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Credit Card Offers Credit Card Offers Spreadsheet

Published on March 10th, 2017 | by sirtheta


A Spreadsheet of Current & Recent Credit Card Signup Bonuses for Major Issuers

Update, March 13, 2017: I have created several filter views that you can use with the view-only link to the spreadsheet: “Personal Only”, “Business Only”, “No AF”, “No AF or AF Waived”, “Minimum Spend < $500”, “Minimum Spend < $1,000”, “Minimum Spend < $2,000”, “Minimum Spend < $4,000”, and “Minimum Spend > $3,000”. They can be accessed by clicking the “Filter views…” button to the left of “View Only”, or by going to Data > Filter views… > {select filter}. You can also create your own temporary filters using those menus.

Direct link to spreadsheet.

Piggybacking on Will’s post about the actual best offer on the American Express Platinum, I’d like to present an item I’ve been working on for a little while: a spreadsheet with current & recent credit card signup bonuses. It’s based off the “Current credit card offers” spreadsheet linked in the r/churning sidebar, which is a fantastic resource, but something that I felt needed a serious reworking.

The purpose of this spreadsheet is purely to record signup bonus information (defined loosely to include almost any item with a time limit stemming from card approval, but not recurring). As such, the intention is for it to be but one component of deciding what card to apply for—with particular focus on whether or not you are applying for the best offer once you’ve decided on a card.

Direct link to spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is mostly self-explanatory. “Current Public Offer” is the current offer you would see if you went to an issuer’s website. Whether it is the “Best Publicly Available” is indicated by a conditionally formatted Y/N cell, which – if no – will contain a note pointing out what the best publicly available offer is and how to get to it. “Best Offer #1” & “Best Offer #2” are the recent best signup bonuses on the cards (last ~2 years); within these two headers is a “Code” indicating the channel by which the signup bonus was offered (explained in full using a note). Notes are used in many places to indicate useful information (for example, the fact that the $50 bonus on the Gold Delta is a statement credit after a Delta purchase in the first 3 months).

Credit Card Offers Spreadsheet

a sneak peek of the first few rows & columns

Suggestions, corrections, and anything else can be dropped in the comments below!

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Where are the Citi Prestige, ThankYou Premier and ThankYou Preferred? Also, a direct link to the credit card application page would be very useful. The FlyerTalk page often does not have that, as least four the 4 or 5 I checked, it was not present.

For the chase cards, could you add in the notes whether they fall under 5/24?

Thank you! This is wonderful!

Is there a way to download this?


Geoffrey Stuart


Bear in mind if you download it, you won’t be up-to-date the current data. Better to just drag the URL to your desktop so you can easily click on it without sifting through your emails to find it. Then you’ll always be looking at the updated info.

My man, ten high fives to you for putting this together! What a labor of love! It puts my crude tracking sheet to shame. But I won’t shelve that effort entirely because it’s necessary to track when you actually got a card and also when you may have cancelled it, for re-signup purposes.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

Why do you people insist in branching off /r/churning resources instead of simply improving them?

The /r/churning spreadsheet is a community resource, dozens of people have edit permission, and if someone else wants to improve it they can simply ask Rittersspare for edit permission instead of doing a copy / paste and edit it as a new spreadsheet.

It wasn’t even the original spreadsheet, it was based on the one from Well Traveled Mile (but it was opened to anyone and became a real mess).

So now we have three spreadsheets, more fragmentation, and it just confuses the hell out of people…

a lot of us don’t use reddit… ever.

But you still get an enormous amount of info from r/churning through this blog. The spreadsheet they have is on google docs, just like this one. He could have linked to it directly so you could keep your hands off reddit if you wanted to so bad.

+1. Reddit is practically indecipherable for some of us. A disorganized mess of posts.

Just this week, as a rank amateur, I tried to collect similar data to make some choices of my own. I used the /r/churning spreadsheet as a starting point. It was certainly helpful. But even my amateur research found that the /r/churning spreadsheet is incomplete and out of date. (Not complaining. Just offering a point of view from someone who sees doc’s version as a huge upgrade.)

Please DOC, continue to maintain this resource.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully agree the reddit spreadsheet needs updating. And don’t fool yourself, so will this one in a few months.

My point is that the reddit spreadsheet is a community-maintained ressource, it has been set up so that people can update it. So why create a new one instead of simply updating the existing one?

The other thing to consider is that by having our own spreadsheet on the site, we are able to link to our reviews and other pages on the site. This also provides us (sirtheta) with an incentive to keep it updated.

“Wah wah, someone made something better than me.”

I’m sure you can express your opinion in a more respectful way, mk712 has done a lot of positive things for the community and deserves a certain level of respect.

I agree with Sirtheta. Reddit should just link to his sheet and be done with it.

AFAIK there are only 10 people who have edit access (including myself), not dozens.

I update things when people message me (which is rare). I do not bother keeping the sheet updated since that’s a Herculean task.

/u/Rittersspare has been MIA for a long time.

What I would find helpful is if the bonus columns were spread into 4 different categories for ease of applying analytics: 1) cash or cash equivalent bonus, 2) miles/points bonus, and 3) free nights, and 4) other bonus

+1. Not everyone wants points to use on travel or hotels, so what I would like to know is the cash out equivalent or statement credit of a CC offer. I know there is blog-type website dedicated to points valuation and comparison, but from what I recall, it assumes you are using the points for travel, hence max value.

Also, if a using a card points system means cashing out to gift cards, that is a huge disadvantage. I still have gift cards from 3+ years ago from a card I got targeted for – Honestly, I am too lazy to sell the GC’s, don’t want to take the risk, plus a 10-15% loss, and was waiting until I need them to make a large purchase at Home Depot to redeem. Fortunately, nothing needed replacing around my home in the last few years and they just sit in a drawer. Yes, I could use them for little purchases, but that’s a pain too. I don’t shop there very often, and I can often get things at better prices elsewhere. Add in the complication that I will lose 5% CC rewards for home improvement (Discover & Chase) typically have at least 1/2 of the year if I use the GC’s. I know; rich man, first world problems.

Not sure I’ll apply for the card at the bottom of the list-:)

Very nice work! Thank you!

There has been a 250k offers for the Business plat, very rare but people have posted screenshots on flyertalk


Well done Man! All Wells Fargo CC have a language If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card account during the last 15 months from the date of this application you will not be eligible for the introductory APR(s) or bonus rewards offers until the 1st day of the calendar month after the 15 month anniversary.

Is this 15 months wait true for the same WF card or any WF card?

Isn’t enforced AFAIK:

If anybody has DP that it is, please share them!

I have now been spreading the applications apart by 15 months and have been successful.

Old DP from a few years ago (before they officially put this 15 months language in the terms), they approved my Dad for another Visa 5x reward card (he had a similar 5x card) but the APR was not the 0% as advertised and upon asking they said it won’t be 0% nor 5x reward because of an existing card. The precise answer they gave didn’t make sense because my Dad got the low APR on a Propel card at the same time (when they rejected the 5x benefit and 0% benefit on the new 5x reward card), despite having the 5x card in the past. I think now they might be applying it uniformly.

And thanks to DoC, I got two family members the Propel World 40k points card by calling Wells Fargo. Both successful applications, both had a banking relationship and also had had WF cards in the past. One had the Propel 365 active as well (20k points card from 15 months ago).

Not sure it’s legit to state that 100,000 as the best bonus if it’s going to be available to only people with 1M+ in business management with Chase as Charles proposed may be the case…

For the Ink Preferred

For the Avianca Vuela card from Banco Popular, my wife and I each earned 60,000 LifeMiles by including promo code “AVSPWE” entered right on the online application. I believe many others earned the same. Therefore, it should at least show a higher historical bonus. Also, the Amtrak Guest Rewards card with annual fee had a 30,000 point bonus until recently, and the no fee card (missing from your list) has a 15,000 point bonus vs the current 12,000.

For the Citi Hilton Reserve, I think the “2 Weekend Nights + $100” public offer is dead. The landing page still exists, but you get a “no longer offered” message when you click the Apply button. If you know of an active link with the $100 credit, please let me know. Finally, one more suggestion would be to add a known expiration date (if there is one) to the current offer set of columns.

There are a few from ninor players you do not have listed: BBVA Compass NBA Rewards, Select & ClearPoints, FNBO Sun Country, HSBC Premier, Advance & Platinum Rewards and PenFed’s Travel Rewards, Platinum Rewards and Cash Rewards

BBVA Compass NBA is no longer available AFAIK.

Wow — Love this spreadsheet.. Thanks for the great work!

I would say the best recent historical offer for the Chase Hyatt included a fee waiver. (FYF, 2 nights, $50 statement credit and/or 5k for AU)

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