Citi ThankYou Premier 50,000 Points Bonus

Deal has now been increased to 60,000 points.

The Offer

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  • Signup for the Citi Premier card and get 50,000 ThankYou points as a bonus after you spend $4,000 within the first three months

Card Details

Our Verdict

This offer was last available in January. It seems to come and go. A lot of readers won’t be eligible for this bonus due to the 24 month language. Also keep in mind Citi’s other application rules. We’ve seen a bonus of 60,000 points on this card before, but that is extremely uncommon. What you really need to decide is if you want this card or the Citi Prestige when it sometimes offers 75,000 points (not currently available). We talk about what the better option might be for you here. I’d say that this swings more into the Premier’s favor as this offer is actually available now and starting that 24 month clock sooner rather than later is always good.

As always make sure you read these things everybody should know about Citi credit cards before applying. We’ll add this to our list of the best credit card sign up bonuses.

Hat tip to bt12483

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UberXplorer (@guest_629494)
August 14, 2018 21:10
August 14, 2018 21:33
MM Dallas
MM Dallas (@guest_626358)
August 3, 2018 02:18

I got Citi Prestige on July 19, 2016. Haven’t PC’ed or closed the Citi Prestige. They gave me retention offer of $50 per month on spending $1500 each month for 7 months, which covered AF of last year.

1) Should I wait for Statement closing on Aug 19, 2018 or can I apply now (after July 19, 2018?) Don’t want to miss the 60k bonus offer.

2) If I get Citi Premier Card, is the Citi Prestige worth to keep or should it be PC’ed (Of course after receiving the bonus points, assuming AF will be refunded on prorated basis)

BL (@guest_609241)
June 27, 2018 14:34

I signed up for the card and received the bonus. Would like to product change to other TYP card so my 24 month clock starts as soon as possible. Any recommendation ? I like Citi Double cashback but my TYP will expire after 90 days I think if i do so.

Jeremy (@guest_608339)
June 23, 2018 03:54

15/24 (Experian 755)
Got instant approved

frugalnacho (@guest_600264)
May 29, 2018 13:44

Recently got burned by citi on the sign up bonus. I followed the link from doctorofcredit for the citi premier thank you card with 50k bonus in December 2017. The application showed the sign up bonus. I met the minimum spend but never received the bonus. When I inquired as to why I was told that I was not solicited for that offer, and the offer was not available during that time.

Make sure you take a screen shot of the offer during the application process so you are able to prove your claim if citi tries to renege and not honor the offer. I didn’t think it was necessary, but apparently it is. They did not send any confirmation of the bonus, so a screen shot would be my only way to get proof.

I am absolutely positive the offer was for 50k. I am not new to churning or DoC. I have over a dozen cc from churning and getting rewards. I had some large expenses coming up, so I signed up for the citi thankyou premier card for the sole purpose of getting the bonus. It’s literally the only reason I applied for the card. I promptly charged $4,200 to the card to meet minimum spend. I’ve been dealing with citi for last couple of months asking where my bonus is, and when they denied the bonus I escalated the issue and filed a complaint with cfpb. The cfpb complain was useless as citi just responded with same verbiage they gave to me and ultimately never honored the bonus. So it looks like there is nothing I can do at this point.

Beware when dealing with a dishonest company like citi, and make sure you screen shot any offers you apply for so you don’t get burned too.

Daniel (@guest_588749)
May 1, 2018 16:37

I just got declined for the Premier for too many recent inquiries. Score was 793. Not seeing a lot of success on recon. Just saying send a letter to the EO Any recent data points?

JP (@guest_600777)
May 30, 2018 21:50

I called recon 7 times and sent in letter to EO. Even after going through all those motions, nothing. A denial from Citi is near impossible to overturn.

loren (@guest_570092)
March 14, 2018 16:07

Any idea on when this offer is going to end?

MarcoPolo (@guest_585813)
April 24, 2018 15:31


Rodney (@guest_569905)
March 14, 2018 06:55

Which tier is this MasterCard – gold, platinum, world, etc??

Dima (@guest_580855)
April 12, 2018 14:47

World Elite

Parts Unknown
Parts Unknown (@guest_568350)
March 9, 2018 17:40

Went for it today & got instant approved
Citi pulled my Experian (score=746)
Inquiries 13/24
new cards 14/24
I have the AA Gold & Platinum with Citi, both less than a year, no other relationship with them.

P (@guest_567276)
March 6, 2018 20:32