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Channing (@guest_1691073)
September 11, 2023 17:13

“If you subscribe to one of our ad-supported plans (Disney+ Basic, Disney Bundle Duo Basic, or Disney Bundle Trio Basic), you will see ads during movies and shows. Ads are typically shown before the video starts and throughout playback — similar to what you’d expect from commercials during a traditional TV broadcast.”

Yikes! That sounds terrible. I subscribed to Hulu (ad supported) when they had a $1/month Black Friday promotion and cancelled that after a month or two. Ads during the programming make these types of services worthless, IMO.

Gus (@guest_1688855)
September 8, 2023 09:55

They’re really trying to get people on that ad-supported plan. I’m on the ad-free plan and was told they’re going to increase my subscription to $13.99 in October.

Mikey (@guest_1688617)
September 7, 2023 22:48

Is this a workaround for those of us with Spectrum who is currently feuding with Disney?

AdoptaPetInstead (@guest_1688429)
September 7, 2023 17:47

Good timing bc my amex deal is ending soon.

Dylan M.
Dylan M. (@guest_1688240)
September 7, 2023 14:17

I’m a current subscriber of the Legacy Disney Bundle (disney+, espn+, hulu), so this promo won’t work for me unfortunately

Don (@guest_1688504)
September 7, 2023 19:59

Thank you for sharing that