Posted by William Charles on August 6, 2016
Credit Cards

Published on August 6th, 2016 | by William Charles


Credit Cards That Give An Instant Approval/Guaranteed Approval

A lot of people want a credit card that will give them an instant approval or guaranteed approval because they have bad credit. If instead you’re looking for a credit card that will give you the credit card number after being instantly approved, you want this post. In some circumstances you can also get your credit card expedited to make shipping quicker.

Possible Ways To Get An Instant Credit Card Approval

Here are a few possible ways to get an instant approval for a credit card:

  • Use the shopping cart trick. When you use this trick, your credit isn’t checked and it should result in an instant approval.
  • Apply for a store card. A lot of stores will allow you to apply for one of their credit cards in store, they will give you an instant decision but there is no guarantees that it’ll be an approval. 
  • Apply for a secured credit card. Secured credit cards require you to make a security deposit, up to the credit limit you want. Because there is no risk to the lender almost everybody will be instantly approved. The Discover it secured card is in our opinion the best card on the market.


Be wary of any card that is advertised as instant approval, these cards usually charge extremely high fees and interest rates to make massive profits on consumers with bad credit.

Final Thoughts

As always, make sure you’re responsible with your credit card usage. Chances are if you have bad credit that you’ve had trouble paying bills on time and possibly even fallen into credit card debt. The interest rates on credit cards are extremely high and there is no point in getting an instant approval if you’re just going to further damage your credit and go further or back into credit card debt. If you’ve struggle with this in the past, the Debitize app might be able to help you as well.

2 Responses to Credit Cards That Give An Instant Approval/Guaranteed Approval

  1. dragonflysexparade says:

    Proactively reducing CL on other products offered by the financial institution can help chances of instant approval. As an anecdote – I waited ~1 week for approval for 2 chase cards in May. Exactly 30 days later, and after proactively reducing my CL by $9k on other cards with chase, I was instantly approved for 2 other chase cards.

    • Paul Bishaw says:

      You would have been better off applying, then reconning if denied. You could have then offered to transfer that $9k to the new cards.

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