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Published on October 13th, 2014 | by William Charles


eBates Credit Card Review (3% Cashback On Purchases Through eBates)

eBates (a cash back portal similar to topcashback) launched a credit card, at first I didn’t think much about it but a recent post on Maximizing Money made me think that made this new card was worth a further look. Here are the key details of the card:

  • 3% cash back on all purchases made through the eBates portal. This is in addition to whatever cashback eBates is offering (e.g eBates is currently offering 1% cashback on American Express gift card purchases. If you used the eBates credit card you’d earn 4%)
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • $10 sign up bonus
  • No annual fee


As there are multiple cards that earn at a base rate of 2% cash back, it really only makes sense to use this card when shopping through eBates. To work out if getting this card makes sense, I’d recommend using the following formula

If Y * 0.01 >= X, apply otherwise don’t. X = the minimum sign up bonus you’d usually accept for a credit card (look at what cards are currently offering as a cash bonus as a guide) and Y = the amount you’d spend at eBates in a year. The idea is that you receive more in cashback from this card in a year then you’d earn from a regular sign up bonus.

When it comes to category spending bonuses, I never look more than one year in advance because the credit card game is constantly changing. To make things easier if your minimum sign up bonus is:

  • $100 you’d need to spend $10,000 per year through eBates
  • $150, spend $15,000
  • $200, spend $20,000 and so on

Final Thoughts

This card really makes sense for those who spend a high amount at eBates. Unfortunately sites like Topcashback usually offer a high cashback rate which negates the 1% in extra cash back you’re getting from this card when compared to a 2% cashback card.

For example, let’s say your plan is to purchase American Express gift cards. eBates offers a rate of 1% currently and Topcashback offers 1.5%, this means that eBates is really only offering 2.5% cashback on eBates purchases rather than the full 3%. Considering other cards such as the Arrival offer 2.22% cash back (when redeemed for travel expenses) you’re only getting an additional ~0.3%. You’d need to spend $30,000+ to make up for a $100 cash sign up bonus.

Personally I think this card is a waste of time, if eBates rates were more competitive then I’d disagree. The other problem is that eBates will most likely exclude AmEx gift card purchases if they see people start to use this card for those purchases in a large way.


21 Responses to eBates Credit Card Review (3% Cashback On Purchases Through eBates)

  1. PD says:

    The beautiful part of the card was several months ago it was one of the few credit cards payable through Evolve Money and at that time Ebates paid out for choice card from Good while it lasted.

  2. AG says:

    I agree with PD, there was a few of us in the know about a EBates before it was cool to blog about. I got in earlier earned a ton of 4% cash back through Ebates. 1% plus 3% for Amex gift cards.

  3. Steve says:

    I don’t really understand the “sign up bonus” discussion. Why would you have to “make up for” a $10 sign up bonus ($10 off first purchase is offered currently). So, i’m not spending $10 that i would have to make up, they are giving me $10 credit, to sign up for a card.. so i’m confused. Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks in advance.

    • Because instead of applying for this card you could apply for something else (e.g something with a $200 or $400 cash sign up bonus). You can only sign up for so many credit cards before you start getting denied due to to many recent inquiries or your credit score being too low. Hope that makes sense.

  4. Raghu says:

    Correct me if i am wrong. still we can get 4% on amex GC’s right ? 1% plus 3% ?

  5. Jack says:

    I have this card and it is a piece of $#!+. The website sucks, it constantly locks me out, the service doesn’t sync with online financial management services like Mint, and the customer support organization at Syncrony is like the Keystone Cops. These guys are years behind the state of the art credit card customer experience.

  6. Mark says:

    I got the card with the idea I could get 4% back on Amex Gift Card purchases, but the initial credit line is way too low.

  7. Andrea S says:

    I recently got this card, and have made only a handful of purchases with it, but have had problems twice with it already. I have been a long time Ebates user, so it made sense to get an extra 3% cash back on things that I was buying through there, but out of these few purchases I have made so far, 2 have come back as only 1% cash back, even though they were Ebates qualifying purchases (I got the other Ebates cash back no problem on the same purchases!) They’ve given it to me no problem when I contacted them, but I shouldn’t have to contact them. Be aware that you may have to “babysit” Ebates to make sure they’re actually giving you what the card says you’ll get!

  8. Kate says:

    Got this card to get 4% on Amex gift cards. Used 4 times so far to buy Amex GCs. When the cash back was not reflecting as 3%, initially I thought it was mistakenly tracked. Contacted supprot (3 emails for One transaction resolution), got the cash back. After my 4th the transaction, I realised that it NEVER tracks as 3% but ONLY 1%. You must contact them for all transactions to get 3 %. Not worth the hassle.

    • Chuck Sithe says:

      Whoa, that’s bad. I had been considering this card.

    • Not even 1%! At least it sounds as if you can get the cashback if you make a fuss, so I will keep trying. The woman I talked to last night said I was indeed entitled to it and that their Live Chat people would give it to me. I did use their Live Chat once for another purpose (my bank had refused my first payment to the card without my knowledge, and the people on Live Chat took off the penalty or at least said they did), so they DO exist; I will find them and try. If I ever get that cashback, I will come back to this website and tell you.

      It certainly is not worth the hassle, though. Our time has value, and there are cards that give good cashback without having to fight for it – Bank of America and American Express both offer 3 percent on gas all the time, and Chase Freedom and Discover offer 5 percent at certain times. I am not going to use the ebates card any more, and regret having fallen for it in the first place.

  9. SL says:

    The card was revised to offer 3% additional cash back through ebates. Like Macy’s where ebates offer 6% cashback, and 3% additional gets us 9%. Is it worth it?

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  12. Mark Zhang says:

    Is there actually a Signature version of this card? I waited for quite some time and sacrificed a HP for it only because I was tempted by another card.. With my score I was almost certain that I could get a 5k CL and indeed I got it, but still marked ‘Platinum’.. Sigh…

    • I have the signature card, but trust me, you don’t want it. The cashback they offer for using the card isn’t real, at least not if you pay for ebay purchases with it, and you can get a much better card for most purposes from Chase (Freedom) or Discover. They actually give you the cashback they promise, and currently that is 5 percent on gasoline. Ebates is a scam, or at least the cashback card is.

  13. I did everything required – went through the ebates portal, then paid for my ebay purchases with their credit card directly, not through Paypal. For nearly all of these purchases I got ONE CENT, even for purchases of more than $1. Talked with their rep last night on the phone, and she spent a long time looking into it, said I should have gotten the extra 3 percent, but she wasn’t authorized to give it to me. Told me to get it through Live Chat, but I found no Live Chat on the US site, only on the Canadian site.

    I guess it would be futile anyway, because this is nothing but a scam! The cashback from ebay mastercard is pathetic (you get two points for a dollar, but it takes 2200 points to get a $15 gift card), but the real cashback from ebates is less than one percent – including on purchases made from their credit card directly after going through their website! In short, ebay mastercard doesn’t offer much, but it’s honest, and it’s more than ebates actually gives you. I am chucking their card and going back to ebay mastercard.

  14. I am back, and it’s worse than we thought. Synchrony Bank hadn’t reported my eBates Credit Card payments to eBates, and they made an adjustment that might or night not reflect all my missing cashback but probably doesn’t. Synchrony Bank reported these as Paypal payments, *although my eBates credit card isn’t even attached to my Paypal account* and could not possibly have been used through Paypal.

    Synchrony bank is really crooked. But here’s where it gets scary: Paypal MasterCard is also issued by Synchrony Bank, and is the only credit card that IS attached to my Paypal account. My eBay MasterCard bill is about twice what is should be, over $400, in addition to over $250 to the eBates card, and I strongly suspect that Synchrony Bank has been charging my purchases to BOTH cards and charging me for them twice. Now I don’t dare use eBay MasterCard any more either.

    Are we paying for our purchases TWICE?? If we have both these cards, that is what some of us may be doing. This is so crooked, it should be shut down.

    Is there someone else out there who has both cards? Have YOU been charged twice for purchases? We need to get together and put a stop to this, maybe through the FTC, maybe through a class action lawsuit. We can’t let it continue.

  15. Karen McVay says:

    I had so much trouble with the ebates credit card that I finally had to close it. When I got it, they said I could use it right away, but that was not true because I didn’t have the three digit security code. Then I finally got the card and used it a few times and then it quit working. No one in customer service could figure out why it would not work. Finally one rep said it was an IT problem and they might figure it out next week. What kind of customer service is that? (I suspect they blocked it because I was using it too much.) I’ve written ebates several times hopping they would use a new company for their credit card. Synchrony has terrible customer service!!!

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