Posted by William Charles on August 1, 2017
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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] American Express Authorized User Bonuses – List Of Offers & Everything You Need To Know

American Express has sent out targeted offers for adding authorized users on a lot of their credit & charge cards. In this post we look at the different offers and things to know.

The Offers

SPG Personal

Direct Link

  • Add an authorized user and receive 2,500 SPG points when they spend $1,000 or more. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of 10,000 bonus points.

Delta Gold

Direct link

  • Add an authorized user and receive 2,500 miles when they spend $500+. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of 10,000 miles.

Hilton Honors Surpass

Direct Link

  • Add an authorized user and earn 10,000 bonus points when they spend $1,000+. Can add a total of four authorized users for a maximum of 40,000 points.

This offer seems to be working for everyone. Read our dedicated post here.

Hilton Honors

Direct Link

  • Add an authorized user and earn 5,000 bonus points when they spend $500+. Can add a total of four authorized users for a maximum of 20,000 points.

This offer seems to be working for everyone. Read our dedicated post here.

Premier Rewards Gold

Direct link via android0017

  • Add an authorized user and earn 5,000 bonus points when they spend $500+. Can add a total of four authorized users for a maximum of 20,000 points.

Delta Platinum

  • Add an authorized user and receive 2,500 miles when they spend $500+. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of 10,000 miles.

Hat tip to reader @fakerenespoints

AmEx Everyday

  • Add an authorized user and receive 1,500 points when they spend $150+. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of 6,000 points.

Blue Cash Everyday

Direct link to offer or this link

  • Add an authorized user and receive $25 points when they spend $250+. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of $100.


Read our dedicated post to this offer & direct link here

Premier Rewards Gold

Read our dedicated post to this offer

  • Add an authorized user and receive 5,000 points when they spend $500+. Can add a total of 4 authorized users for a maximum of 20,000 points. These authorized user cards have no annual fees to worry about.

What You Should Know

  • If you aren’t targeted, call American Express to see if they can add the offer to your account. This is usually possible. At the moment the direct links don’t seem to be working either, so calling in regardless of whether you received an e-mail or not seems like it’s required.
  • SSN is not required when you add an authorized user, but you need to provide one within 60 days of account opening.
  • American Express authorized user accounts do count towards your Chase 5/24 status/total.


Does being added as an authorized user prevent you from getting the sign up bonus?

No, you can be added as an authorized and then sign up for the card as the primary cardholder and still receive the sign up bonus.

Who needs to spend the money to trigger the bonus?

Authorized user needs to complete the spend requirement. Keep in mind authorized users have their own unique card number so this is easy to track. It’s highly unlikely that spend completed by the primary cardholder will trigger the bonus.

Final Thoughts

All of the offers seems to be earn an extra 10x points or 10% cash back (e.g spend $500, get 5,000 or spend $150 & get 1,500 etc). That’s a fantastic deal if you ask me. I’m sure they will roll out these offers to more cards shortly, it seems like calling in is the best way to get cards add currently and enrolled in this promotion. As always if you see this on any other cards please let us know so we can update the post. If you have any questions, please ask and we will answer them in the comments!

69 Responses to [Expired] American Express Authorized User Bonuses – List Of Offers & Everything You Need To Know

  1. Rob says:

    I dunno, 5k points doesn’t feel worth it to add a new account to a family member’s credit.

  2. Josh says:

    If I add an authorized user, meet the $500 spend, then remove the authorized user, will they still count toward 5/24 if Chase sees the person is no longer an authorized user? Also, I got targeted and you can add an authorized user up until August 30th, then the offer expires.

    • S says:

      Of course it would count; it is treated like any other card account.

    • PSJc1eAmawCjwfbdf says:

      It would count but you can recon if AUs are the only reason for > 5/24. I’d consider it an unnecessary PITA to deal with though

    • aaron says:

      Authorized User accounts will fall off your credit report within 1-2 months. At least that’s how it worked the last time I closed an AU account

    • VL says:

      Keep in mind that Amex will not remove your AU account from your CR after you close that AU card even if you request… Unlike Chase (Where it is an easy procedure).

  3. Flame says:

    It says that you need to provide SSN at the time the card is activated. You can possibly add this to the post.

  4. Mike says:

    I got target but already have Auth users wtf.

  5. kevin says:

    I previously had 2 AU cards on my PRG but later I canceled all the them. How many more AU card I can add before they start charging me? 5 or 3 ?

  6. Lrdx says:

    “We’re sorry. The Card Apply Site is temporarily down.”


  7. Jonathan B. says:

    Wish they had this when my dad added me, my mom and brother xD

  8. H Xu says:

    how to add? the link does not work

  9. duh says:

    you can add yourself as a user or even a pet and no, you don’t need a ss #. they will send a letter asking but don’t do anything if you ignore it.

    • H Xu says:

      do I have to go through the email link to trigger the bonus or

      I can add myself online / online chat /phone call?


      • VL says:

        When I asked if adding myself would result in a separate card reported to my CR I was not given a simple yes/no answer. They were not sure (and the CSR went to consult somebody, still was not sure)… so I added myself to the business cards before (not for the bonus, but to expedite the card), but not for personal… as did not want to take a chance of an extra account on my CR.

    • AnameOfaguy says:

      How did you activate your card? I got two in the mail and when I go to confirm card they won’t let me activate without providing SSN and DoB. Is this new?

    • VL says:

      That was the case before, but now they require it at the time of activation. Even before they were pretty good at matching people, and even if you did not provide SSN there was a good chance that card would appear on the person’s CR.

  10. Sergey Sprogis says:

    So by taking a full advantage of this offer and adding four users to your card, you can just forget about any new Chase card for another two years?

  11. Chris says:

    Most of the links in these emails take you to that “We’re sorry. The Card Apply Site is temporarily down” page. After a few days of figuring out it wasn’t exactly “temporary” I found that the link at the top of the email that simply says “log in” takes you to your normal log-in page to get you into your account. Not sure that link will count for the offer, but if not, I think you’d have a good case of getting the bonus points/miles since you’re accessing your account through the email as the offer requires. (This would matter to those of us who don’t want to talk to a live rep and explain why you’re adding yourself as an authorized user…etc.)

  12. UPS guy says:

    DP here, was having to same problem with the email links stating either the site was down or the promotion ended ( ends 8/31). Called up Amex and they had the offer on my account over the phone. Added my son as we aren’t opening any accounts in his name, this will be his first AU card. Wife and I added him to each of our BCE accounts without any issues.

  13. Josh says:

    Can I add myself as an authorized user? Does it appear 2x on credit report?

  14. SA13DOC says:

    Did someone get 5000 points posted for PRG card?

    Also, if you add yourself without providing SSN, does it still report to your credit history?

    • NBG says:

      I added 4 AU 2 weeks back. Completed $500 spend on 2 of them on 23rd Aug. Got only 1 5K points posted on 25th. Wondering when will the other post?. Called and asked ans was given the standard 4-6 week wait.
      FYI – I added myself and wife again as AU…but gave Passport info instead of SSN and they activated the card and setup seperate a/c as well.

  15. Ken says:

    Does the authorized user’s spending count towards both the AU bonus as well as the minimum spend requirements of the primary cardholder’s sign-up bonus? Would be nice to double dip. 🙂

  16. Max says:

    Hey Will,

    Called in to ask in to add the offer for the Delta (got it on BCE, Plat, Hilton, SPG). They kept saying “this offer is not available on the card” and I said no I know but can you add it? They kept saying I am not able to see this on the card and it is solicited only. Went through 3 people on one call.

    Don’t think they can add it if you didn’t get it.

  17. H XU says:

    anybody has data point with multiple additional cards?

    I added 4 with my BCE, but the CSR told me I can only get $25

    I asked them to investigate and uploaded the Email for the offer

    finger crossed

    PS, now hesitated with the Platinum one since I could not find the offer Email

  18. paz says:

    I was informed of this offer by BCE cust serv one day. Next day when I called back to add AUs, I was told the offer no longer was showing up on my account. Supposedly it comes and goes, and apparently it could be gone in <24hours.

  19. Jonathan says:

    How many authorized users can you add to the platinum Delta SkyMiles AMEX Card without incurring a fee?

  20. Matthew says:

    The BCE link above never worked for me, but I just saw this offer popup with expiry of 10/20:

    I also noticed it specifically says all 4 cards must be added at the same time. When I did the SPG and Surprass offers, I had to add them individually in order to get the website to work. I guess I better call to be sure the offer is attached to the cards…

  21. NBG says:

    Anyone got the full bonus – for all 4 cards meeting spend requirement?. Amex has no clue when asked. And to top it off, they send me an email saying “here is another chance to get 20K points” and that the offer is extended to Oct end to add 4 additional users.

    @DoC – may be write up a post on this AU bonus issue and see if we have any success DP

  22. NBG says:

    Confirmed Issue DP: I had the liberty of testing the theory with bunch of different cards. Short Answer: When u sign up for the 4 AU all at once, only the first card info you fill gets the bonus attached and paid after meeting the requirement. Rest 3 goes in Limbo.

    Long Story:
    1. I had my SO initially sign up for the 4 AU under PRG. Organic spend on all 4 and only one 5K bonus posted. Called and was told to wait 8-12 weeks for the rest-std reply.
    2. I had my friend sign up and by mistke he signed up 1 at a time. interestingly, all 4 got bonus. So, that made me think only the 1st AU counts when doing all at once.
    3. So, i signed up 4 AU for my PRG. Now this time, i did meet the spend on card 2,3,4. No points posted even after weeks. Then to prove it, i completed the AU#1 spend and voila, bonus posted the next day after the charge posted.

    Now only if there is a way to let Amex know of their shitty system for this promo, we are all going to have to wait and deal with the pain of getting the bonus.

    Also, Amex has no way to tell if all 4 are signed up at the same time or apart as long as its within the day/min apart.

    • t says:

      What’s your game plan? Wait 12 weeks and then open a ticket with AMEX CSR to follow up on the bonuses? Hopefully enough people have opened cases so far to prompt an auto-review to all the applications.
      I’m hesitant for them to review my case too closely since 2 of my AU were already AUs (duplicated SSN) and some MS was involved. :/

      • NBG says:

        Just wait out 12 weeks and then fight it. No other option right now as Amex won’t even acknowledge the issue. Unless there is a enough complaints, they don’t seem to listen.

    • Flame says:

      I seem to have hit the same problem. Only 1st card holder bonus posted – nothing else 🙁 Need to fight this out. Data point

  23. NBG says:

    Does anyone have a link for Amex Everyday AU bonus?.

  24. Joe S says:

    Any updates, spent money on all Platinum AUs and have received no 5,000 point bonuses yet. Have to cancel the card in January so am worried about this. Added 2 AUs to Everyday and din’t receive any of those AU bonuses either.

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