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[Expired] Earn up to 10,000 Bonus Starwood Points for Adding Authorized Users on SPG Amex Card [Targeted]

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The Offer

Direct Link (login required)

Amex is now targeting some SPG personal cardholders with the following offer

  • Get 2,500 bonus Starwood points when you add an authorized user on your SPG card and the user spends $1,000 within three months
  • Up to 10,000 bonus SPG points max for adding 4 authorized user cards

The Fine Print

  • Valid until September 30, 2017
  • Additional Cards can be added at different times but must be added by September 30, 2017 through this promotional application page to be eligible for this offer
  • The 3 month period for each Additional Card Member to spend $1,000 starts on the date that the respective Additional Card Member is added
  • Purchases made by other Additional Card Members on your Account will not count toward the $1,000 spend requirement; your purchases as the Basic Card Member will not count toward the $1,000 spend requirement
  • There is no annual fee for Additional Cards; the maximum number of Additional Cards issued on each Account is 99; Additional Card Members must be at least 13 years of age and never have had a defaulted account with American Express
  • The 2,500 bonus Starpoints will be applied to the Basic Card Member’s account within 8–12 weeks after an Additional Card Member has met the purchase requirement
  • Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, cash advances, purchases of travelers checks, purchases or reloading of prepaid cards, or purchases of other cash equivalents. In rare instances, the period for the new Additional Card Members to spend $1,000 may be shorter than 3 months if there is a delay in receiving their Additional Cards. Also, purchases may fall outside of the 3 month period in some cases, such as a delay in merchants submitting transactions to us or if the purchase date differs from the date they made the transaction. (For example, if they buy goods online, the purchase date may be the date the goods are shipped).
  • To be eligible to receive bonus Starpoints, the Basic Card Member’s account must not be cancelled or in default at time of bonus fulfillment.
  • You must notify Additional Card Members that we may obtain, provide, and use information about them and that their use of your Account is subject to certain provisions of the Card Member Agreement

Our Verdict

Many Amex cards have targeted bonus offers for adding an authorized user. Lots of people value SPG points highly, making this one of the better offers available. We’ll add this one to our complete list: American Express Authorized User Bonuses – List Of Offers & Everything You Need To Know.

As far as we know so far, this bonus offer is being sent out on the SPG personal card, not on the business version of the card. Please correct us if you see otherwise.

Thanks to reader T. for sharing the offer and screenshot with us

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Targeted thankfully. So can we add ourselves?

I’m in the same boat. Can we add people under 13 also? How strict are they on that.

They ask for the DoB so put it in and let them decide.

I just added myself and the system processed and approved it. I didn’t put my ss, just DOB.

They will ask for SSN when you activate the card.

Terms say within 60 days, no mention of when you receive the card.

Similar question: Can we add ourselves X 4?

Will the authorize user’s SSN be required when the card is received and needs to be registered to activate?

Not targeted, but my sister is. Interesting..

Is Amex AU like chase where no social is required so say your dog can be an au?

It says that you need to provide ssn within 60 days to activate the card.

Nope. That doesn’t float.

That’s one of the triggers for an Amex FR. You have to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

FINALLY got this offer in my account. I usually miss out on all of the points for spend bonuses for the MR cards so this is a good step. SPG personal card. Doesn’t work on my wife’s biz card, says she can’t add an AU online.

Thanks Doc . I am also targeted .Added one AU .

Added myself and wife.

wait… how does adding self work? Just punch in birthday/ssn again?

If you add your own SSN it will complain about the SSN being a duplicate.

Is this afterwards? I received confirmation that I will receive my AU cards (4 new accounts including my own Ssn and wife’s ssn who is already AU in the same app) and no error or pending message.

Would being an AU count against Chase’s 5/24?

Most DPs suggest that being an AU technically does show up and count under Chase’ 5/24. However, those same DPs also suggest that you can simply call Chase and ask them to ignore all AU cards and only count primary cardholder accounts against the 5/24 and that usually works.

Yes, this is answered in the linked post as well. I’m sure you missed it but always a good idea to read through those to see if your question is answered.

Can you add someone without their DOB/SS# and get the bonus before Amex cancels the card in 60 days? Amex doesn’t care?

I was wondering the same thing!

I got the bonus for the AU cards I added to my Platinum card. Never added the SSNs.

It says my apllication is pending verification…is that normal

No. It means the police are on the way.

You may or may not get the cards. Happens a lot.

I just clicked the direct link above and logged in to my account. I am eligible for the offer! However, I just filled out the application for four authorized users and after 2 minutes, I got an error message indicating that “The Card Apply site is temporarily down.” So, FYI, it may take several attempts and/or it may be bogged down with a flux of people adding AUs…

Update: I tried again and my application went through but then I got this:

“Thanks, we’ve received your application, but we can’t give you a decision right now.
Pending personal verification of your application, the following Additional Card(s) will arrive at your primary billing address in a plain white envelope displaying the American Express Blue Box logo, addressed to each individual below, and with a return address in Omaha, Nebraska.
We’ll process your application as soon as possible and send you a decision within 14 days.”

So, not sure what that means… Has anyone else experienced this?

Yes, I got that message when I added an AU on my Blue Cash card. Received the AU card a week later.

Can I remove and readd the AU I have? I was targeted but have no people to add lol

Wife is targeted. I’m already AU on her SPG card. Wonder if I can add another for me or cancel that one and then readd myself. Hmm

Yes, you can do that. At least the system will allow it – no promises on whether they will give the spend bonus. I have a mish-mash of cards for family members all across multiple accounts. Multiple cards in multiple peoples names all as AUs. The most I have done so far is 3 – meaning my wife is the owner of the card and I have 3 AUs under her account.

The everyday card had 1500 MR points for $150 spend.

This is 2500 starpoints for $1000 spend.

The first was better

That’s why I’m not entirely sure I’m going to jump on this. Sure, it’s 3500 starpoints after spending and MSR but that’s a lot of spend for a small return when that AU could get the SPG Personal now for 25,000 starpoints on 3k spend. Much better return.

Your AU can get SPG personal separately should she want. It’s not mutually exclusive.

Yeah, I’m targeted but I won’t bother with this offer. I have the Alliant 3% card so the opportunity cost is $30 per AU. Just not worth it to add more AU which also will impact AAOA.

AU cards affect AAoA? It’s not a line of credit or a new account.

Same logic behind how adding your 18 year old kid to your 20 year old credit card would help, the same holds true for adding an AU to your 2 year old SPG…you’ll end up with an account on your credit report that’s 2 years old.

Obviously not all cards will show on the report (like some business ones). I believe DoC has a write up somewhere about which cards do and don’t impact your credit report.

appreciate the education. u da man Ace.

The 3500 SPG points that you would earn from the 1k spend are worth at least $70. $40 more than you would get from 1k spend with Alliant. Also adding AUs to your account doesn’t affect your AAOA, it affects the AAOA of your AUs.

So just because it’s worth $70 to you means it MUST be worth $70 to me? Glad it’s worth 2cpp to you but with a stash of SPG points it’s not for me.

This community often times has this groupthink where assigning travel value to real dollar value and it’s grown old. There’s nothing wrong with assigning a value for your travels, I do it as well. But you’re not depositing $70 in SPG points into your bank account, whereas I am with $30 USD from Alliant.

I said nothing about the AAOA of your accounts. It was in reference to whomever has the AU card. For many people though they’re doing the AU in their own name so it would impact them personally.

One other thing to consider is the opportunity cost on your time. It cost me nothing to spend on an alternative card. I’ll definitely require you and whomever the AU is to satisfy all requirements. To reach their own and there’s nothing wrong with doing the deal or saying thanks but no thanks.

Not 3500 SPG; don’t forget the organically added points. 4500 SPG would be the total.

I do agree with anthony’s response however.

… I need to be getting more sleep, I guess. 3500 SPG it is since the bonus is only 2500.

Added my wife and 3 family members. Went pending!!! -_-

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