Posted by William Charles on June 15, 2017
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Published on June 15th, 2017 | by William Charles


Citi Has Pulled All Hilton Application Links – Cards No Longer Available For Sign Up

Unfortunately all of the Citi Hilton application links are currently resulting in an error ‘A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.’ It doesn’t seem to matter what links, browser or device you use they are all erroring out. We warned readers that this might happen after Citi & Hilton pulled the cards from their respective websites so hopefully you signed up for a card if you were interesting.

This is likely a result of American Express becoming the sole issuer of Hilton cards from 2018 onwards. It might still be possible to apply by phone (1-800-514-5614) if anybody tries this and has any success (or failure) then let us know in the comments below. I was told that applications for this card are no longer being accepted. This is the end of an era, churning Citi Hilton cards used to be a rite of passage.

The next question that needs to be answered is what will happen to existing cardholders? We discuss some of the possible options in this post.

Hat tip to reader Anna H

50 Responses to Citi Has Pulled All Hilton Application Links – Cards No Longer Available For Sign Up

  1. Sergio says:

    I applied for and was approved for the Hilton Reserve on the 7th right after they pulled apps from their website using incognito window.

  2. The Value Traveler says:

    perhaps they will be PC to the Thank You Preferred/Premier with an option to earn after a min spend. Thats what they did to my Avianca LifeMiles VISA when US Bank axed it.

    • Ben says:

      I’d rather PC to a Dividend card.

      Anyone think that will be possible? What if I already have a Dividend card, can I PC my Hilton to a second Dividend?

      Right now, my SO and I each have the no AF Citi Hilton. We also each have a Dividend. I would love for us to each have 2 Dividends…that’d be $1,200 a year we could make off of their 5X categories (we each already have 2 5X Freedoms too!)

      • The Value Traveler says:

        I didn’t know the dividend has category bonuses.

          • The Value Traveler says:

            Dang….we always get pre-selected offers for that card & they end up on the shredder….but theres no language about rotating categories…just balance xfer stuff, which is useless for us.

          • Paul says:

            Churning tip. Scan all credit card mailers before discarding.

        • AL says:

          The current quarter (drugstores) is basically a free $240 every year. I took out $60 for the vgc fees. The best part is there are no quarterly limits so u can knock it out in a weekend and file it for next year.

        • TG says:

          Can’t reply directly to your comment about being pre-selected by for the Dividend, but that seems highly unlikely as the card isn’t available for new sign ups anymore and they don’t advertise it.

          • The Value Traveler says:

   bad…Im getting my citi cards mixed up…sorry about that. the ones were getting is the citi DIAMOND …not Dividend…

  3. Ben says:

    “The next question that needs to be answered is what will happen to existing cardholders? We discuss some of the possible options in this post.”

    I would love to hear some opinions on what will happen to existing cardholders, but that link does NOT discuss it.

  4. James says:

    Hope to hear someone saying that by phone is still working now….

  5. Doug Holcomb says:

    My wife was approved on the 13th, just got in…

  6. Shirley says:

    I applied hh reserve card on 6th and went pending,received application received email. I called just now . The rep. said can’t be approved because the offer is no longer avaible so no way to approve. I got a hard pull and got nothing. Terrible citi. Is there anything I can do?

    • Andrew says:

      I’m in the same boat as you. There’s a chance we might still get our apps reviewed. I had a similar situation with a Citi AA card earlier this year. The app went pending, and I got the same error message when I checked the application status online. I let it wait another week or so, and finally I got a response for it. Here’s hoping!!!

    • marshall says:

      same thing happend to me. the rep told me there was no hard pull since it’s an invalid offer

    • I’d file a complaint with Citi and escalate to CFPB if they don’t respond positively. Offer was valid when you applied, shouldn’t matter it’s not valid anymore as you were never denied.

    • Saf says:

      Are you sure you got a hard pull?

      Everyone that I know who’s app went pending / “limbo” from the 6th, never got a hard pull (myself included)…

      • Shirley says:

        I heart some rep. Said there was no hard pull. But in my opinion, once application submitted, system run hard pull already. And also not every citi rep said no hard pull. The one answered my call said sorry when I mentioned hard pull.

        • Saf says:

          “But in my opinion, once application submitted, system run hard pull already.”

          That’s not necessarily true. If you submit a second Citi (personal) app on the same day the second one never pulls credit. Speaking on this from experience. Recon rep and her supervisor confirmed that on second app it goes straight to not approved and there was not even an option for her to view my credit file on the second app like there was on the first.

          If you have some credit monitoring service, I would check on there for any EX pull.

          I just received notification this morning of the hard pull that was done on 6/14 for my second app. I never received such a notification for my first app submitted 6/6 that went “lost.”

          I would call exec office and speak to them.

  7. JA says:

    Applied last night for the Reserve. Instant denial. Now convinced citi has some beef with me. Been denied by them 3 times in the last year (only applied for AAs and hiltons). Even now with my TU frozen (they pull EX+TU on me). Only 4 hard pulls in last 6 months on EX. In that same time frame been instant approved for 2 amex, M+, AR, and 2 barclays. So long citi, you’ve been the worst.

    • italdesign says:

      Same here. Many, many Citi cards over the years, always approved – until this year. 2 apps = 2 denials. Only 3 apps in 6 months in the CB they pulled, yet denial reason = “too many HPs”.

  8. Don says:

    I applied June 9. Got the we will contact you within a week. No word so I called June 15 and was told they are no longer accepting Hilton applications even over the phone.

  9. Abey says:

    I applied 3 days ago for the Hilton reserve.
    it went to pending with a decision to follow
    I wonder if approved if i will get the bonus since i product changed the citi hilton (recieved 75K points over 24 months ago) to double cash 9 months ago if that reset the clock as opened/closed within 24 months.

  10. TJ says:

    I knew I should have applied when the 50k link was posted. Kicking myself! Ugh

  11. DAVID says:

    Fun while it lasted!!! I think I finished with 8 Citi Hiltons for about 400k points and 2 free nights over the years!!

  12. Saf says:

    I was the one who yelled wolf on Reddit and told people to apply because the card was coming down today (6/15).

    Per the Executive that specifically called me to tell me to apply over the phone because the apps were down, “the card will be converted to an Amex.”

    I have two thoughts:
    1) Why were the apps working on some browsers and not others?

    My thinking is this – Citi IT being Citi IT, programmed all the links to redirect to the generic CC page. This worked for Chrome which I’m guessing is their primary test browser. Citi IT being Citi IT once again, probably didn’t realize it didn’t work on Safari/Mobile. I can see how this slipped. I work in web software dev and probably for a change this dramatic they rushed and missed some things. Cross browser testing in Chrome can/is spotty sometimes.

    2) Why take the app down if the portfolio going to Amex anyways?

    Only logical reason I can think of is Amex made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Maybe to buy the rest of their Hilton points stash along with their portfolio, BUT only up to a certain date of applications. They get the points at a discount which they can use, and Citi makes the best out of the hand they’re dealt. Instead of getting left with nothing, they get something to soften the blow.

    Last note: I would advise anyone that applied, had a hard pull made, and no reply yet, contact the executive office TOMORROW. Citi IT being Citi IT, the longer you wait the more impossible it might be to get approved even if you have a fighting chance, once the system is down, it’s down, they’re not bringing it up to process 1 application.

    The number for the exec office is: 432-477-6858

    Hope you don’t mind me posting this DoC. Feel free to modify/take down whatever 🙂

    P.S. I have no affiliation with Citi, I was/am just a frustrated person who fell victim to Citi’s crappy IT department. After reading countless stories over the past few months and thinking “it can’t be that bad!” I know it really is THAT bad. I’m just glad my mess/sage is over and my app is approved. Now to wait for the card to come in the mail…hopefully…

  13. Anna H says:

    Hey DoC, Thanks for the heads up last week on the end of Citi Hilton cards! I got one final Citi Hilton card approved last week. No more churning Citi Hilton. So sad to see this era end.

  14. farsighted99 says:

    I have the Citi Hilton Preferred and the Amex Hilton Reserve. Annoying. So what happens now? They just cancel my card?

    What’s going on with these hotel cards anyway? My Chase Fairmont card will be discontinued on 8/14. The Amex SPG is probably going soon. Depressing.

  15. LWT3 says:

    My wife was approved on June 4th but still hasn’t received her card. We better get it. I applied on the 8th, got a response asking for proof of income (not the first time Citi has asked for this) which I mailed on the 9th. I suspect it hasn’t been processed yet and I won’t get the card.

  16. scott says:

    So if I meet the $10K minimum spend on my Hilton card will I still get the free night certificate next year?

    • Derek says:

      That is the big question. I don’t want to keep putting $$$ on the card if we don’t get the free night, as for me that adds another 2.5% in value to my charges. Otherwise, it’s a worse return return than an 2% cashback.

  17. Shaun says:

    Applied on 6/12, went to pending. Called 6/14, was told application being processed. I offered more info, verification, credit shifts but was told nothing needed on their end. Called today 6/16 and was told that my (and all recent) applications were being denied because the product is no longer available for new customers. They also asked whether I applied through a link on a blog, or through Citi’s site itself, Despite arguing that I applied while the product was still available, and have confirmation e-mail from Citi about the application (specific to the HHonors Reserve card), got nowhere. Spoke with a supervisor too.

    Saw a suggestion above to complain to CFPB, but not sure I see where Citi has an obligation to process an application. It’s not like they’re approving the card without the sign-up bonus – they’re outright denying approval for the card altogether. Which I assume is their right as a business. Please correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll gladly go the CFPB route.

  18. Matt says:

    Hey Doc, haven’t seen you answer or mention it, but do you think this means the Hilton Reserve will now be an option as an Amex card?

  19. Bambrow says:

    It’s strange that I receive an email saying I got approved for this card, 9K CL today. I applied around June 17 and received the letter asking for SSN verification a week later, and I replied by mail. Defenitely passed the deadline (according to the posts above) but got approved. Lucky but a little weird.

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