Credit Card Bonuses With Low Minimum Spend Requirements (Under $500 & $1,000)

Not everybody is able to spend a huge amount on their credit card every month, some offers required spending of $10,000/$5,000 or even $3,000 in three months and that’s simply not realistic for a lot of people. You can argue that you could manufacture spend (even through simple methods as funding a new bank account), but not everybody is interested in learning that.

I still think that credit card bonuses can be valuable for people in this situation, previously I put together a list of credit cards that have no minimum spend requirements and I thought similar lists would be useful for low minimum spend requirements. I’m going to split this into two sections:

  • Minimum spend requirements that are under $500 within three months or 90 days
  • Minimum spend requirements that are under $1,000 within three months or 90 days

As always, I’m sure I’m going to miss lots of bonuses so please let me know what I did miss in the comments below. I’ve tried to put these in order in terms of what I think are the best to worse offers. I have also only included an offer if it’s the best offer available (e.g there is a $150 offer on the Blue Cash Everyday card that requires $500 in spend, but I didn’t include it as there is another offer for $250 for $1,000 in spend).

The majority of the offers are coming from Barclaycard & Bank of America, as Chase & American Express seem to favor bigger bonuses with bigger spend requirements.

$500 & Under


Location Restricted

$1,000 & Under



Cards Not Included

Our Verdict

Hopefully people find this list useful, I’ll keep it updated if readers help me out (if not, I’ll periodically completely refresh the post). Sometimes you want to grab a bonus but don’t have much spending capacity left (or don’t have much to start with) so this should help with that.

If there is interest I’ll do a list of the best current credit card sign up bonuses, much like our list of the best bank account bonuses.

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Is this page still being updated for 2020?


M&T Bank has a $100 for $500 spend for two cards, both with no annual fee. Not sure of location restrictions though.


Regions Prestige Visa has a SUB of $100 for $500 spend in 90 days. The card kind of sucks outside of that, although they supposedly send out “Regions Cashback Rewards” offers somewhat frequently (similar to Amex offers, BBVA’s targeted offers, etc).


US Cash currently offering $150 bonus on $500 spend within 90 days. Thanks for this list for us low spenders!


US Bank credit cards have increased bonus of $150 on spending $500 in 3 months

Dave S
Dave S

Card: HSBC Platinum Mastercard with Rewards
Bonus: 15,000 Rewards Program Bonus Points after you spend $500 in the first 3 months
Reward: 1X Rewards Program Point for every dollar spent

Please add this to this thread.

This caveat might be helpful too.

Yet Another Redditor

Can this be added to the list?

Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard which has a signup bonus of 60,000 AAdvantage miles after you make your first purchase in the first 90 days and pay the $95 annual fee


Is there an update version of this?


Barclay’s has multiple small spending cards.

Carnival Fun Points card gets $100 towards a cruise upon first purchase, no actual minimum spend.

Priceline Rewards card gets $50 statement credit after first purchase, no actual minimum spend. No annual fee.

Cashforward card gets $100 after spending $500

Holland America card gets $50 on-board credit after first purchase.

Upromise card gets $50 cash back after first use within 90 days.

Miles & More card gets 35,000 miles after $1000 spend. $89 annual fee.

Diamond Resorts International card gets 2500 points after first purchase. Not sure of value, perhaps you get a free partial coconut shell.

Princess Cruises card. Get 5000 points after first use, probably only good towards cruise expenses. No annual fee


Barclay’s NFL Extra Points card has $100 bonus with $500 spend. No annual fee.