Two Credit Bureaus You Should Freeze Before You Apply For A U.S Bank Credit Card

We’re re-posting this post due to the name change of IDA (now called SageStream) and they fact that it’s possible to request these freezes via fax. Thanks goes to Kenny from Miles4more first posting about the ability to fax in these requests.

U.S Bank is known as one of the toughest credit card issuers to receive an approval from, especially if you’ve applied for multiple cards in a short space of time. One way to improve your chances of approval is to freeze two of the lesser known credit bureaus that U.S Bank pulls for every applicant.

No other banks (that I know of) actually use these credit bureaus, so by freezing them you won’t hurt your chances of being approved for their cards. U.S Bank also still approves applicants if they aren’t able to access these reports.

The two companies you want to freeze are SageStream (formerly IDA) & ARS. Below we show you how to freeze both, followed by a sample letter.

Freeze SageStream (formerly IDA)

  • Go to their official website to retrieve their mailing address or fax number
  • Send a certified letter or fax requesting your IDA report be frozen
  • Make sure to include the following necessary information:
    • First and last name
    • Social security number
    • Date of birth
    • Primary phone number
    • Address including ZIP code
  • Two of the following forms of identification:
    1. A copy of a state-issued drivers license or state identification card.
    2. A copy of a “recent” cable, utility, or phone statement with an address matching the address provided in Step 1. “Recent” is defined as no more than 60 days old from the date of IDA, Inc’s receipt of a written request.
    3. A copy of a SSN card.
    4. A copy of a birth certificate.
    5. A copy of a U.S. passport (picture page only).
    6. A copy of a voided consumer check with an address matching the address you provided in Step 1.
    7. A copy of an Alien Registration Card.

For those living in Pennsylvania it’s not possible to fax in your request for this report to be frozen.

Freezing ARS (Advanced Resolution Services)

ARS is a subsidiary of Visa and they don’t have a dedicated website (which is really in violation of the FCRA as contact information is supposed to be clearly displayed and available to the general public).

  • ARS doesn’t have a website but here is their contact information: 5005 Rockside Road, Suite 600
    Independence, OH 44131 or fax: 216-615-7642
  • Send a certified letter or fax asking for your credit report to be frozen
  • Include all of the following information
    • First and last name
    • Social security number
    • Full address
    • Primary contact number
    • Your signature
  • Two forms of identification:
    • A copy of a state-issued drivers license or state identification card.
    • A copy of a U.S. passport (picture page only)
    • A copy of a SSN card
    • A copy of a birth certificate
    • A copy of an Alien Registration Card

Sample Letter

Advanced Resolution Service, INC <Company Name>
5005 Rockside Road, Suite 600 <Street Address>
Independence, OH 44131 <City, State, Postcode>

To Whom It May Concern

I’m writing to you to put a security freeze on my credit report. Under the Fair Credit Report Act you’re required to comply. My information is clearly shown below:

  • Full Name: <First Name>, <Last Name>
  • Social Security Number: <SSN>
  • Current Address: <Current Address>
  • Previous Address: <Only Include If You Moved In The Last 2 Years>
  • Primary Contact Number: <Primary Contact Number>

I’ve included the following two documents that verify my identity:

  • <Name of document one>
  • <Name of document two>

After this credit freeze has been filed, can you also please send me written confirmation to the address listed above.

Kind regards,

<First Name>, <Last Name>


<Date signed>

Final Word

If you’re interested to see what’s actually in your credit report from each of these credit reporting agencies, you also have the right to see a copy once per year. You shouldn’t have any issue requesting this alongside your credit freeze. Make sure you follow all of these steps before applying for any U.S Bank card.

Hat tip to Hack My Trip

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ARS has online freezing/unfreezing now.


I will add to the few posts below. Got a call from US bank that my CR is frozen. I had specifically unfrozen Chex, so that is not it. This was for the US bank business checking account. Experian/equifax/TU are frozen and the rep did not care about them.

The rep said these are the ones that are the issue:

Sage Stream, LLC: 1-888-395-0277

Innovis 1-800-540-2505

Dave Morris
Dave Morris

DO NOT Freeze your credit with these two agencies. If you do so, they will communicate with a company called Chex Systems that a Security Freeze has been placed on your account. Chex System is a company many banks use to check if it’s OK to open a savings or checking account. If Chex Systems tells your new bank that there’s a security freeze, the bank WILL NOT let you open a checking or savings account. this has happened to me with three banks already and it’s been a nightmare.

Repeat: DO NOT place security freezes with these two companies. You will never be able to open a bank account at many banks in the United States if you do.


Or open your accounts first. Keep them long term anyway. And then freeze if necessary. If you need to open more US bank accounts unfreeze well in advance, do your business and refreeze if needed.


hmm Don’t think that’s true, I have Sage and Lexis, and ARS and Innovis frozen. And I was able to open a checking account with NFCU.

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

I know this post is old news, but I just discovered collateral damage from doing these freezes and I bet I am not the only one. It was a bit of a mystery. Chuck William Charles

I was having an issue with being denied due to Chex for a couple of bank accounts online. Specifically Midland States and Fulton. When I called these two banks, I was told my Chex was the issue, and when I pressed for more info, they both said I had a 3rd Party Freeze in place. But, I knew none of my major credit reports were frozen. I called Chex, and they said no freeze existed on my file, and the CSR said they do not relay 3rd party freeze info.

In 2016 I had frozen these two reports based on the recommendation here in this post, and I had lifted them in 2018 per my notes. I had a freeze lift letter from ARS, but I did not have one from Sagestream. So, I track down Sagestream and find they have merged with Lexis Nexis. See info at I called and Lexis Nexis rep stated when Sagestream merged with Lexis Nexis, they carried over the freeze so my Lexis Nexis was frozen. I had no clue that was done. Per CSR, takes 15 minutes to reflect the lift.

So, 20 minutes later after lifting the freeze at Lexis, I was approved for Midland States. I had tried at least 8 times in the recent past, including 3 attempts earlier today. Every different address combo, different email/phone, employment status, anything I could think of to try to get through.

I see in October 2020 Chex reports stopped showing the section “Information From LexisNexis Risk Solutions” for me, but I am not sure this will be fixed now, or just no longer included for everyone? My P2 was not having these random Chex denials, and also does not have this section on recent reports. I have been pulling my Chex report quite a bit and cannot verify at the moment. Either way, shows these CRA’s are in cahoots.


Lexis info hasn’t been part of Chex for over a year

Gadget - Bank Bonus Geek

Yeah, it ended in Sept 2020 per my saved reports.

I have since uncovered my Lexis report from March 2021 and it said it was not frozen. But, main the point is, the bank might tell you Chexsystems denial in the adverse action report, but it was actually Lexis Nexis that was the reason.


Should you freeze 2 of the 3 bureaus when applying for a US Bank Biz card?

Wonder if that’s relevant in this case since they do not pull from personal credit reports.


has anyone had a problem related to freezing their LexisNexis report?
William Charles


All 3 credit bureau’s reports frozen

I got denied a USBank Checking account, and it mentioned to unfreeze them, and that if I didn’t know which report to unfreeze, to go to website to unfreeze it. But I have never frozen my sagestream credit.

Has anyone else run into this? I am not sure if it was because 1 of the 3 bureau’s being frozen caused it and they are just referring me to Sagestream or if they genuinely believe my Sagestream report is blocked?


I just had the same problem with the “SageStream”. I currently have Equifax and TU unfrozen, and my Experian status is constantly unknown because I cannot log in and they refuse to send me a PIN or pick up their phone. I have had no problems getting multiple CCs from Chase and BofA.


Hah, just saw your other post (and replied). If you are having issues, and you have a local USB near you, open in branch. Even after I unfroze all mine, I got rejected the 2nd time (though, not for SageStream). But was able to go in to the branch and open just fine. But depending on some factors, you might be fine with re-applying again (granted you can unlock your experian report)


I was denied for a US Bank Biz CC, and in the letter they sent me it states,
‘Our decision on your application was based in whole or in part on information obtained in a report from the following consumer/business credit reporting agency(ies):’

Is it still necessary to freeze Sagestream and ARS?


Clarity Is another that is used by Experian


Do you need to unfreeze these reports if you apply to other credit cards?


Here’s a link to the company on the Better Business Bureau website.

They’re also called Acxiom, Inc.

They also have an Opt-Out page for their consumer reporting, which I think is different than the credit reporting, which I found on their website here:

I hope this helps out!