Posted by William Charles on May 5, 2015

Published on May 5th, 2015 | by William Charles


Failure, BBR Cards, Buy United Miles Cheap, £30 Hotel Code And A LOT More

  • My Week in Points: Freddie and Warren by Rapid Travel Chai. This is a nice roundup and they are always worth reading, but the real reason I’m posting is this nugget: “While on the phone I converted another so my Better Balance goes up to 6 cards”. If you’ve tried to convert to a BBR card before, keep trying. Some reps can still do the change. Dunno what I’m talking about? Read this first.
  • My Gift Card Haul and Loving SaveYa by Oren’s Money Saver. Nice haul and shows how important it is to grab those small money makers, they all add up especially when you add in eBay bucks, portal cashback and credit card rewards.
  • Turnover Tuesdays – My First Attempt at Reselling – Fail! by Oren’s Money Saver. You learn more from your mistakes than your successes, learning from somebody else’s mistakes is even better! In all seriousness, I love when other bloggers write about mistakes they’ve made and what they learnt from this hobby. Looking forward to this turnover Tuesday series from Oren (who has been on a roll recently). Shout out to his wife for the name of the series as well.
  • My Way Of Buying Cheaper United Airline Miles by Chasing The Points. Perfect amount of information, enough that you should be able to work it out yourself (and learn something in the process) and not too much to be spoon feeding.


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