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Credit Card Offers

Published on February 24th, 2018 | by William Charles


Citi ThankYou Premier 50,000 Points Bonus

Deal has now been increased to 60,000 points.

The Offer

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  • Signup for the Citi Premier card and get 50,000 ThankYou points as a bonus after you spend $4,000 within the first three months

Card Details

Our Verdict

This offer was last available in January. It seems to come and go. A lot of readers won’t be eligible for this bonus due to the 24 month language. Also keep in mind Citi’s other application rules. We’ve seen a bonus of 60,000 points on this card before, but that is extremely uncommon. What you really need to decide is if you want this card or the Citi Prestige when it sometimes offers 75,000 points (not currently available). We talk about what the better option might be for you here. I’d say that this swings more into the Premier’s favor as this offer is actually available now and starting that 24 month clock sooner rather than later is always good.

As always make sure you read these things everybody should know about Citi credit cards before applying. We’ll add this to our list of the best credit card sign up bonuses.

Hat tip to bt12483

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I previously cancelled this card on March 16, 2016. Can I safely apply on March 17, 2016 or should I wait until April 1 or May 1 just to be safe? thanks

Make sure you are above few days, accidentally I applied 2 days before and Citi is not honoring the bonus.

The 24 months gap is calculated based on dates.. confirmed with CSR today..

Can I apply for this and PC one of my AA cards to the Prestige soon after?

And still get the 50,000 TYP I should add*

I opened a Premier in Jan ’16 and PC’d to the Preferred on August ’17. Wondering if I should pull the trigger. I’ve read varying accounts of success.

Be the guinea pig. Supposedly as long as the account number did not change you would have not reset the 24 month rule.

I PC’ed from the Premier to the Preferred in mid-May 2016; I have not checked if my card number changed. I think I will wait until mid-May and apply for this offer, if it’s still available then. I don’t want to risk missing the bonus, and it will give me a little more time to put additional spend on my Cathay Pacific card.

This offer comes and goes without warning. Also, CC number normally only changes if you PC from Visa to MC, or vice versa.

I’m not in a hurry. If it’s gone by then, I’ll catch it another time. I have enough points and miles in the kitty that I don’t have to get a signup bonus for a while.

If everyone said this the deals would last much longer. Stop when you’re full. But you can also just stop when you’re satiated.

I closed my ThankYou card in 2016, but I was an authorized user on my parents’ old Citi Forward. They mentioned that they recently received ThankYou cards in the mail and one has my name on it as an AU. Will the new AU card keep me from getting the bonus as a primary cardholder?

Any DPs on whether the Forward -> Preferred conversion reset the 24 month clock?

William Charles I would love to know if there are any DPs for Darrell question

Yah, same question here. Probably aligns with the mixed results related to the 24-month rule on product changes in general.

my number did change…but I guess I’ll give it a shot and be the DP 🙂

would love to know this too! Forward was recently converted to preferred.

Just finishing up my spend on this from January and 3x gas stations for the Premier is the bomb.

50,000 pts is $500.00 cashback?

This is my question too!


With my Citi Thank You Preferred, points are only worth .005 each when you redeem for cash. 10,000 points gets you $50 cash. Is the redemption value different with the Premier?

It depends on what you do with the points.

I think you get 15% more when you redeem it for flights.

Always appreciate the Verdict at the end Doc! Cheers!

I have a citi forward card that was converted to thank you preferred in January. I am wondering if that resets the 24 months bonus clock. Any DPs on this?

I’m wondering about exactly the same thing.

Same question

+1 …maybe we’ll just have to suck it up and try applying and hope for the best.

Thank you DoC for the information, just applied and got approved on the phone call. citi text message redirected me to customer service on the phone, never know I can call for credit card application during weekend. Have had 80k+ TYP on att access more card, time to spend now!

BTW, EX 738, 3-year credit history, 3 citi cards. I have 1HP and 0 account opened in the last 6 months.

I converted my Premier to a different card about a year ago. Does product changing reset the clock?

There’s also a 30k for 3k spending if someone’s into lower MSRs.

which credit bureau does this pull from if you live in ny/

@ Paul Experian for NY

Hi my 24 months on the Prestige will hit in April. Would the gameplan be to wait for the AF to post, then apply & get the bonus on the Premier, once Premier is approved I can then cancel the Prestige to restart the clock on that. Please let me know if I missed a step. Thanks!

Yes. Whatever you do, don;t cancel before you’re approved for the Premire.

Just applied at 8:30 on a Sunday morning Didn’t really think about it at the time. Got a “7-10 day decision” response. Pretty early in the churning game (4 new cards this past year, no Citi) Think this is just because I applied on the weekend or are they pretty strict on approvals? My last card a month or so ago was a Venture Rewards and I’ve read that is 3 hard pulls.

I applied around the same time and got automatically approved. Which I didn’t expect, because I usually get the 7-10 response when I apply for new cards.

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