Posted by William Charles on December 6, 2018
Airline Rewards

Published on December 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


Delta Has Now Expanded Basic Economy To Award Tickets

Delta was the first major carrier to introduce basic economy tickets back in 2012. These tickets don’t have advance seat assignment and you can’t make ticket changes. Previously these basic economy fares were restricted to revenue tickets, but Delta is now offering basic economy fares on some award tickets. Delta is claiming that this is a test and loyalty members have requested more flexibility on more types of Delta products. To that I say Delta is lying, I’d be very surprised if Delta doesn’t roll this out across all flights and then starts to release less normal award fares than before all in the name of more “flexibility”.  My level of trust in Delta is precisely 0%.

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Did you ever announce the winner of the worst rewards program poll? I want to vote for all 4 options.

it was neck and neck… just watch out. We know what Delta does to Doctors that give them trouble


Its funny, except that that was United…

I thought the whole point of “Basic Economy” tickets was to compete with the ULCCs. How would devaluing their rewards structure and screwing over loyal customers help with that?

The race to the bottom continues. I’m surprised at this point that they aren’t giving regular economy passengers wristbands, so they don’t accidentally serve the peons in Basic a free water…

As if members are really asking Delta to add award tickets to basic economy. I can see asking publish an award chart again but this nope.

Preach. Ezpeaz. Delta lies like the Sawdis….. and tpg still says their grand awards bash touting Delta was simply the result of “voter” input….. no doubt. *sarcasm.

I’m not sure these guys know what they are doing. For leisure customers who are price oriented, they potentially losing revenue by selling cheaper tickets and not getting the boost from ancillary fees since customers choose to pack lighter to avoid paying for luggage.

For business customers.. Well, as a business customer I refuse to purchase basic economy because it means I’ll have to gate-check my bag. So when normal main cabin fare is within my allowance, I will buy that. Last week it was over so I simply switched to Southwest and AA lost full revenue. About $400 for 1 hour flight – if they are willing to lose this, they will not be doing well financially.

I have gone through almost all the Amex product line up except the Starwood Luxury, the Amex Bix, and the co-branded line-up of Amex Platinum (except Mercedes Benz), and I was actually considering signing up next year when I go below 5 Amex cards again as I can always use them for Hawaiian inter-island flights and every now and then there’s a no-lifetime language links that appear, but then they release news like this that just turns me off.

It seems ridiculous to issue Basic Economy award tickets but if that’s what they want to do, it’s pretty easy to game. First, everyone who flies BE on DL gets a carry-on bag. Second, if you have a DL credit card, you also get a free checked bag and a favorable boarding group. On int’l flights (including Caribbean flights), they usually let you pick your own seat assignments 24-hours before departure (the same choice I get as a Star Alliance gold member on many airlines!). So it’s really not that bad. I would NEVER pay more to escape BE on DL.

You have a special hate for Delta, don’t you? lol.

When we drop off our dog in NJ before a vacation we drive an hour extra to JFK instead of the nearby Newark just to fly with Delta.
We accept flight with layovers over cheaper non-stop flights just to fly with Delta.
We accept Delta economy over AA Business just to fly Delta.
We will spend 30K MR over 15K UR for United just to fly Delta.

Sky Pesos rebranding to the Rupee.

I wonder what this will mean for partner award tickets booked on Delta metal. Will, for example, a Flying Blue award flight on Delta automatically book into BE or will we have a choice there too?

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