[Expired] Get $25 From Radioshack To Trade In Your Unwanted Electronics

[Update: Deal is now expired, hope you made use of this to get rid of some unwanted electronics]

Deal update: A new memo has been circulated, this memo states that headphones are still accepted. But you’ll have more trouble getting a RadioShack gift card. Customer service representatives have been instructed to only offer a Radioshack gift card if the customer is unable to make their purchase that day. So come up with a reasonable excuse (e.g “my girlfriend needs X but I’m not sure what”). Most stores will also no longer let you use your store credit to purchase other gift cards (e.g Kindle Credit), but this will vary from store to store.

get at least $25Radioshack is currently running a promotion where you can trade in working portable electronics for store credit. You get $5 in credit per trade in, up to a maximum of $25 (5 items). This offer will end on the 28th of February, 2014.

The Offer

  • Get $5 for every portable electronic you trade in
  • Maximum of 5 items
  • Only available once per person (drivers license required as ID)

The Fine Print

  • Offer ends on the 28th of February, 2014
  • The portable electronic must be in working order (e.g turn off and on)

You can trade in pretty much any time as long as it’s in working condition, most customer service representatives won’t even bother checking to make sure the items work though. The store credit is given in the form of a instantaneous store credit, read the top of this article for tips on how to get this converted to a store gift card. Click here to find your closest store.

Don’t want Radioshack credit?

You can sell your radioshack gift card for 76% of it’s value in cash ($25 gift card would be $19 in cash) or 79.8% in amazon credit ($25 gift card would be $19.95 in amazon credit). ABC gift cards currently has the best prices, but double check giftcard granny first.

giftcard granny

State of Florida is excluded from this promotion.

Not sure why but it clearly states “All stores located in the state of Florida are not eligible to participate in this offer”. We’ve also heard that stores in Portland, OR are also not participating in this promotional offer.


Can I Do This More Than Once? 

No, they take down your license information when you do the trade in and if you attempt to trade in again they’ll deny you.

Can I Buy Another Gift Card With My Radio Shack Gift Card?

The registers allow this to go through, but on the radio shack website it states that you can’t purchase gift cards with gift cards. If the customer service rep doesn’t allow you to do this, just try again another day or try a different store. The gift cards may vary at individual stores but most should have the following: iTunes, Facebook, Google Play, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

I Don’t Have Any Unwanted Electronics, What Can I Do?

Are you sure you don’t have any? What about unused chargers? Old headphones? If you really don’t have any, go to your local thrift store and try to purchase the cheapest working electronics you can find. You can also go to a GameStop or anywhere that sells used games, we’ve heard reports of games as cheap as $0.5 being sold and these count.

You should also be able to find working headphones from the dollar store for about $0.99 a pop, meaning you’d spend $4.95 to make $25 in RadioShack credit.

Hat tip to slickdeals user flaco92 .


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