Coinbase Earn – Learn About Ronin, Earn $5

The Offer

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  • Coinbase is offering a learn and earn for Ronin where you can get $5 in Ronin for free.
    • How does Ronin introduce people to crypto? Games
    • What is Ronin’s Main Mission? Guide Web3 games towards mass adoption
    • Which is NOT a utility of the RONIN Token? Global currency
    • Which Web3 game can you play on Ronin? Pixels
    • What can you do with your Axies? Battle, Collect, Evolve

Our Verdict

I usually just do these deals and hope the crypto is worth a lot in the future.

Hat tip to reader Davis

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Dustin (@guest_1865043)
June 26, 2024 09:42

Just as a kicker, I always end up moving these coins into Doge or Shiba, just for the kicks. Those have a better chance of going to the moon than these shitcoins

Myke (@guest_1864616)
June 25, 2024 14:04

Where on the app is this deal? I only see quests, no learn and earn.

Lobster (@guest_1864603)
June 25, 2024 13:39

I couldn’t get this link to work at first, then realized i needed to toggle off “advanced mode” for it to show up.

Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick (@guest_1864878)
June 25, 2024 22:12

No need to toggle off advanced mode. Just open the sidebar in the app and click rewards.

Dan (@guest_1864447)
June 25, 2024 08:03

I’ve done loads of these learn and earn crypto deals with Coinbase and they never hold their value. Within a week, that $3-5 airdrop is worth 50% less.

Bob (@guest_1864455)
June 25, 2024 08:37

Gotta either sell or convert to BTC or ETH.

Josh (@guest_1864519)
June 25, 2024 11:11

This is the way

raj (@guest_1864394)
June 25, 2024 01:24

FWIW I think it’s better to instantly liquidate into eth/btc, the vast majority of tokens go to zero and if btc ever goes to zero the rest of them will too.

Davis (@guest_1864380)
June 25, 2024 00:43

I did the wallet, two staking offers, and bought an Axie (and then sold it to recoup most of the cost). I tried to do the Pixels one but I couldn’t find Rusty. My Axie couldn’t evolve and buying an evolved Axie was more expensive than what I had. I might buy one when my staking is up after three days.

TDD (@guest_1864438)
June 25, 2024 07:21

Davis All you need to do with your evolved axie is rename it to be like “Coinbase Final Quest”. Then go check the marketplace to see what the lowest is going for. It should be like $14.95 or something? You’ll notice that prices below $15 are very infrequent. Since there are so many people doing this quest your axie will sell even if it is over $15 since most people have no idea what they are doing. So just list it for $15.25 or something. What’s annoying is that the selling price of your axie is not in dollars but in WETH. So just go to Coinbase to do a conversion calculation for $15.25 or so in WETH. Looks like right now (719AM EST) it is 0.007409521662975. You are going to lose some money on the selling fee (2.something percent) but it is acceptable losses.

Carlzjr (@guest_1864379)
June 25, 2024 00:41

Coinbase is pretty nice to have for their learning bonuses. I think I got $20+ out of this Ronin one, there was also Vera and a few others. Have gotten about $50 total out of these learning rewards. Just jump through all their hoops and cash out whatever crazy coin you earn to bitcoin. Funny, most of these crypto you are learning about are so silly its just pandering, no sane person (who is not money laundering) would hold these.

HG (@guest_1864317)
June 24, 2024 21:23

How come these don’t work for me but sometimes it does?

Heinz (@guest_1864309)
June 24, 2024 21:01

Is it worth it to keep going for more rewards by downloading the coinbase wallet app, or should i just stop at the $5

raj (@guest_1864344)
June 24, 2024 22:33

I went through it recently and not worth it IMHO, unless you are really interested in learning about crypto and having self-custody and stuff. The coinbase app rewards are literally “get $3 for 5 seconds of time” but the coinbase wallet ones might require you to fund a wallet with eth for gas fee, on some bridged network that coinbase doesn’t directly support. A huge headache for most people and for what amounts to tens of dollars, and maybe after some lockup period, and multiple transfers and fees to get back to USD.

TDD (@guest_1864576)
June 25, 2024 12:50

Heinz If you are referring to the RONIN wallet app, then yes, it is very easy to do and you will make good money at the end of the day. The staking requirements are very low (just 3 days, where as the VARA tasks required 7 days of staking) and the wallet gives you free gas on your first 20 transactions, so you can do all the tasks without any worry that they will go through.

sg77 (@guest_1864304)
June 24, 2024 20:55

Plus another $5 if you install the Ronin Wallet app and transfer 1 RONIN to it (e.g., from what Coinbase just gave you). And then more if you do other tasks in the Ronin Wallet. But I’m not going to bother installing that app.

Nick (@guest_1864314)
June 24, 2024 21:19

You can send the 1 RONIN to any wallet. So even if you don’t install the app and create a wallet, you would come out ahead sending the 1 RONIN to someone else. At current values, you’d be getting $5 for ~$2.20

I sent the RONIN from myself and P2 to the same wallet. We both received the $5

I’d share the wallet I created, but that would probably be frowned upon

TDD (@guest_1864318)
June 24, 2024 21:36

sg77 I did all the tasks. First time around it will take around 30-40 minutes as you figure out what to do. If you are doing 2 player mode, P2 second time around will take you 10 minutes.

You just gotta make sure you don’t sell your earned RON as you complete the tasks. You’ll need them to do the further tasks. At the end of the day you’ll earn around $35 after you cash out your staked RON after 3 days. Don’t hold this sh*tcoin. I completed this offer at the beginning of June when RON was near $3, thankfully sold it all immediately. It is now $2.20 and sinking.

Well I guess it isn’t $35 anymore since it’s based on the price of RON which has dropped. It’s around 11.67 RON which is worth $25.67

Definitely worth it.