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Published on December 30th, 2016 | by Chuck


Discover IT $75 Public Signup Bonus

The Offer

Direct Link (non-affiliate link)

  • Get the Discover IT with Cashback Match card through Amazon’s link and receive a $75 statement credit after your first Amazon purchase within three months

It’s more like that this $75 will not be doubled since it’s marketed as a “statement credit” to offset a charge and not a “cashback bonus”.


The Discover IT card is fairly popular due to the 5% rotating categories and the first-year Cashback Match program. It doesn’t have a public signup bonus (the Cashback Match is the signup bonus), though it’s easy to get a referral from a friend and each will get $50 which will then double at year’s end to $100 each. This public signup bonus is something we haven’t seen, though.

The Fine Print

Get a $75 statement credit when you use your Discover it card to purchase any item at within 3 months of approval. Limit one per customer per account. Your statement credit will be automatically added to your Discover Card account within 1-2 billing periods. purchases include those made through the checkout, including digital downloads, gift cards, Amazon Fresh orders, Amazon Local Deals and Amazon Prime subscriptions and items sold by third party merchants through’s marketplace.

You can have up to two Discover cards, even two of the same card. As far as I know, the Cashback Match bonus will apply to the second card, even if it’s the second of the same card.

It’s not clear, however, that the second card will be eligible for a cash signup bonus. One data point suggests that it doesn’t work.

My hunch is that it’s only the referral link cash signup bonus that doesn’t work being that you are an existing cardholder of this card. However, the Amazon cash signup bonus link might work; the terms don’t seem to disqualify existing cardholders. YMMV.

Card Details

  • Get all cash back earned the first year doubled at year’s end
  • Get 5% back in rotating categories on up to $1500 per quarter; 1% everywhere else with no limit
  • No annual fee
  • Full roundup of benefits can be found here

Our Verdict

The $50 referral offer is better than this since it gets doubled to $100 at year’s end while this $75 probably won’t get doubled.

If you already have a Discover IT card and are applying for your second Discover IT card, it might make sense to use this Amazon link since it’s more likely to work for existing Discover IT cardholders, as discussed above.

We’ll add this to our list of Best Current Credit Card Signup Bonuses. See also 15 Things Everybody Should Know About Discover Credit Cards before applying for a Discover card.

Please do not leave Discover referrals in the comments to this post. Instead, head over to the dedicated thread and follow the instructions there. 

36 Responses to Discover IT $75 Public Signup Bonus

  1. Evan says:

    Why do you think the bonus will be matched? It says it’s a statement credit, I don’t think they avoided the word cashback for no reason.

    • Chuck says:

      Hmm… I didn’t see much into “statement credit” versus “cashback”, but I guess it’s possible you are right.

    • Steve says:

      I agree with that interpretation. “Statement credit” suggests a credit on your monthly statement set against purchases, whereas a “cashback bonus” is banked to your accumulating cashback to be released at your request.

  2. FYI, I just called Discover (877-587-1605), and the rep I spoke with said she doesn’t believe the $75 statement credit would be included in the cash back match after a year because it is not classified as cash back.

  3. Vince says:

    Damn, I had just signed up for this card the other day.

    Is there anything I could do to request this sign up bonus?

    • Evan says:

      Didn’t you get any sign up bonus at all? In any case, if you have an online account, chat with them and they may match it. Give it a try, you never know.

    • Matt says:

      They wouldn’t match me, but I was approved first in late september, although that wasn’t a cited reason. Need other data points for a “no” on this one.

  4. Pam says:

    Just so I am clear… I have had a Discover IT for a little over a year and received my cashback Match… So if I sign up for another Discover IT I will get the cashback match on it too?

    Thanks for a great blog!

  5. hagwar says:

    Hey y’all not related to this deal but could use some expert help please.

    I got the Amex DL Platinum card and am working through the minimum spend and want to make sure my MQM’s post for 2017 not 2016.

    My statement closes on January 12th, if I complete my spend between January 1-12, 2017, will MQM’s post for 2016 or 2017 please.

    Thanks and happy new years to all!

  6. Jeff H says:

    I have had the Discover MORE card for a good decade. I just was not seeing that much value in the IT version. Does anyone know it that kills my bonus chances for the IT version? I am still on the fence about getting one.

  7. Kyle says:

    Well, I feel silly. I finally decided to respond to one of the millions of mailers they sent me which meant no sign-up bonus. Just was talking to a CSR on the chat and they said they couldn’t add that offer for me. Lesson learned!

    • Evan says:

      I would try again some time later. They’re very customer friendly, they may give at least some courtesy cb.

      • Dan says:

        My wife applied through Amazon. I called in and they gave me a ref. bonus on the phone. Discover is the best.

        • sara says:

          Still not worth trying to do that, right?
          Correct me if I’m wrong. This way you get $50 and she gets $75 =$125,
          vs. if she applies via referral link, you still get 5he $50, but she gets $50 x 2

  8. DFS Employee says:

    This promotion does not exclude existing cardmembers. You will get the $75 credit and the match.

    The $75 credit is not matched as it is not Cashback.

    You can have up to two accounts.

  9. Irene says:

    Do you have hard DPs that the cashback match will work on the second card? I agree with your reasoning regarding the statement credit not excluding previous cardholders, but the fine print for the cashback match does say “for new cardmembers only.” If I am already a discoverIT cardholder for 12 months and thus eligible to open another discoverIT, would applying through this promo result in $75 statement credit AND the cashback match for other purchases?

    • Chuck says:

      Irene, I don’t know for certain. I’ve been searching high and low for a solid data point. People generally seem to be assuming it will work. We probably won’t know for certain for another 6-12 months.

      The “new cardmembers” lingo means to exclude existing cardmembers so it’s not conclusive; remember, at one point existing cardmembers were able to get the offer added to their account.

  10. Mary Johnson says:

    I have Discover Card account dating from 1992. Just applied for a 2nd card per this offer. They told me I can do it, but they will take part of 1992 card’s credit line for the new card, plus the grandfathered benefits won’t transfer.

  11. Daniel says:

    Man I wish I had known about these offers before I signed up for the card.. 🙁

  12. sam says:

    Wouldn’t match my mom after she was approved barely a week before the offer was posted on DOC….

  13. boridi says:

    Data point:
    $75 is statement credit, not cashback, so it is not showing in the “doubled cashback” total that discover reports.

  14. Dani Lynn says:

    Is Walmart a wholesale club for the 5%

  15. Information Booth says:

    Be careful! I applied through the Amazon link and used a pre-selection code I’d received in a mailer. I didn’t get the bonus, and despite my cs calls, they will not give it to me. So, if you apply through Amazon, when they ask you to input a code, don’t do it if you want your bonus.

    • Natalia from New Orleans says:

      We’re Sorry

      The page you are looking for is not available right now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Natalia from New Orleans says:

      However, the attempt #3 got me here :
      Discover it® for Students Application

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