Posted by William Charles on November 16, 2016
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Published on November 16th, 2016 | by William Charles


More Citi Sears Madness – 10x/10% Back On Online Purchases

The Offers

Readers have reported three different targeted spending offers on the Citi Sears card:

  • 10% back in statement credit on all online purchases (up to a total of $100 back) via reader @DanhEQ1



  • 10x ThankYou points on all online purchases (up to a total of 10,000 points) via reddit user rudayo


  • $1 Statement Credit for every eligible purchase of $1 or more (up to $25) via reader @DanhEQ1


Our Verdict

It’s offers like this that make the Citi Sears card seriously worth considering.



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I wanted to give an idea for a much needed post. As black friday is coming up, more and more people are planning to save on appliances. We’re buying a house but many people would be simply looking to replace their appliances, or take advantage of some awesome deals available out there. Can you please make a post on how to get the most out of black friday shopping? Questions such as:

– Which store to shop at? Lowe’s, Home Depot, Sears etc?

– Whether to use a gift card or a credit card?

– If using CC, what are some of the best cards to maximize cash back and get warranty from CC issuer?

– If using GCs, how to obtain them? How abou getting them from giftcardgranny’s at a discount?

Feel free to answer me briefly here if you want, but I thought a generic post would benefit everyone. As always, appreciate all the work that DOC is doing.

1. That’s your choice – and depends on the sales available.

2. Depends – would you prefer 5-10% off or warranty/return/price protection? For most, it’s the latter. Especially if something happens with the appliance and you’re left returning it, you don’t want to be left with a $XXX gift card. But, again, personal preference.

3. There are no CCs that are currently offering Home Improvement bonuses (that I know of) so probably a 2% card. BUT I could be wrong and there could be a bonus out there.

4. Giftcardgranny is a good resource. Check eBay too.

to add onto #3 – if buying online, check cashbackmonitor for portal bonuses which can sometimes be quite large around BF.

I was targeted for 5% bonus TYPoints up to 10,000 points ($2,000 spend), for online shopping through the end of the year. I also have an offer for 10 bonus points at gas, grocery, and restaurants with a per month max of 10,000. I just had 30,000 points post from previous offers. Now if I could just find a good use for the points…

Transfer to KrisFlyer.
Book United domestic J for 20k.

Nice, I’ll check that out. Thanks Stannis!

Loving these offers. I stand to earn close to 50000 TY points by December end. Plus additional benefits of gas points and etc.

Note that prior to this offer this card was incurring monthly spend of$50 or less, strictly in Sears.

Can you product change to this card from TY Premier?

Not sure at all if an option. However, unless you have another Citi card that accumulates the full version of TYP (airline partner transfers, etc.), not sure is advisable. The TYP this card offers are of a restricted sort, redeemable for products, or statement credits, gift cards, etc., but cannot be transferred to airlines, hotels, or even book for travel (I could be wrong about the last one). But if you have a card that offers the full version of the points, the points earned on the Sears card are just as flexible.

Thanks – yeah I have the prestige card as well.

I wasn’t sure if all the promotions I have received on this card would stack, but it appears they do. I get 1x ThankYou points for all purchases, and also got 5x points for spending on certain days and 10x points on groceries, restaurants and gas stations (up to 10,000 each month for Aug, and Sept.).

I finally got my August/September 10x points and I did end up getting 16x ThankYou points for groceries, restaurants and gas stations (including gift card purchases) when I stacked all the offers. (My current 10x offer for groceries etc. caps out at 8,000 points each month for Oct.-Dec.).

Caution that while my old Citi Sears Mastercard now gets ThankYou points, it doesn’t appear that new cards get this. (My card used to be a Sears Citi Mastercard “Sears Choice Rewards Card,” which confusingly gave Sears Choice Reward points that were different from Sears ShopYourWay points).

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