[Expired] Delta Thanksgiving Flash Sale: First Class Domestic From $99 or 8,000 Miles (One Way)

Deal has expired, view more Delta deals here.

The Offer

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  • Delta has another flash sale, this time both cash and award tickets are on sale. This sale is for first class domestic tickets and for Thanksgiving dates. You must book by October 23rd, 2018 for travel from November 17th until November 24th, 2018. Flights start at 8,000 miles or $99

The Fine Print

  • Minimum stay 3 nights, maximum stay 30 nights
  • Tickets must be purchased no later than October 23, 2018.
  • Travel may begin on or after November 17, 2018 and all travel must be completed by November 24, 2018.

Our Verdict

I personally think that first class domestic is a waste of money, but thanksgiving is traditionally a very expensive time to fly and some of these flights don’t seem awful. Chances are you won’t be able to find a city pair that works for you, but it’s at least worth a look.

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haha. what an amazing sales tactic. anyone with experience will see right thru this stupid shit. especially because its profit hungry DL. look at the limited travel period.

basically, its a DL ad to fill up empty legs just like many private jet brokers. the way someone should view this “deal” is to determine if these “DL Private Jet” empty legs can be used as comfortable positioning flights.


Who would book a flight between Los Angeles and San Diego when driving takes less time than going through security?

Matt Katakis
Matt Katakis

Not on weekends.


Security takes me about 5 minutes usually, you should look into TSA pre-check…..if you’ve ever driven from LA to SD (not at midnight) you’d know that it can easily take 3-4 hours.