
    And the regions are weird: Mexico is the same region as southwest USA, for instance. Canada is part of NE/NW America. San Francisco is NW, while Los Angeles is SW. (Cheap travel from CA to Vancouver or Cancun)
    It’s a good addition to the portfolio.

  2. Penn Adam says:

    Last time I redeemed, it had to be done over phone and email and I remember emailing them a scans of passport, Green card, credit card etc. Very cumbersome.

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