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Published on July 30th, 2015 | by William Charles


Do I Need To Make A Single Purchase For AmEx Offers, Or Is It Cumulative?

Recently a lot of people have had a similar/same question regarding American Express sync offers. I’ve rephrased the question below and then answered it.

The Question

I have a question regarding American Express offers. Let’s say the offer is spend $300+, receive $50 statement credit. Do I need to spend $300 in a single transaction? Or can I spend $100 three times over the offer period and receive the statement credit?

The Answer

There are two different kinds of offers: some specify that it needs to be spent in a single purchase and others mention that it just needs to be a combined total.

Here’s an example of an offer which needs to be spent in one shot:

amex offer single purchase

And here’s an example of an offer which allows cumulative spend over the given time frame:

amex offer total spend

In my experience, the cumulative spend does trigger the offer credit automatically, as it’s supposed to.

We originally posted the below incorrect information, we’ve since updated it. It needs to be a single purchase to trigger the offer from American Express. If you make multiple smaller purchases under the purchase requirement, you will not receive the statement credit from American Express. If it’s a shop that you shop at regularly (and thus the smaller purchases) it might be worth considering adding a gift card to your regular purchase to take you over the spending requirement, you can then use the gift card to make future purchases.

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It’s not necessary, right? Each offer will clarify itself I believe. For example, the recent $300 travel spend $50 back is cumulative.

Agree. Bought 100$ three times and got the credit posted.

For many offers if it says “spend A TOTAL OF xxx and receive xxx credit then it doesn’t have to be a single purchase.

I have had different experiences at least at local businesses. I filled my car at gas station in two trips. Amount needed to be $30 to get $5 back. Each time I filled gad worth $15 and 3 days later after reaching total of $30 I got $5 back.

Depends on the offer. Some are cumulative and some are not so reading the wording is key. My personal experience was with the Lowes offer $10/$50. I made 3 trips to Lowes (did not buy GC, normal supplies) before the total hit $50 and the $10 offer kicked in after the third trip.

Thanks all for commenting. We updated the post to reflect the different kinds of Amex Offers available.

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[…] Do I Need To Make A Single Purchase For AmEx Offers, Or Is It Cumulative? […]

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