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Discussion Of American Express Pre-Approval Referral Offers (No Lifetime Language)

This post is dedicated to discussion of American Express’ new “Pre-Approval Referral Offers’. You can read more about this here. The original post has turned into an area for readers to share referral information (I naively thought not many people received these offers so didn’t expect much referral action in that post), this post is for discussing the offers themselves and any successes/issues. Currently that’s not really possible on that other post due to the large volume of people sharing referral information.

DO NOT POST YOUR REFERRAL INFORMATION IN THIS POST. If you do you will have your comment removed and any other existing referral details you have shared will be removed.

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Looking for a gold card referral

Contact me to receive your Gold card referral.

Don’t encourage this behavior

Amex no lifetime language are appearing pretty often recently, Love it…
(Remember when we snagged Citi’s AA no lifetime language, lol).

Yes, watch out for an advertisement on Amazon for Platinum 75k. The page that opens after clicking on it doesn’t have a lifetime-clause.

You can still purchase Citi no language mailers from reddit. Jump in the water is warm.

Likely lots of referrals got lost/wasted. So many people asking 20 different people for referrals… Rather disrespectful.

Thanks for not being Minnesota-nice! I appreciate the honesty

Has anyone who is a (i) a former holder of a regular Platinum and (ii) current holder of a co-brand Platinum (e.g. Schwab, Ameriprise), successfully used one of the pre-approval referrals to get a new regular Platinum today? Any thoughts on whether this would fly?

I’m in the same boat. I’ve had almost all versions of Platinum and currently sit on an Ameriprise. Wondering if we can pull this off?

Have Schwab. Was approved for 75k 5k spend plat offer. I have had every plat version in the past.

Thanks for the DP. Now I need to get my reluctant P2 on board…

You have a Schwab 75k offer? I’m wanting to sign up for that card in the next week.

I currently hold a normal Platinum as well as three co-branded ones, and was approved through one of these links today. So yes, this works.

Another datapoint this works

I said in the other maybe not a good idea since Amex could deny for gaming, but then I said screw it, why not and got approved for a platinum. Amex is generally good about the no lifetime langauge bonuses as long as you don’t MS.

Are they only on personal cards or also on Business cards?
If only on personal then Charge cards are the only option if you already have 5 cards and don’t wanna close one.

No, a lot of people, including I, have 6 personal cards, and none of them are charge cards.

Interesting three offers attached to the Amex Platinum application.
My application was pending.
While calling Amex to get it approved, I asked the agent to confirm the offer.
Agent said he saw three offers, and not sure whether they were attached.
1st offer: 75k w $5k spend in three months, for new card member (did not mention previous member illegible).
2nd offer: 100k w $10k spend in three months, for who does not have or had this product, with FIRST YEAR annual fee waived.
3rd offer: get 5k bonus by adding an additional card member and spend $500 in three months, up to 20k.
I felt strange and asked agent to repeat. He repeated the offer in details – sounds like reading from screen.
Anyone has similar experience?

Too strange. Suggest to call again.

Let us know what they say. I’ve never had an American Express and I’m looking to do the Platinum offer for 100k.

They keep spamming me for the Platinum, as I’ve never had it. I’ll try calling in & requesting for the 100k offer. Thanks!

Wondering is this contains referral link to SPG luxury that pass the Marriott card limitation?

I wrote to DoC about this twice. Once in September and once in October. Both times he ignored. Probably was busy. This backdoor was open for a long time. Usually you get this offer and send a referral to P2 email. P2 cancels of already has that card and applies for this card through that referral in a week or two.

You’re saying this “pre-approved” referral has been around since September? I am a bit unsure whether we’re talking about the same thing.

Seems like Amex is getting more liberal, maybe RAT scared off a lot of people?

I got a mailer for Amex Gold with 50k offer (and all the usual bells and whistles) and I didn’t see any lifetime language – I currently hold a converted PRG opened in April this year.

Scratch that, my mailer contains the ‘only available to new Amex Gold members’ language.

So if you get an offer and already have the card you won’t be approved? Currently have gold. If P2 sends me an offer and I already have the card, can I get it and hold 2?

Thanks for clarification.

Is the “Pre-Approval” referring to the offer, not the application, because the email I received explicitly said the person referred had to apply and be approved.

Any way to get a referral back? I sent one to a person who decided not to go through with the app. When I try to generate another one it says I used up my offer. Ugh…

I am in the same boat — and in my case the reason seems to be the person gave me a throwaway email (for privacy? idk) and since the referral is locked to the email, he declined to use it.

Live and learn I guess…

That’s so frustrating.

These preapproval offers were an unexpected surprise, just in time for triple dip season. I tried to get Amex Gold just two days ago, got the popup due to my old PRG, so I gave up and got Ameriprise Gold instead, hoping they would change that product soon. But thankfully I was able to get a Gold today too with a preapproved referral. 75k and triple dip? Yes please!

Can you tell me the exact time to apply to get the triple dip with minimum fee? Won’t it better to get it in like, mid Dec?

In that thread, there’s now 572 comments and counting. Insane lol

Data Point: I’ve previously held the Ameriprise Platinum. Applied today with a pre-approval offer and was successfully approved after calling in to verify identity. Was still on Amex’s bad list, as of last week when I received the pop-up on two separate applications.

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