How To Check Your Credit Card Application Status With Each Issuer

This post contains links to check your status with the major credit card issuers and smaller issuers as well. If a card issuer is missing and you know of a working link, please let us know in the comments. You might also find these other resource pages useful:

American Express

Direct link to check status

They require your full SSN and zip code.

Bank of America

Direct link to check status

Bank of America requires last name, date of birth, last 4 digits of social security number and your zip code.


Direct links to check status: Personal & Business

They require last name, zip code, last four SSN & e-mail address.

Capital One

You cannot check your application status with Capital one online. You can call them on  800–903–9177 or try one of the other reconsideration numbers.


Chase does not have an online application status checker unfortunately. You can call them on 800-432-3117 to check your status that way though.


Direct link to check status

Citi requires your application ID and your zip code. If you’ve lost your application id you can enter your primary phone number, zip code and date of birth to check instead.


Direct link to check status

You’ll need to enter your zip code and full SSN to check your status with Discover

U.S. Bank

Direct link to check status

You either need to log in with your online banking details or with a passcode. To get a pass code you need to enter your last name, e-mail address, date of birth and social security number. I also think the above link might only be for loans instead of cards, if that’s the case you’ll need to call (800) 947-1444 instead.

Wells Fargo

Direct link to check status

You either need to login via your online banking details or provide your last name, date of birth and access code (you can also request a new access code).

Smaller Issuers

Comenity Bank

There is unfortunately no way to check your application status with Comenity Bank.

Credit One Bank

Direct link to check status

First National Bank of Omaha

Direct link to check status

You can check the status of both personal and business applications using this link. Standard information is required (zip, last four of SSN & phone number).

Synchrony Bank

There is no way to check your status with Synchrony Bank.

TD Bank

You cannot check your application status online with TD Bank. Instead you must call  (888) 561-8861


There is no way to check your application status with USAA.

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MilesHusband (@guest_1825218)
April 3, 2024 13:04

New AMEX Application Status Check link (former link no longer works): American Express – Status Check Authentication

VL (@guest_1203090)
June 8, 2021 23:36

 William Charles just FYI in case if you want to add this to the Barclay section.
Applied for Barclay new Wyndham Earner Business Card as a Sole Prop. Barclay can not find it on “Business” check application status page, but does find it (mentioning this specific business card by name) on the “Personal” check application status page….
So check the second page if you can not find on the first one.

MarcoPolo (@guest_746338)
April 9, 2019 15:06

Barclay Application Status Phone Number 866-710-2688
Barclay Reconsideration Phone Number 866-408-4064
Barclay Security Dept Phone Number 888-232-0776

TimF (@guest_724014)
February 18, 2019 19:42

Chase number is not working

MikeTheCreator (@guest_640871)
September 10, 2018 16:03

us bank phone number is outdated, it doesnt work anymore

TomT (@guest_611656)
July 2, 2018 12:44
Tom (@guest_595671)
May 16, 2018 20:25

I absolutely can’t get the Wells Fargo status page to send me a code. Their email is not going to my spam folder, and I attempted to get the code I need 5 times.

Not really interested in phoning in — a bit worried that might affect the decision.

patrick (@guest_578813)
April 6, 2018 21:18

How about HSBC

Sam (@guest_555228)
January 29, 2018 15:54

Barclaycard requires your last time to what? Last time you used your real name?