Posted by Chuck on August 21, 2019

Published on August 21st, 2019 | by Chuck


[Expired] Drop Birthday Week: Increased Portal Rates for Sam’s Club, Nike, Travelocity and more

Deal has expired, view more Drop deals by clicking here.

The Offer

Drop is running specials this week for their birthday, you can find a ‘Birthday boosts’ tab in the app. A few specials they’ve highlighted via email which look interesting:

  • Monday & Tuesday: 15% back (150 points per dollar) at Apple, we posted about this separately
  • Wednesday: 12% back (120 points per dollar) at Travelocity
  • Thursday: 15% back (150 points per dollar) at Nike
  • Friday: 32% back (320 points per dollar) at Warby Parker
  • Saturday: 10% back (100 points per dollar) at Sam’s Club
  • Saturday: $35 back (35,000 points) with Super Chewer subscription

Some other offers can be found in the ‘Birthday boost’ tab in the Drop app as well.

The Fine Print

  • Some of these offers need to be ‘added’ before using

Our Verdict

You can’t get cash from these, but you can get gift cards to places like Amazon, Uber, and Best Buy. Our full review here. If you’re new to Drop, you can get 500 points ($5) for signing up and linking a card when you signup with a referral code. Our code is: doctorofcredit.

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I’m new to the app – are these offers (specifically Sam’s Club) online only and are they subject to the same $5 weekly cap?

I see a current offer in the app for that gets me 60/$1 so ideally I’d place an online order now and then stop in on Saturday to buy everything I couldn’t online, but I’m guessing I’ll hit a cap or there is some catch given this is a significantly higher rate than other online portals and Dosh/Pei offer nothing to me for SC in store shopping.


I may have answered my own question by looking at the Apple post’s comments, appears these are portal bonuses, not card linked, so they shouldn’t be subject to the cap but also probably won’t work in store. I miss Dosh SC that worked on everything, even their gas.

I won’t hold my breath these actually post, but worth the gamble for 10c back if it may work (only opp cost is the up to 2% portal rewards I would have gotten elsewhere, probably SwagBucks).


A day after placing a Sam’s Club order carefully through their app (about $70) I don’t see anything pending, but there is a 1k bonus in addition to my initial 5k doc referral bonus. Is this normal? Nothing in the terms said the bonus was on a maximum $10 purchase so I’m hoping another 7k will post or go pending soon.


I tried to submit a support ticket as this still isn’t showing even as pending and there is a popup that says may take up to 60 days to post, and may or may not show as pending. It is not allowing me to actually submit a ticket presumably until that 60 days expires. I guess I’ll find out in 7 weeks if they track or not but I will NOT be using this portal until I’m able to cash out this initial purchase. Even topcashback with their 7-10 week payout times at least shows pending within a few days.


Still no points, but was finally able to submit ticket.

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