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Published on December 9th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express Pre-Approval Referral Offers (No Lifetime Language)

Update 12/09/18: Some bonuses have started posting from these offers. Just keep in mind our warning. To discuss these deals click here.

American Express has started sending out e-mails offering existing cardholders the ability to refer up to two friends for a pre-approved offer. The subject lines for these offers are ‘you’re invited to share a pre-approved offer’ and I’ve seen offers for the Platinum & SPG personal card. I’m not sure why they are calling these pre-approved offers, as they have zero idea who you will refer. I doubt they will let me refer somebody with a bankruptcy on file and approve them for example.

That being said these offers are interesting for the simple fact that they don’t contain the standard ‘Welcome offer not available to applicants who have or have had this Card. We may also consider the number of American Express Cards you have opened and closed as well as other factors in making a decision on your welcome offer eligibility.’ language. One reader applied for one of these offers and despite having the card previously there was no pop up box informing them that they would not be eligible for the bonus. The downside is that you can only refer two friends. The actual application page also requires you to verify the e-mail address the offer was sent to. If these do indeed bypass the lifetime language, then they will be highly sought after.

Feel free to leave your emails in the comments to refer or get referred. Also please note some idiots are sending out regular referral links, make sure you double check any offers you receive to ensure they don’t have the lifetime language. 

Discussion post about these offer here.

Hat tip to readers J S & Rumast22


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I got amex gold in the email

I did too. I wish I could find a platinum offer.

I’ll trade you if you like. Email me:

I’d be interested in the gold and have a plat. Exchange?

Can you exchange the offer?

I have 2 platinum offers and I want 1 gold refer. Can we exchange?

Would you be willing to share one platinum referral? Email if interested is

I have a Plat referral and look for exchange, email me if you would like.


Same here.

Would you be able to share one of the gold referrals? if so, I’d like to apply

Are you still looking for one?

No, but thanks. I can’t seem to delete or edit my comment

Looking for gold referral!

Still looking?

looking for gold referral,, thanks!

I used both mine. 20k points were already awarded to my account. Thank u guys for using! This is my new favorite website 🙂

Hey, I would love one! First name is Harmandeep and email is

looking for a gold referral, thanks!

i am still looking for a gold one.

Still have gold one ¿

If anyone has a gold referral left, I’m interested!


Thanks – just used it and was approved

Send me one too plz!

Still have gold one ?

If anyone still has a gold Amex federal link would be greatly appreciated


Anthony, do you still have gold Amex referal link without lifetime language? Please send to Thanks.

looking for a gold referral, thanks!

Still have gold one ?

sent for you Kevin

looking for a gold referral, thanks!

Do you still have the Gold referral? Please send me one at

I’d love a referral for spg and or gold, please. Thanks!

Jtizzle are you still looking for gold?

I am if you don’t hear back from Jtizzle

I do not need Gold anymore, thanks though. Could still use SPG

looking for a gold referral, thanks!

do u still have the gold referral anymorr?

Yuda – if you give me your email, I can send you a referral.

Hi Shaun, my email is daiyuda@gmail

Should be on its way. Good luck!

Do you still have the Gold referral? Please send me one at

Are you still have gold?

Would you be able to share one of the gold referrals?

alex, i have one, do you want it?

Yes! That would be great! Thanks in advance.

Looking for referral for Gold card without lifetime language.
Thanks in advance.

Interested in Gold. Please send to

Yuri do you still need gold?

Yes, I want it.

ok, is your first name Yuri? (it asks for the first name in the form)

Still looking for referral for Gold card without lifetime language.
Thanks in advance!


tanmoy do you still need gold?

Pri, do you still have one to share for referral for Gold card without lifetime language? I would appreciate it.


could you share your gold invite with me?

could you share your gold invite?

I still have both my gold referrals left. Email me at if interested.

Just emailed you.

Thank you.


Still looking for referral for Gold card without lifetime language.
Thanks in advance!

Still looking for one plat and one gold referral. Will apply immediately.

Please email me at, thanks!

I just sent

Thanks! Already applied…appreciate your offer!

I just sent.

Would appreciate if someone can send me a plat or gold pre-approved referral many thanks!!

I still have one for gold. Email me if you still need referral.

Would like to get a gold referral

Would like to get a gold/plat preapproval referral here.. really appreciate your help!! My email address:

Thanks!! 🙂


Looking for a plat offer without lifetime language! Thanks

Looking for gold referral

Check your inbox. Hope it goes well.

Do you have another one to use?

My wife has SPG personal, but my golds are gone. I hope you track one down.

Would appreciate if you could share it with me. Thanks a lot!

As an aside, does Amex tolerate a little MS for MSR on co-branded cards? I couldn’t help myself but buy fee-free VGCs at a store that provides L3 data to Amex. But I bought them because they were fee-free, and not because I wanted to MS.

It’s always tough to tell what AMEX will do, but buying gift cards isn’t against any rules, and AMEX is heavily used by companies and companies often buy gift cards. The only time I have heard people have trouble is when they are buying $1500 in gift cards every week from Staples in order to hit their MSR. They can definitely still make a case it’s for a business, but AMEX may want additional proof in such cases. A few hundred in GCs isn’t even going to be a blip to them.

In my last job I was a team manager and we had company AMEXs and I was buying a few hundred in gift cards every month for various things, it’s definitely not unusual behavior.

Thanks a lot for your response! That’s certainly reassuring. Mine’s a personal card, though, but I only bought 3 Gift Cards, so I hope Amex won’t care. I’m okay with not receiving points for those GC purchases.

On cobrands I got the SPG Lux bonus with a lot of MS and no consequences yet,

Thanks for the info! Yours is the type of DP I was looking for.

They generally don’t care on cobranded. On MR cards it specifically states gift cards don’t count.

Thanks for the info!

On a different note, I self referred to the business plus with lifetime language but got no pop-up on application.

Where’d you get a no-lifetime-language offer?

He didn’t. The phrase “with lifetime language” is the key.

Oops, misread that.

I read a DP on Reddit that a person didn’t get sign-up bonus, although he hadn’t come across a popup.

My wife got referral offer for Platinum for 75k miles.
If any interest let me know.

Thanks for the offer! I’m interested!

Hi there, im interested if its stil available, thanks in advance

I am interested! Thanks!

I’m interested! nuhertz at gmail dot com

I am interested!

Invitation sent. Unfortunately she’ll get only 10k MRs as she already gotten 45000 from referrals.
I hope you guys get 75k.
Take care.

I have 2 75k platinum referrals if anyone is in need 🙂

Question, since there’s no lifetime language, if I get the Platinum card cancel in a year, I still can get it again with sign up bonus?

No. No lifetime language is only helpful if you’ve already had the card. The next time you get it, the offer terms you have at that time of the second application are what apply, not what you do today.

Yes please! Thank you!

I am interested,please send one to if you still have one! THANKS!

If it’s still available can you send it to Thanks!!

Grover, I sent you the 75K platinum

Sorry I checked my inbox and spam folder but couldn’t find it, was the email address you sent to Thanks again!

I’m interest. Thanks

Can I have one,
thank you.

Can you send me one please? Email is, first name Ekansh

I am interested,please send one to if you still have one! THANKS!

I need your first name as well. Also, e advised my 75k offer has the once in a lifetime language.

Have a plat offer? If so,

I am interested!

If there is an extra one available let me know. Thanks in advance.

I wonder if someone could get a second SPG personal. Do they allow two cards of the same type?

Terms specifically state the referral is no good if they currently have the card.

Thanks. I guess if you cancel you would have to wait 30 days.

My Wife got the AMEX Platinum Referral Offer. Not sure what the Rules are on here. But if it’s OK…. and anybody is interested, let me know.

Nice! I’d be interested if available!

OK…. I’ll email it in a couple minutes… Coming your way

I guess I have one more left. If somebody wants it, shoot me an email at Make sure to include your First Name because the Offer asks for First Name and Email address.

I’m OUT!!! No more left! FYI…. It prompted me to send a 3rd one…. but looks like it showed up on the other end at 60K…. make sure you get the one that says 75K !!! Good Luck

I am interested,please send one to if you still have one! THANKS!

I received one for the Hilton Amex (No annual fee). I’d get 20k and the applicant gets 100k after spending $1000. It does have a note that states “approval is not guaranteed”.

does it have the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product.” language?

No it doesn’t.

I’d like one please

Sent one your way!

I’m interested

I’ve got one left if you provide an email for me to send it to.

I am interested,please send one to if you still have one! THANKS!


If anybody has SPG personal I’d love to be considered for a no lifetime language referral. Thank you!

I already send it to you.

If you have another SPG Personal referral, I’d appreciate it James.

Do you still need an SPG referral?

I’ve got one SPG referral left, do you still need one?

I have a plat referral if someone wants. First come first serve – just shoot me an email:

A Stad, I’ll take it!

A Stad I’ll take it! Thanks

All gone – still looking for a PRG referral if anyone has one.

I also got a plat referral. Hit me up on email if you need it.

Sue, I’ll take it!


Hey Sue I’m very interested and likely to be approved. Please let me know if you can help. How should I contact you?

Hi! Please email me referral at

I got the pre-approved Hilton Honors American Express Card email.

You can earn:
Hilton Honors Bonus Points for each approved referral – up to 80,000 Bonus Points per calendar year. *

Your friend can earn:
Hilton Honors Bonus Points after they spend $1,000 in purchases on their new Hilton Honors American Express Card within their first 3 months of Card membership.

does this offer also contain No Lifetime Language? thanks

I’m interested.

If you have another referral for this, I would gladly utilize it

I still have referral available, are you still looking for it?

Do you still have referral available? Could you email me at Thanks

I still have referral available, are you still looking for it?

I got sent a link already. And applied but went to pending

Could you please send it my way.

Just sent to you

I read one article before:
You need to take risk that you will not get the bonus even there was no pop up box informing you that you would not be eligible for the bonus. DP says Amex reserve any rights to withhold the bonus anytime.

Yeah, thinking the same. Maybe better to just get one of the other amex plats instead that’s 60k/$5k

I got a platinum referral that offers 75k points for $5k spend in first 3 months. Email me at if interested!

Please disregard as my link is not working for existing cardholders. If applying for your first card feel free to contact me though 🙂

Got the email for Amex Gold, shoot me an email if you need one. thanks.

I’m interested in amex gold. ( ). Also received pre-approved amex Hilton offer if someone is interested.

Thanks for the e-mails, i’m out, try another fellow DoC reader.

I got this on my prg. Shoot me an email if interested.

Sent email. Lmk. Thanks!

Im out of referrals. Thanks guys.

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