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bullmeister (@guest_1715597)
October 14, 2023 18:47

 Chuck  William Charles There’s now a $50 sign up bonus on Swagbucks for opening a checking account with at least $50.

bullmeister (@guest_1715680)
October 14, 2023 22:10

Have to unfreeze Chex for approval but not sensitive (about 30 accounts in 36 months)

October 15, 2023 14:36
NP - Good DPs
NP - Good DPs (@guest_1674350)
August 17, 2023 22:11

Have they ever had a referral bonus?

churner of churns
churner of churns (@guest_1622521)
May 23, 2023 12:21

does discover cash back work with paypal bill pay?

Victor (@guest_1624683)
May 27, 2023 05:47

I applied with the hope it can work. Let’s see

nigel (@guest_1628035)
June 2, 2023 15:41

Any follow ups?

Victor (@guest_1629486)
June 5, 2023 22:32

I have tested some PayPal bill payments and it doesn’t look like that they are NOT earning any cash backs

Victor (@guest_1630226)
June 7, 2023 08:05

Correction: it doesn’t look like that they are earning any cash backs

Ace (@guest_1684911)
September 2, 2023 22:36

Victor Did you ever earn Cashback on the PayPal bill pay? Have you tried cashapp?

Victor (@guest_1684917)
September 2, 2023 22:49

Yes I tried but no cashback earned. Haven’t tried on cash app

Ace (@guest_1685026)
September 3, 2023 09:34

Ok thanks

tela (@guest_1622277)
May 22, 2023 21:03

applied and instant approval without issue, have saving account with them used that login info. I wish they would have come up with minor bonus.

MrMoo (@guest_1622240)
May 22, 2023 19:36

Just created an account. Said they couldn’t verify my identity, so I had to call. Called and provided verification with some numbers from my Discover credit card (these were 3 digit and 5 digit codes on the card that are only used for verification I guess). I think they’re being extra cautious with all the cases of fraud from a while back.

After verifying over the phone I was immediately accepted. They do check Chex as I had an Chex inquiry after applying. For reference I’ve had a Discover card for over 10 years so that may have helped my approval odds.

Dylan (@guest_1622748)
May 23, 2023 19:07

Yes, I had the same experience. If you already have a Discover Credit Card, it’ll be some quick verification using the two numbers on your card and then an instant approval. I’ve only had the card for a year though.

Make sure you write down the last four digits of the account number, which will be provided by the representative. You can sign up using the same login as your credit card and the last four digits of your new checking account.

David (@guest_1622151)
May 22, 2023 16:51

I’ve used Discover Bank for most of my daily banking needs like transfers, paying bills, Zelle, etc… However, lately their savings rate hasn’t been kept up to my satisfaction.

So while I’ll still use the checking, I’m moving a lot of my savings funds over to competitors for that.

captainsave (@guest_1622217)
May 22, 2023 18:54

who has better rates?

David (@guest_1622218)
May 22, 2023 18:56

I went with CIT Bank, they have (I believe) currently rate of 4.65%.

Nigerian Prince
Nigerian Prince (@guest_1622220)
May 22, 2023 18:57

Like almost every other online bank and fintech. I’m thinking of charging for my spoon giveaways now.

samsimon (@guest_1621985)
May 22, 2023 11:58

very chill bank… been using them for all kind of transactions/deposits for 5 years, with no issues

Alberto (@guest_1622042)
May 22, 2023 13:44

Does the debit card get recognized as such in stores/online? My Amex Debit is seen as credit at store machines that don’t take credit cards and transactions decline.

Midnight (@guest_1622139)
May 22, 2023 16:37

Discover debit is definitely classified at Debit in some places in person. Clover POS machines recognize both Amex debit / Discover debit for example. I haven’t tested anywhere else

Harry (@guest_1621931)
May 22, 2023 10:24

Can you load discover checking accounts from Vias/MC gift cards

Dan (@guest_1621973)
May 22, 2023 11:39

Unlikely. it is Discover after all

Harry (@guest_1621929)
May 22, 2023 10:22

Does Walmart let you load your discovery checking account from Visa/mc gift cards??

Superman (@guest_1622233)
May 22, 2023 19:20

Does YOUR Walmart let YOU load Bluebird or Serve from Visa/MC gift cards? Some say THEY cannot load Bb/Serve OR Discover at THEIR WM. Others say I can use GCs to load Bb/Serve AND Discover at MY WM.

Matt (@guest_1621885)
May 22, 2023 07:38

Great checking account. I have used for well over five years as my primary. Free checks, 1% debit card, great customer service and fairy good savings account to move money back and forth. Also works good for a Hub account. The monthly limits are very high. One thing I use the debit card for is my Verizon bill. They won’t allow credit cards for their lowest pricing. Using the debit allows you to get the lower monthly bill and still get some cash back. The ATM can be used at a lot of banks fee free to.

EastsideBK (@guest_1622337)
May 23, 2023 00:07

@Matt great suggestion about using Discover debit for Verizon. Once I use up my Verizon giftcards I will switch. Thank you!

WGU (@guest_1622444)
May 23, 2023 09:18

PayPal Bill Pay.