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Published on October 17th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Citi ThankYou Premier 60,000 Points Bonus – AF Waived First Year [Still Working]

Looks like this offer has finally expired. You can view the best current credit card bonuses by clicking here.

Update 10/17/18: Some readers were reporting that this link is no longer working. If you open it in incognito mode it should still show the 60,000 offer. Given that the official website is now showing a 50,000 point bonus and non incognito mode offers are no longer working I suspect this 60,000 link will die soon. You’ve now had a lot of warning about this link going away, so sign up if you’re interested.

Update 10/12/18: Deal is still live and working, looks like it was only for affiliate links for now.

Update 10/06/18: Some outlets with affiliate links are reporting that this offer is due to end on October 11th. There is still no end date listed on the application page and what often ends up happening is that the affiliate links are pulled but the offer remains. Still think it’s worth mentioning as sometimes the offer is pulled entirely either on that exact date or within a few days/weeks.

Update 7/23/18 5:40pm ET: There’s now a new working link. (HT: u/plenypoints on r/churning)

Update 7/23/18 2:53pm ET: Link seems to be dead now.


The Offer

Direct Link | Direct Link (if you’re not seeing it, go incognito or clear cookies)

  • Signup for the Citi Premier card and get 60,000 ThankYou points as a bonus after you spend $4,000 within the first three months

Card Details

Our Verdict

This bonus is as high as we’ve seen before, occasionally we get a 50,000 point offer but this 60,000 point offer is even more rare. What we really need to decide is if you want this card and bonus or the Citi Prestige (sometimes comes with a 75,000 point bonus but not currently available). We’ve compared these two cards and offers before, but only when the Premier bonus was 50,000 points so this offer obviously makes it sway into the Premier’s favor. As always make sure you read these things everybody should know about Citi credit cards before applying. We’ll add this to our list of the best credit card sign up bonuses.

If you recently signed up for this credit card, remember Citi usually matches to the higher bonus if you applied within the last 90 days. To get a match send a secured message in asking for one (calling does not work for whatever reason).

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Great deal! One small detail that I like about my premier card is that the retention offers are very strong. I’ve had the card 3 years and have never paid the AF. At my most recent renewal I was offered $95 credit after making a $95 purchase and an additional 1k points after 1k in spend for a total of 18 months. Any month I hit 1k in spend I earn another 1k on top of what I earned. Something to consider

Oh man, I wanted to garden until sep 1st. I have several accts/inq’s turning 6 months then. Odds of this offer still being there then? Or just app now (nice profile, mid-7’s, but 4 accts opened in Mar)?

What does “garden” mean in this instance? Is this a common phrase in this “hobby”?

Yes it is a common phrase. It means to let your accounts “grow by time” use them and pay them to let them grow your Average age of open accounts or also to get out of 5/24.

Maybe I don’t spend enough time in comment sections, but I’ve been doing this pretty aggressively for almost 5 years and have never heard someone use garden like that. Maybe it’s for the young kids who still have a chance at 5/24 cards. 🙂

I haven’t seen it here either personally, I think it’s more of a MyFICO Forums thing. They even have monthly “Garden Club” threads. 😉

It’s more common in forums like myFICO where people are trying to build/re-build their credit. Here we do less gardening, more setting the field on fire and moving onto the next.

Agreed @JF. I saw all this stuff about gardening, but with business cards that don’t report to your personal report and Amex opening them without a HP, it’s been hard not to open a card every other month this year. I would say since March I have not succeeded.

Rage on churning fire.

“Rage on churning fire”! LOL…I had to apply after reading that, and got approved!…burn baby, burn…thanks!

haha, yeah. I’m in it to burn em all down, just my approach is a little more conservative than the 100 inq folks. I guess a less silly way to put it would be that I try to wait for certain marks to increase my approval odds, like a batch of accts/inqs hitting 6 months.

actually LOL’d, thank you!


Ah yes, the General Sherman March to Credit Card Bonuses.

Yeah “Garden” is not a thing, IMO

Neither is fetch; quit trying to make it a thing, Kevin! :p

Is 6 months an important threshold for improving some metric? I thought 1 year is one milestone (hard inquiry credit score hit drops off but the inquiry still continues to show up?) and 2 years is another one (hard inquiry drops off the report?).

How do you reach retention now?

Just call the number on your card and get to a rep. Say you’re thinking about cancelling but you aren’t sure. That should make them get a…?credit specialist? on the line for you to run through retention

Is there a retention number to call? Are we notified before being charged the AF? Thank you!

Parts Unknown

Opened mine back in March, going to try to match for the hell of it, will report back.

I opened mine for 50k offer on 6/22, and wife on 7/3…gonna SM citi on both tomorrow and hopefully score another 20k points. Thanks for the heads up DoC!

Any recent data points of approval/bonus on duplicate cards? I currently have the Premier and Prestige (most recent one opened in July 2016). Wondering what my chances are of being approved for a second Premier with the 60k offer. Also, I had planned to cancel my current cards when the annual fees came due in August. If I am approved for a second Premier/60k, then cancel my current cards, will it reset my 24 month clock and void my bonus eligibility on the new card? (i.e. 24 month bonus eligibility is determined at the time of approval or when the minimum spend is completed)

Is it possible to get a Premiere card if I’m already a Preferred card holder?

Yes and you will get the bonus as long as not breaking the 1/24 rule.

I had a citi forward card from a few years ago but it coverted to a thank you card, does that count as having the card even though I never got that bonus

Me too in the same boat. Not sure if I should apply or pass it. Anyone with DPs

Same issue.

from my understanding anything that is opened or closed (even product changed) will reset the 24 month calendar unfortunately =(

Go for it! I Opened this very card on 3/8/2018 when the bonus was only 50K. I had the same Forward card as you that was converted. I got the 50K points and cashed them out for HD GCs. You will not have an issue.

If I was approved a month and a half ago for the 50K offer , any chance I can SM to get matched?

When will be the expiring date for this 60k points bonus?

Just got approved (25/24 lol)

Were you 6+ inquiries in the also 6 months also? Thanks

Definitely over 10 inquiries in last 6 months

Also, what is you starting credit limit for this card? Does citi usually give higher lines? thanks

You’re probably aware, Joe, but Citi’s 6/6 rule is that 6+ inquiries with one of the three bureaus will get you turned down. CCAddict’s 10 inquiries may be spread out.

Yep, the inquiries are pretty spread across and under 6/bureau. The credit limit in on the conservative side I would say (at around 40% of the max that I have ever gotten on my 35 cards)

I had the thank you preffered student cc which was opened about a year a 6 months ago. If i open this, will i still qualify for the bonus

Francisco J Rios
Francisco J Rios

Anyone ever had any luck converting a Citi simplicity card to point earning card?

Nope. They won’t do it. They say that The Card Act prohibits them from doing a product change from the Simplicity because of the “no fees of any kind” feature of the Simplicity.

Was instantly denied now, with the reason “no recent revolving balances” 🙁 They pulled Equifax (my score there is 757).
Any advice? Should I call recon? and if yes, what to say them?

Our Equifax (800) is frozen. Should we unfreeze before applying online? Before applying by phone?

Citi pulls 2 bureaus in a lot of states. For me they pull EXP and EQ, but I keep EXP frozen and they usually approve me off of one pull.

Hi doc, when does this offer expire?

I have a three year old Premier still open. Can I sign up for another Premier and still receive the bonus?

I closed this card, little over 24 months ago. Just applied today, and was approved, is there a way to find out whether I am going to be eligible to receive bonus or not before I complete the spending requirement?

I checked creditkarma to find my closure dates since citi would not give them to me.

I already know the closing date, it was 24 months and 10 days ago. My question was how can we find out I am going to be eligible for sign on bonus?

Not sure about Citi, but other banks (like Chase) count it in full months. So if disqualifying activity (in case of Chase it would be getting the bonus) occurred in July 2016 then you would have to wait till August 1, 2018 to be eligible again. Not sure if that would be similar for Citi, but keep that in mind when you are researching or asking around.

How much were you approved for?

I know this is an old comment, but I’m the positive DP for this so far. Just got approved for my 2nd active TY premier, we will see if I get the bonus.

Awesome. Let us know if you receive the bonus!

I got this card in May, gonna try and ask citi for a bonus match. Fingers crossed.

Can this card be used to fund BMO Harris bank accounts?

As far as I remember, BMO does not like Citi CC’s. I tried to fund my account with Citi AA but it got declined.

Just funded BMO with this card on July 8th with no issues.

Doc, I’m planning to apply for another AA card in a week, if i apply for this card now can i still apply for the AA as well if i do it after 8 days right?.

Thanks in advance.

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