Posted by Chuck on October 10, 2018

Published on October 10th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Expired] Get 1,000 American Airlines Miles with $1 Wall Street Journal Subscription

This deal has expired, view more American Airlines deals here or more WSJ deals here.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • The American AAdvantage shopping portal is offering 1,000 bonus miles when you shop through the portal to purchase a $1 2-month Wall Street Journal subscription.

The Fine Print

  • Valid through October 15, 2018
  • The trial subscription purchase must remain active (i.e., may not be cancelled) for at least 45 days
  • Offer is limited to one (1) trial subscription per loyalty account

Our Verdict

All of the other portals only give the bonus with a $12 subscriptions, but the AA portal has an exclusive to get 2 months + 1,000 miles with a simple $1 subscription.

This kind of deal comes up on a semi-frequent basis. Be sure to mark your calendars to cancel. Note, you do have to call in to cancel.

There’s also an interesting note from Viewfromthewing that, apparently, when putting your subscription on hold, you may still retain access to the online version to bypass the paywall.

Hat tip to Frequentmiler

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so that means i can potentially pay $1 and have wsj access forever if i keep suspending delivery?

lol…what do you think?

I got a year’s subscription through miles4mags when WSJ was offered 4 years ago and continue putting it on vacation. Occasionally I slip up and every 3 months or so an issue slips onto my doorstep, so I think it’s not so much my subscription will last FOREVER as a few decades 😀

Perfect, I need just a few more miles for an award. Does anyone know how long the miles take to post?

Usually 3 biz days for WSJ, but may be longer for Barron’s. You can do both of them at the same time.

Can I do this again if I did it for 1200 miles back in March?

I’ve gotten SW points multiple times

Seems like they’ve figured that out, the only subscription that’s $1 is the pure digital one that lasts for 2 months. Maybe I’m missing something?

Just use a temp cc number to avoid problems.


How do you get temp CC #s?

+1. Not all cards can create them, but if you have a Citi Prestige (or maybe other Citi products), you can create a virtual number that is only good for a short period of time or up to a certain dollar amount.

Doc may have a list of cards that you can do this with?

Go get em!

Citi double cashback card works

As does Premier.

Also available for Barron’s from AA

Joke’s on you if you sign up. Take you 6 months to cancel that subscrip. Shady bs outta them.

Has anyone tried double dipping with the same shopping portal?

When can I cancel my subscription and still qualify for the miles?

doc do we need to wait 45 days to cancel before miles post?thanks

I did this last time it came up and did not have to call to cancel. It was very easy to cancel online.

Are you able to cancel online once you login?

Quick cancelation tip/workaround: as other readers have mentioned, living in California means you can easily cancel through the website instead of having to call. State requirement.
TWJ bases this residency off of billing address given at signup. Some virtual burner card services (such as Privacy) let you use *any* address for the billing address. Added benefit is you can set the card for one-time use only in case you forget to cancel online in time.

Ive never had one of these track in the 2 times i did them. Not worth emailing the airlines and calling WSJ to cancel. Seriously. Its like 15 dollars for 1 dollar and 20 minutes of emailing and 20 minutes of phone cancellation.

Anyone have luck using a VGC or similar so that there is no worry about renewal charge?

When are we supposed to cancel? within 2 months?

What is VGC?

Think I can sign up using different accounts and combine aa points into one account after?

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