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Published on December 17th, 2017 | by Chuck


Citi Dividend Reveals Quarterly Categories for the Entire 2018

We’ve already known the Q1 2018 quarterly category for Citi Dividend since a few days ago as gas and car rentals. Citi has now made known the entire 2018’s categories (I can’t yet find a public link, it shows at a private link when clicking through the activation email).

  • Q1 2018: Gas and Car Rentals
  • Q2 2018: Home Depot and Home Furnishing Stores
  • Q3 2018: Airlines and Movies
  • Q4 2018: Best Buy and Department Stores

Knowing the entire year’s categories is vital for the Dividend category card, specifically, since the card earns $300 of cash back total per year, irrespective of which way you earn the cash back. This mean you can spend $6,000 in a single category on a single day and get $300 cash back from the purchase.

No easy categories this year like drugstores or grocery. The Gas in Q1 and the Best Buy and Department Stores in Q4 are probably the most useful one’s for a lot of people, though some others like Home Depot useful as well. Overall it’s a disappointing year for the Dividend.


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One thing I dislike with Dividend is the least amount we can cashout is $25 that’s why I don’t use it at gas stations since I get better discounts on gas using other methods.

BBY works well for me not just for the CB but most especially for the BBY points I receive. I’ll monitor deals at Home Furnishing stores and maybe I can score some dough Q2.

This guaranteed Citi Dividend Rewards will be a sock drawer for all of 2018.

I think Q1 & Q4 can be easily used.

Unless I can find a gas station that sells gift cards…looks like sock drawer time.

Does anybody know if buying inside a 7-11 store counts as gas? I tried TY Premier about a year ago and it did not count as 3x for gas but chase freedom always give 5x when their quarterly reward is 5x for gas.

TY Premier sent out a letter saying that not everything was coding correctly, esp. gas

Does this mean Dividend will work at 7-11 this quarter

Sad. Besides MSing, every category is something I’d be unable to do much spending on organically or already have a card that’s as good or better.

Seems typical of the dividend.

I have maxed out Div for 2017 and my Dec statement closed. Would any purchases through year end and closing in January count towards 2018? I couldn’t find the answer by search. Any help?

Bummed health & fitness aren’t categories. I did well paying for prescriptions as part of my high deductible plan – gained almost $100 in cash back this year in that quarter alone.

I was thinking of PCing my Thank You to Dividend, but with this lineup, it’s not worth it. It was easy to max out drugstores last year, since one of the chain drug stores near me sells $500 Vanilla Visas.

That sucks. Where’s the drug store category Citi?

I was hoping to not be tempted into rationalizing the gas stations one. Been through enough grief with 7-Elevens on the Club Carlson one and will be more with the Freedoms. Unloading Vanillas not easy in my area now, either. Going to sock drawer my 8 Dividends for 2018.

Not a big deal, but my statement says after July 20 I can longer redeem rewards as gift cards. cash back check or DD are still available it says.

I need help DoC – I just noticed that Citi has expired my dividend cashback dollars as there hasn’t been any transaction on the account for 12 months. Is there anything that can be done to get them back ? Has anyone had a similar experience ?

Contact Citi, they will usually reinstate from memory. Keep escalating/HUCA if they refuse.

Thanks.. had to look up what HUCA stands for. Learning so much from you guys.

Spoke to a supervisor they offering to reinstate only 50%. What to do now – persist or yield?

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