Posted by William Charles on December 6, 2018

Published on December 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


Freebird – Uber Rewards App For Specific Retail ($25 Sign Up Bonus + Referrals)

Freebird is an app that offers Uber users the ability to earn rewards by visiting specific retailers, restaurants or bars. The idea is that businesses can pay Freebird to advertise their business on the app, when a user takes an Uber to that particular store they receive a credit for doing so. Businesses can also provide a reward if users make specific purchases. I did a poor job of explaining that, so it might make more sense to watch this video. New users can also get $25 off their first ride with promo code FREERIDE. Looks like this is in addition to the referral program mentioned below.

Referral Program

You can refer friends to Freebird, when doing so the person signing up will receive $10 and so will the person doing the referring. Please do not share your links in the comments on this post. Instead you can share them in this linked post, but please make sure to follow the rules.

Our Verdict

I like the idea of this app, especially when it comes to bars and trying to discourage people driving. How useful this is will obviously depend on the options in your area but might be worth it for some.


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FYI, the app download link doesn’t appear to be working but it lets you add a promo code afterwards.

For anyone having trouble entering a promo code from the linked post with referral links/codes, you can do so after signing up by going to the Profile section in the app on the bottom left, tapping Promo Codes, and entering it there.

In addition to entering a referral promo code, you can also enter the promo code FREERIDE to get up to $25 cash back for your first ride (expires 3/31/19).

Hi for the FREERIDE promo code, do you need to be a new Uber user or does it mean your first ride using Freebird app? Thanks.

It’s for your first ride using the Freebird app, and you enter the promo code in the Freebird app – doesn’t matter if you’re a new or existing Uber user.

I posted my referral code, but I also received an email after signing up with a promo code “freeride” for my first ride free up to $25

I’ll see how many points I can get this weekend in NYC

I was excited for this app until I saw that it requires access to your bank logins. I don’t know for certain, but I doubt it will work otherwise. They need proof of purchase at your destination.

They use Plaid, which tons of other programs like this use, and it’s secure/legit. Freebird won’t get any direct access to your passwords or anything, just read-only access to whichever accounts you link to verify purchases.

From what I can find, you still get the points for every ride you order through the app. You get additional cash rewards where offered at businesses if you pay with a linked card.

Lmao, I love how we live in a world where cyber breaches are a daily occurrence but all new apps need all of our info — “here’s a new game that lets you stack blocks, we need your full social and power of attorney”

Im having trouble linking the app to Uber – during sign up it asks me to sign in with uber, and then redirects me to the uber app, but then theres no redirection back to continue with account setup on Freebird :/

I had an issue because it isn’t available in the area I am physically in today. I reached out to support and they were actually great to work with

Also, just noticed that I have an uber in app promotion of 20% off for next 10 rides when I use venmo (up to $10 per ride)

I live in OC and have used freebird exclusively for awhile now. The best part is you automatically get $5 for “getting a safe ride home”. Some places I frequent offer up to $8 to take an uber there (almost my first drink free!). I have about $200 in my freebirds account so far, saving for a rainy day. Clearly I go out too much, but the app is great so far.

can this be stacked with the amex plat uber credit?

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