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Published on June 16th, 2016 | by Chuck


New Signup Bonus up to 65,000 MR Points with Premier Rewards Gold

The Offer

  • Signup for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card and get 40,000 Membership Rewards points after you spend $2,000 or more within  three months
  • Get another 25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending another $2,000 next year between July 15 and October 15, 2017

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.49.16 PM

The card also offers $100 airline incidental credit each calendar year. If you apply now, you can get it twice within your first year of membership before any annual fee hits.

How to Get the Offer

This offer is showing intermittently when you search for the Premier Rewards Gold card on the Amex website using incognito browsing.

Direct Link

I got the 50k offer on my first try and this 65k offer on my second try using Chrome. With Chrome, I’m able to get it repeatedly after a few attempts, yet with Safari and Firefox, I’m having a much harder time. These details might also vary based on location or IP address.

You can also try using our Delta trick outlined in this post since it gets you better offers (seems to still be working, at least partially). No guarantees that it will pull up the 65k offer though, it might get you the 50k offer.

The Fine Print

  • Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product
  • $0 annual fee for the first year of Card Membership, after that it’s $195 annual fee; up to 5 authorized user cards with no additional annual fee
  • 3x points on Airfare charged directly with passenger airlines

Our Verdict

Interesting to see what Amex is doing here. First they announced that they won’t prorate annual fees starting September, and now they’re using split-tier signup bonuses to keep people on in the second year. By the time you get the extra 25k in the second year, you’ll be locked in having paid the $195 fee without a prorate option.

If you are getting this card as a Keeper Card for the 3x airfare, this offer could make sense. You’ll net the extra 15k points for spend you’d have done anyway on airfare.

If you’re like me that you want it mainly for the signup bonus (along with the $100 airline credit for 2016 and $100 for 2017), I’m going to give this offer a miss. You’d do better taking the other 50k offer which shows up sometimes incognito since you won’t have to pay the $195 fee the second year.

Looking at it another way: by keeping the card a second year, you’ll get another $100 incidental credit for 2018, bringing down the annual fee to just ~$95. So basically, you’re paying an extra $95 for 15k MR points (65k versus 50k) which is a pretty good deal. Still, I’m hoping to get a 75k PRG offer sometime, plus the hassle of dealing with the split-year bonus (with $4k spend instead of $2k) isn’t worth it for me.

Before applying for an Amex card, it’s worth reading 19 Things Everybody Should Know About American Express.

Hat tip to Uscreditcardguide

32 Responses to New Signup Bonus up to 65,000 MR Points with Premier Rewards Gold

  1. Bennyzh says:

    AMEX is coming up with creative ways to keep cardmembers and make sure they pay at least 1 annual fee before they bolt.

  2. Michael B says:

    My browser also shows 75,000 points for the Platinum card. It’s not the 100,000 point holy grail, but it’s good to see them purposely raise the standard offer on the Platinum as well. Note that no second year spending is required for this.

    Speaking of Amex, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned the useful Google Express 15 off 30 Amex Offer yet.

  3. leo says:

    I’ve heard reports of some getting approved for a 5th AMEX card, is there any truth to this? If I get denied by AMEX due to having 4 cards already there is no hard pull right?

  4. DDG says:

    Just 25K for me

  5. Jake P says:

    Somewhat related question:
    Was hoping to apply for 3 amex cards today to combine HP’s.
    But, the first one went pending. I called in, but no dice–have to wait 2-4 days.

    The HP hasn’t hit yet, so should I wait until the day it does and then apply for the other two cards to hopefully combine into one HP? Thoughts?

  6. Brandon says:

    The delta trick link is not working : //

  7. chasejuggler says:

    Historically, you can choose United as your airline and buy a $100 Amazon GC on the MileagePlusX app. It triggers as a United purchase, and Amex will reimburse you the $100 if you preselected United as your airline for that year. (This worked for me back in January 2016).

  8. anthonyjh21 says:

    Unrelated question. Does the BRG get the $100 credit?

  9. Bodiddely says:

    BRG does not have the airline credit.

    I’m planning to apply for this as a keeper, but not until grocery stores in my area start selling $500 VGCs again (Blackhawk latest earnings call says they expect most grocery partners to have installed EMV software and selling 500s again by September).

  10. Tansie Bateman says:

    thank you for this opportunity!

  11. Tim says:

    Under the new rules, you could wait 30 days after the annual fee posts and then close the account with a full refund of the annual fee. That is how I interpreted it anyway.

  12. rachel says:

    only 25k bonus, where’s the 65k link ?

  13. Eileen Kerrigan says:

    Shoot, my husband just got the PRG card with a 50k bonus offer … think Amex would match it to 65k if he called and asked? Is Amex nice about matching offers, or not so much?

  14. MarcoPolo says:

    I got 50000/2000 offer through the link but I found some interesting exclusions:

    The following charges do NOT count towards the spending requirement: fees or interest charges; purchases of travelers checks; purchases or reloading of prepaid cards; or purchases of other cash equivalents.

    • RS_WI says:

      That’s always said that, but Amex is fully enforcing it now (for spending requirement / bonus). Had 100k MR clawed back cuz I met spend with a few gift cards.
      Was beyond disappointed. 🙁

  15. Dan says:

    Is this offer still around?

  16. Travis says:

    I got the Amex PRG 50,000 MR bonus pts for $2000 spend in 3 mos with $195 fee waived the first year offer, in my online account, but I had a PRG account/MR bonus a few years back. I don’t see any mention of once per lifetime in the offer terms, and I presume this is a targeted offer, so will AMEX honor the bonus?
    Also, any DP on United/mileagePlus Amazon GC still working for the once a yr $100 travel reimbursement?

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